So I'm a complete and utter newbie to the world that is fanfiction, but that doesn't mean I want anyone to go easy on me . Anyways, this takes place mere minutes after the end of Captivate. Zara finds that she may have more than herself to lose along the way as she explores her pixie self, discovering a power that may be a blessing or curse, and goes to rescue the love of her life, if he'll still have her…and if Nick is indeed the love of her life.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. They are the sole property o f Carrie Jones.

Pixie Tip: Some pixies are emotionally unstable. It's best to leave quickly when such bouts occur

"Zara? Zara?"

"She's really blue. Like bluer than blue this time."

"Zara, honey, open your eyes."

"Should we call for help? Is there a pixie 911?"

"Calm down, Is, she's waking up now."

I open my eyes and peer up (wait, why am I peering up?) at Issie and Cassidy, who have both worried and somewhat scared expressions on their faces. The last thing I remembered was Cassidy putting the finishing touches on my makeup and Issie starting to work on my hair. What happened? Something was nudging at me, but I didn't quite know.

"Are you ok, Zara?" Issie asked hesitantly with that same expression on her face.

Before I could respond, a knock at the window startled me and apparently Cassidy and Issie too.

Looking a bit disheveled, Astley looked in with his big eyes, alert and curious. "What's wrong? What happened? I felt you panic and then nothing and…" He broke off as he adjusted his hold on the window ledge. "Can you let me in, it's kind of awkward to stay out here."

I started to speak, but Cassidy cut me off with a warning look.

"I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon, pixie."

Her harsh voice surprised me. Her posture oozed hostility as she gave him the rundown with her eyes.

"Cass, he's not going to hurt anyone here" (at least I don't think so). "Besides, he won't hurt you because he knows it would hurt me and…"

"He can't come in. I don't trust him, Zara. And I know these things." Cassidy said cryptically.

I shivered a bit at her words and attempted to stand up, getting a hand from Is. Immediately I felt the world turn and a weird tangling of emotions deep in my gut. "Oh." I gasped and laid back down. What's happening? I looked around to see Is pale and Astley hiss, actually hiss, at Cassidy from the window.

"Cassidy! He can come in. He needs to help Zara." Before Cassidy could respond, Is said, "Come in, Astley."

Faster than I've seen anyone move, Astley was kneeling by my side looking at me speculatively. Hesitantly, he stroked my cheek, and the coolness of his fingers felt nice against my skin. I closed my eyes at the touch and let him examine me. I must be sick, I thought, because I'm not flinching away from his touch, which feels very right at the moment. Think of Nick. Think of Nick. Opening my eyes, I see that his face is closer than I thought and I jump back a bit.

I awkwardly recover and try to figure out why he's looking at me like that.

"So what's going on with me? Is it some pixie thing? I don't know what…" I trail off as I finally notice that my hands are blue.

"Astley, why am I blue. I put a glamour on, oh geez." I start to freak out because 1, I didn't want anyone to see me like this and 2, I don't want to see myself like this. No wonder the girls were looking at me that way. I click my jaw like Astley had told me to in order to reassert my glamour, and look down at my hands. Phew.

"Sorry I was totally scary pixie, guys," I said, blushing furiously. Is smiled and waved her hand in the air like it was nothing. That's why I love Issie..

"When you lose consciousness, your glamour fades as well." Astley replied, still staring at me. " It's normal. What's not normal is you actually losing consciousness. Maybe you aren't ready to be moving around just yet. You should rest up and…" But I don't let him finish.

"Nick is out there with god knows what kind of people possibly getting geared up by freaking Valkyries to go to some war of the world, and you want me to what, take a nap? That's not going to happen. Maybe I was just overheated, or hungry, low blood sugar and such" I trailed off as Astley gave me a small smirk and shaking his head. I was betting the 'freaking' comment made him grin.

"I don't think that's it, Zara" Cassidy said from the corner of the room.

I'd almost forgotten that Cassidy and Is were still there. I'd been to absorbed in myself. When did I start forgetting other people. I'm a caring person. I put others first. Focus Zara, she's talking and you're going to pay attention. Stop living in your head.

"What do you think is happening to me besides the whole 'I'm a pixie thing' Cassidy?"

Looking from me to Astley, Cassidy sighed and itched her neck. "Well, I don't know much about pixies, but from what I do know, pixies have certain strengths, powers, etc. that aren't necessarily just physical, but mental as well."

It made sense to me. After all, pixies would call out in the woods to mess with your mind. It's not a stretch, but what did that have to do with me?

"Zara, the two times you passed out, well one and a half I guess, something similar happened each time. I'm not 100 percent, but close to it when I think that I know what's going on." She said as she stared at me wondering.

"What? What did I do," I said looking at her and then at Astley, who looked just as curious.

"You were touched by human hands each time."

I let her words sink in, and then confusion, and then I laughed. "What, that doesn't make any sense. So what, Is was doing my hair. It's totally no big deal. Touching people is no big." It can't be.

"I don't think you can, Zara. I think your pixie power has to do with borrowing people's emotions, or channeling or something. I don't' quite understand. But either way, that must be it, and I think you were overwhelmed with the information and passed out."

"Cassidy. That makes no sense," Is spoke for the first time for a while. It was unusual for her to be quiet for so long. "I didn't feel anything happen. And if she was doing something or taking something, I would know."

I nodded my head vigorously and almost leaped up from the floor to hug Issie. "Exactly, Cass. No weird power thing going on here." But she didn't look convinced, and neither, surprisingly did Astley.

"Astley, what do you think? You're the one that is pixie after all. I can't just not have physical contact with people." I said despertaly, but still stubborn. What would that mean for me and Nick? You're not going to think about that, Zara. It's not true. " I'm not taking anything from someone. I don't feel different. Can you please, tell me?" Oops, I did it again. The asking thing. I own myself. I'm Zara. "Tell me," I asserted.

Atley looked at me with concern and shook his head. "Well, I'm not certain, but she could be right. I don't really know of many pixies with power like she described, but yet again, you're a queen and you were half human. Anything is possible at this point. Did you feel anything? Think."

I stared for a moment, shaking my head. "This is stupid. I'm so not tinking anyone or anything. I didn't feel anything. I just passed out."

"Well, let's test it then," Issie said, and before I could react, she bent down and gave me a hug.

The world started to become black and before I was lost, I saw flashes of images, no, memories, I realized, coupled with emotions. And the scariest thing was that it filled me with something I wanted; a need…