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Chapter 11: Beginnings

"Am I really in the shadow lands, it's so cold," Yugi whispered in the darkness. Icy cold surrounded his being and seem to travel to the depths of his soul. Each movement carried him deeper into an endless void. Yami was nowhere in sight.

"Yami, my calming spirit and lover where are you," the tears froze on Yugi's cheeks. Gripping his chest in a tight hold, the little guy searched for his puzzle his one link to the other; it was missing.

A loud and distinctive voice called to Yugi and he shuttered under its weight. Only one person caused giants of men to quake and piss in their pants, Kaiba.

"Kaiba, why are you in my nightmare?" he spoke, as the frozen words died on the wind. He didn't care at this point. Yugi reached out with his silent words hoping Kaiba would hear his plea.

"Kaiba, over here," Kaiba never answered although he continued to speak sharply. Other voices mingled with Kaiba's and the darkness slowly disappeared.

"Wake up love sick brat," Kaiba called. "I've had enough of this foolishness."

"Baby don't be so cruel, Yugi is my dearest daring. If he wants to sleep its ok, I'll just stay by his side and keep him company," Amelda purred much to Kaiba's dismay. He continues to stroke the little duelist's bangs to the side and cool his wet forehead with a soft cloth.

"Like hell, I'm the only one you're going to comfort," Jealousy oozed out of the CEO's mouth. Kaiba grabbed Amelda around his waist and pulled him a little closer. The bed they were sitting on shifted with Kaiba's weight and Yugi rolled into Yami's arms. He'd had enough of his lover faun ding over someone else.

"Big boy you're my hero, Yugi's up because of that sexy voice I love so much. Come and whisper something lustful in my ear." The red head tilted his head towards his possessive lover.

You see Yugi had fallen down a flight of stairs and had been unconscious for almost three days. Today was the first time he'd stirred or reacted to anything. No surprise it would take Kaiba's voice to bring him to life.

Yugi's eyes began to flutter and he could feel a hand wrap around his tiny waist and rest just below his hip bone. Comforted by the familiar touch the young duelist opened his eyes completely.

"Yami I was so alone, but you're here . . . ." He looked around and to his amazement all his friends were also there; from right to left starting with Jono-chan, Otogi, Bakura, Ryou, and Mokuba. Everyone has grins from ear to ear showing all their teeth and expressing unquestionable love. Kaiba sported his own special frown; he hated all this lovey- dovey madness.

"By the Gods," Yugi voice rose in astonishment "We left you guys on the other side of the universe."

"Uh . . ." Katsuya asked.

"Kaiba-boy he's alive and sweet as ever. Yami don't squeeze him to tight," Amelda whispered across the bed, while Kaiba continued to pull him closer. The silver eyed man winked at Yugi and he snuggled deeper in Yami's arms.

"Who are you, Yami what's going on? Why is everyone staring at me? I don't understand."

"Hey what's this about another universe?" Katsuya asked.

"Tell them Yami . . . . Why am I in this bed?" he turn his attention to Yami.

"Kitten you fell down the steps at Grandpa Mouton's and Amelda found you."

"Of course I insisted Kaiba's doctor look you over. It's been three days, I was worried sick," Amelda continued speaking from a distance wall on the other side of the room. Kaiba had succeeded in luring his lover away from the bed side.

"No you've got it all wrong . . . . That's not what happens." Yugi had tears in his eyes. He buried his head in Yami's arms and the other held him till the shaking stopped.

"Hate to disappoint you man but you got a big bump right between those golden locks and black streak. Had us going for a moment man . . . . ."

"It's not a joke . . . . Yami and I have a mission to complete."

"Ok, buddy spill it," Katsuya moved closer.

"Hell we've been through stranger things than this."

"You believe me?" Yugi's eyes lit up.

"Yeah, we survived a lot worse than bumps on the head."Katsuya smiled, Otogi move to his side and Yugi jumped.

Yami's look dared anyone to laugh; he nodded to Yugi and the little guy started to speak.

"Well first you were my best friend and I called you Jono –chan. We did everything together and you were a bit protective."

"Wow, so I'm Jono-chan . . . . . Mmmm. . . . Like it . . . . Sweet."

Yugi blushed.

"Holy crap, I've got a board meeting at sun rise," Kaiba was completely ignored. Amelda punched the brazen CEO in the side.

"You want some tonight I could I sleep in the guest house," Amelda threaten.

"Damn it, I've got rights too," Kaiba lowered his voice. He couldn't fight his lover; just thinking about their last separation made his blood boil. *

"Well it's rather long, I'd lost my puzzle it was under the old bridge outside town and that's where we found a spy, dressed in black leather. He was hurt and Otogi help us bring him to Grandpa's. Otogi searched his body for clues and weapons but we didn't find anything.

"You're blushing Yugi, I bet he's handsome," Ryou asked.

"Yeah . . . . He stirred my soul."

