Kayley walked along, looking curiously at all the plants and animals along the path they were following.

Garrett suddenly stopped, causing Kayley to collide with him with a thump.


Garrett cut her off.


She stood silent, remembering the last time this happened.

Devon and Cornwall caught up to them, also knowing to keep silent.

Then, an arrow whistled into their clearing, imbedding itself in a tree.

"Quick! Run" Garrett said, grabbing her hand and taking off.

Arrows continued to shoot over their heads, causing creatures to stir in protest.

Then, Garrett heard Kayley cry out in pain.

He kept running, hoping she was okay.

Then, they were at the edge of a cliff, Aiden calling out a warning just in time.

"Well, well. If it isn't my favorite band of misfits"

Ruber's cold voice cut through the air like a knife.

"You had better give the sword over to us, or your girl might just die right here"

Garrett looked at Kayley, even though he couldn't see her.

He could hear her labored breathing, but that was all.

"D-don't be silly Ruber. We don't have it" Kayley said, gasping.

Garrett could hear the smirk that Ruber gave her.

"Oh really now, then what's that scabbard?"

Garrett felt Kayley shift, moving over to his left, towards the cliff, slowly pulling him with her.

"Only a scabbard"

Then she leaped off, taking him with her.

Garrett felt weightless for a second, then he was falling.

Devon and Cornwall must have jumped as well, because he could hear them screaming.

Then, he hit the water with a splash, being carried downstream by the current.


Garrett woke up sometime later, then sun beating down on him.

"Oh Garrett, we hoped you would wake up soon" Cornwall said.

Garrett rubbed his head, feeling the sore spots.


"It's Kayley...She's well... dying"

Garrett was up in a flash.

"What? Where! Show me!"

The dragons led him over to where Kayley lay, he ran his hands over her body, resting on the gash in her side.


He felt her stir, then groan slightly in pain.

"Garrett? W-where am I?" Her voice was faint.

"I don't know Kayley, i'm not sure"

She groaned again.

"I sent Aiden out to get a healing plant, he'll be back soon"

Slowly, he lifted her into a sitting position.

She had stopped moving, which was a bad sign. Even Kayley couldn't stay still for long.

He could heard her heartbeat fluttering like a bird's, quick and erratic.

Then, he heard a screech in the distance.

"Hold on Kayley, Aiden's coming"

Her body was starting to feel a little cold, He held her tighter.

Then, Aiden flew overheard, dropping something soft into his lap.

He picked up the leaves and held them to the gash in her side, feeling the blood begin to soak his fingers.

Then, the plant worked, and the wound healed.

Garrett let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding.

For some reason, this girl made him feel different.

Sure, she was annoying sometimes, but he felt that it was his duty to protect her.

Slowly, Kayley began to stir, and he helped her stand, still holding onto her waist.

When she was fully revived, he hugged her tightly.

"I was so worried Kayley, I thought i'd lost you"

She smiled, then hugged him back.

"I'll always be here"

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