Challenge WOW: Shield

Summary: He's hurt, badly. He just needs some help. NO SLASH!

Word Count: 169

Saving Grace

Tastes like blood. The rain, my mouth, the sky, it all tastes like blood. The gravel underneath me hurts. It's so cold. My hands won't move. I cough. More blood. Chest aches. Can't see. Help. No one here. Help! Can't talk, just cough. Please…Dean…

"Sam?!" Know the voice. Not Dean's… "Sam, are you alright?!" Strong hands haul me up.

"Cas?" Barely get the word out. Coughing, more blood. It's leaking from my chest too. Trench coat goes over my shoulders, shielding me from the assaulting rain.

"Don't speak." A demand.

"Dean?" I croak, going into another coughing fit.

"I'm here, Sammy, don't talk, alright?" So cold. Getting colder. So cold…help me. Dying. "Sammy?!"

"Dean, step back!" Warmth. Bright light. Too bright. Shut my eyes. Already closed. The light goes away. The warmth stays. Not cold. Nothing hurts. Just tired. Just too tired.

"You'll be okay, Sammy. It's okay." Open my eyes again. Rain's gone. Bed's warm.

"Sleep, Sam." Cas…Cas saved me.

"Thank you…thank you…Cas…"

"Sleep." A demand.



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