"Ohhhhhhhh . . . ." Otogi tease the little guy. "Sounds like you fell for the guy," all eyes turned towards Yami.

"Well actually it was Yami; I loved him as first sight . . . . Katsuya, I mean Jono-chan hated him and didn't trust a word he said. Claimed he wanted to get into my pants."

"Don't tell me you were a virgin," Bakura asked. "Shit you ever dream about me."

"NIGHTMARES!" everyone screamed out loud.

"Yami was very passionate and a real man's man," Yugi entire face lit up fire engine red.

"Sounds like a dog," Kaiba smirked.

"Well I knew he was the one that I would give my heart to, Jono-chan had Otogi. He was a drifter, he broke your heart; sorry," Yugi whispered and Katsuya humped his shoulder resigned to the faith of his other self.

"But you guys were always doing it everywhere and I believed Otogi would come back someday, a lot of shit was happening. Yami and Otogi disappeared on a secret mission and everyone believed they were dead. It was so sad and I thought I'd go mad with grief. Mokuba made Kaiba take us to Egypt and I found my lover but not Otogi. Otogi never returned it was the worst but best time of our life. We argued a lot, but in the end Yami understood I would never leave him."

"Mission," Ryou asked.

"Ask Kaiba, he was there and helped us," Yugi turned towards the bored CEO.

"Bullshit, don't involve me in your wet dreams," Kaiba smirked.

"Yami don't you believe me, it wasn't a dream we got caught in a gate way that Kaiba recreated with his rod and my puzzle. Something went wrong and we were parted and here I am. It's a little foggy as to what we were supposed to do." Yugi slumped down in the bed; next he covered his body up with the thin sheet.

"What about me?"Amelda had to ask.

"Well it's kind of complicated," Yugi pulled the cover up to his neck.

"Yeah . . . Yeah. . . . Just say it; he'll never leave this room," Kaiba barked.

"Well . . . . Kaiba had a secret lover," Yugi whispered.

"What the hell," Kaiba barked.

"Yami told me all about it; it seems in his past life as a priest his loyalty was unquestionable to the pharaoh, but he . . . . ." Kaiba refused to let him continue.

"Utter another word and you're dead!"

"Baby . . . . . so I'm your secret . . . .," Amelda howled with laughter. "I hope I'm a well kept jewel." Amelda kissed Kaiba's cheek and the CEO blushed deeper than Yugi; his flawless porcine skin sparkled with fire.

"I'm really tired," Yugi locked eyes with Kaiba. "When can I go home?"

"Why are you asking, I'm not a doctor? It's your head that needs to be flushed out." Kaiba was still pissed.

"Ah sounds like it's time to split," Katsuya led the way.

"Ah . . . Amelda can you stay a minute?" Yugi asked.

"No, he can't," Kaiba ruddily interrupted, "He's got his own lover?"

"Hey . . . I'm sure it will only be a minute," Yami pushed the reluctant CEO outside which surprise everyone.

"Close the door," Yugi command.

"It's true you found me; was I alone?" Yugi asked

"Well yes," Amelda resumed his place at Yugi's bed side.

"Please you've got to remember something, my puzzle . . . what about my puzzle?" Yugi pleas, his head started to hurt.

"Well . . . . It was cold, icy cold and I felt strange, darkness like a cloud surrounded the stairs and your puzzle glowed for a moment." Amelda spoke and reached for Yugi's hand underneath the sheet. It was natural; in this world Yugi and Yami were very close to the red-haired lover of Kaiba.

Yugi shuttered and allowed the warmth from Amelda's hand to comfort his spirit. He felt safe.

"He's hiding something from me and I don't like it?" He gripped Amelda's hand.

"Yami loves you sweetie. He's your 'Yami-meowins' and there's no greater bond on earth. The gods granted him the power to remain by your side because your love transcends time. Kaiba built a special tree house which housed his spirit, it's a bit complex; but I'm sure it will all come back to you. *"

"I know, but what about the other Yami, our mission. It's not a dream." Yugi gathered his courage and locked eyes with the dreamy red head.

"Why do you trust me?"

"Well I lied, I knew about you in the other world and you were so precious to Kaiba and a friend to me. I couldn't tell anyone. We met at the same bridge where I'd lost my puzzle. You see it was my special place to dream about far away adventures. I found this chain; it had an ID on it and a special set of numbers. I've always liked puzzles so I figured it out and it belonged to you. The chain and tags were precious to you like my puzzle. We became friends and I figured out Kaiba was your lover. We met under the bridge and talked for hours. You see you desired to shout your feelings of Kaiba to the world and I only wanted to find a lover. I didn't have a lover at first, but you gave me hope, so I waited. I lost my puzzle because we were rushing to go our separate ways."

Amelda gave Yugi a big hug, "You're home and it appears here and there you my precious little darling. But you must know it wasn't always so. You were very jealous but we moved pass it quickly."

