Hey there,

Well this is my first foray into NCIS Fanfiction, and it's a crossover with both Stargates SG1 and Atlantis! As this is my first time writing for the NCIS Team, I'll apologise in advance for any OOC behaviour...And if you notice anything OOC, please let me know!

Anyways...hope you enjoy this!

NCIS Convergence


Ziva cursed quietly as she hit her head off of the underside of her desk. It had been a slow week, and the team had been case-less for four days so Ziva had decided to use her free time to clean out her desk.

"You okay?" Tim called over.

"I am just fine, McGee," she sighed before beginning to sort through the contents her drawers, now piled high on the desktop.

"Need any box files for your stuff?" Tim asked.

"Nope," she responded as an errant pen rolled off of the surface and back onto the floor. As she bent down to pick it up, she succeeded in hitting her head again. Hearing McGee's chuckle she sat up and levelled a glare at her colleague who quickly shut up and returned to his game of Solitaire.

Ziva heard the bang of the stairwell door and watched with amusement as Tony hopped into view.

"Wow, Tony...what did you do?" asked McGee as Tony ambled closer to the bullpen.

"It's my Skippy impression McGeek."

Tony continued hopping until he reached his chair. He sat down and quickly removed one of his shoes.

"Oh, sweet relief," he smiled as he tipped the shoe upside down, allowing the offending pebble to fall to the floor.

"Not for us," McGee said, waving a hand in front of his nose.

"Why did you not remove your shoe when you first felt the stone Tony?"

"I was in a hurry Zee-vah...there might be some really interesting case for us to work on: messy crime scene; an interrogation or three; bad guys to arrest...Paperwork to file..." he sighed, replacing the shoe and slouching back in his chair.

"Where's Vance?" Tony straightened up when he heard Gibb's voice over his shoulder.


"I am not sure, I have not seen him."

"No idea, boss."

"Well Nobody's seen him, he's not answering his cell phone, and his wife says he left for work as normal this morning."

"Maybe it's on silent?" DiNozzo said, earning a stern look from Gibbs.

"Want me to find out where his cell phone is?" McGee asked.

Gibbs nodded and Tim quickly tapped on his keyboard, bringing up a tracer program. After inputting Vance's number the program triangulated his position.

"Well he's in the building."

"Where exactly?"

"In the elevator."

"The elevator's out of order," said Tony.

"Yeah I noticed that as I walked up the stairs this morning DiNozzo," Gibbs stated as he began dialling Vance's number and walking in the direction of the elevator. Tony, Tim and Ziva got up and followed their boss and as they drew closer to the elevator, they could hear the ringing of Vance's phone.

Gibbs snapped his phone shut, and called through the elevator doors, "Vance?".

No answer.

"Call maintenance...We need to get this door open."

"I already called them," said a young agent from another team, as a crowd began to gather near the elevator. Within seconds a technician appeared with the key and opened the doors enough to allow Gibbs and DiNozzo to force them apart. After a few seconds the doors were open, and the team surveyed what they had found.

Vance was out cold, propped up against the right-hand wall of the elevator, and had no visible injuries. On the other side lay a skeletal figure, who was facing away from the team and appeared to be wearing a smart business suit. As Gibbs checked the Director's pulse, Tony tapped the prone form. When he got no response he slowly turned the man onto his back, and recoiled in horror at what he saw...

A completely desiccated corpse...