"I know Yami loves me; I just want the truth."

"Maybe he's trying to protect you. Seto is always doing crazy shit like that for me." Amelda smirked.

"I know that, but it hurts anyway. They're in it together," Yugi whispered.

"It is really so important? Can't you be happy, in the dark?"

"No I can't, I have to know the truth if we're to have a future."

"But what if it's not the truth you want and others are hurt?" Amelda held him close and whispered the sad words. But Yugi didn't waver from his belief.

"All my life I've wanted only one person to love forever. If he's the one I've given him my soul and that is for eternity. What if he's in danger, I have to protect him at all cost."

"I understand . . . . . beside Seto is a natural liar and it wouldn't surprise me if he's hiding something. Promise I'll sex it out of him," Amelda pulled the cover up to Yugi neck and kissed him on his flushed cheek. "Sleep and I'll see you tomorrow."


Outside the hospital room, near the emergency exit . . . . .

Yami and Kaiba conspired in private, "He's remembered too much, we have to act soon."

"What the hell are you talking about," Kaiba barked.

"Unbelievable, you've forgotten my priest; look closely at my arm, see what your mind remembers." The crest of the black order Atem's secret society appeared. Kaiba mesmerized by the moving symbol gasp . . . . The dark magician danced on the inside of Yami's wrist. Yami smiled his priest was back.

"So what's the next step," Kaiba asked. "Time is short and we have to get the items home. You knew your time here was short."

"I know my mission, but now Yugi's been drawn into this, I won't allow him to be hurt," Yami spoke. "He was supposed to dwell in this time and be my lover, but now it's all changed."

"It's his love for you, he's going back and there's nothing you can do to stop him." Kaiba smirked.

Yami smiled, "Yeah my little abiou. He must be protected at all cost, besides I'm not the only one with trouble on his hands."

"Those two red heads will be the death of me," Kaiba smirked, he thought about his nights with Amelda. Regardless what Yami thought he'd never give him up, never?

Ooooooooooooo . . . . . .

One week later . . . . .

Yugi fully recovered continue to keep his thoughts a secret. Amelda didn't have anything to say and the gang left the subject alone. Their relationship was strained at best and Yugi had a hard time responding to the advances of his lover. Their nights in bed had become a nightmare, he wanted to forget, but the other Yami haunted his dreams.

Yugi left the comfort of his room at Grandpa's and ascended the stairs to their secret tree house. It was time to settle this matter with Yami. Yugi watched his lover as he glazed at the stars and realized he was also in pain. In the short time they were apart he'd lost weight. Cautiously he walked over to the love seat and settled in Yami's lap.

"Yami-meowins, it's what I called you when we made love all night. I could never get enough of your touch." Tears flowed down Yugi's cheeks.

"But now my touch frightens you," Yami couldn't bare the sadness in Yugi's eyes or the lonely nights.

"Just tell me the truth . . . . I can't bare this anymore," Yugi screamed. "Don't you now I'll love you for all eternity. I'm not afraid, as long as I'm with you. Be my Yami-meowins, my spy, or my lover; I don't care." Yugi's voice dripped with pin up desire.

Yugi held out his hand to Yami. Yami took his fist and gently pulled back each finger. Inside his palm Yugi held the bracelet Yami gave him as a parting gift as a spy. It was made from locks of his hair.

'My priest isn't going to like this, but what the hell,' Yami thought and smiled. 'Guess I wanted to be caught.'

Yami lifted Yugi up into his arms and carried him to the bed.

"Ah my abiou it's a long story one that will last many life times and a journey I vowed to take alone until you entered my life."

"I knew it wasn't a dream," Yugi expressed his happiness with an all consuming kiss that blew Yami away. Tonight would be filled with many more kisses and promises of adventures to come.

Other side of town . . . .

"Ok, big boy . . . time to fess up. . . . I'm not leaving this cage until you tell me everything." Amelda had a glass cage built in Seto's massive bed room positioned at the edge of his bed. He had water, food, and a pc at his disposal. Knowing Seto couldn't resist his slender body he wore very little clothes and showed his discomfort because he had nothing to rest his delicate body on.

"I'm so tired, damn this floor is cold," Amelda started to shed tears; he'd been locked up for almost four hours.

"You have the damn key, it's your own fault," Seto's will power was fading. "Ok . . . . Ok . . . . . just open the damn door." He had his face against the glass. "Damn it; get your ass out here."

Now the tears really fell, "I can't find the key and the air is stuffy."

"What, you moron," Kaiba grew frantic; he started pushing anything into the glass lock he could find. "Damn it to hell, if you get sick it's your own damn fault."

In about ten minutes Kaiba held his lover in his arms and like Yami he started to weave a story of mystery, romance, and most of all great sex. The universe would be a bit crowded but four travelers would find ultimate joy in its many secrets and adventures.

Ja ne'

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