Written for the hp_refugees Yahoo group's February prompt-fest, "Through the Eyes of a Child."

Specifications: Exactly 500 words, character under 13 years old, includes a canon spell or magical item/creature.

My character/prompt was Lucius Malfoy/childhood illness.

A/N: Since no specifics were given for dragon pox, I decided to make it up to suit my purposes. Enjoy!

Dragon Pox!

It started with a sniffle and a cough. After a few days, the cough caused a burning sensation in his throat. The worst part finally came about a week after the cough started when eleven-year-old Lucius Malfoy woke up covered in scales. He was immediately sent home from Hogwarts.

"Dragon pox," declared the green-robed Healer from St. Mungo's.

Lucius looked up at his mother and saw a flash of fear in her eyes before she calmly asked, "What can we do? Should I have my husband return from his trip early?"

"That won't be necessary." The Healer rubbed his chin. "Besides, there isn't much to be done, Madam Malfoy. The illness needs to run its course. Just keep Master Lucius in bed, give him this potion to drink three times a day, and dab a little dittany on the lesions once the scales fall off. He should be just fine in three or four weeks."

"What!" Lucius croaked, coughing up a puff of smoke. "It's nearly my birthday! And Christmas!"

"Calm down, young man, or you'll start breathing fire," cautioned the Healer. "I must speak with your mother."

The second the door closed, Lucius slipped out of bed and tip-toed over to press his ear to the keyhole.

"—ten cases reported at Hogwarts." said the Healer. "Madam Pomfrey informed me a Muggle-born girl was the first to fall ill back in early October. The girl had traveled with a classmate to Romania over the summer, which would be a little long for the incubation period, but still feasible. Apparently —"

Lucius felt hot-yet-shivery all over as he climbed back into his bed. Some Muggle-born had started it all! His father was right! Mudbloods ruined everything, and the wizarding world would be better off if they got rid of all the Muggles and their magical spawn.

The days passed, and Lucius began to feel much worse. A group of house-elves had to stay with him, because flames shot out of his mouth when he coughed. After New Year's, the fever subsided and the scales began to fall off— just in time to go back to school— and his father came home from his mysterious trip to the Continent.

"Good to see you up and well, my son," said Abraxas Malfoy.

The boy shrugged in reply.

"Lucius, do you know what I was doing while I was away?"

"No." You weren't here, and that's what mattered to me.

He made his son look up. "I was away with an old acquaintance from school. He wants to make out world a better place for us by getting rid of all the Muggles and Mudbloods."

Lucius thought about the canceled outing, the missed holiday, the cough, the fever, the scales and decided that if he had a son, he would do whatever it took to prevent this from happening to him. Mudbloods and Muggles shouldn't be allowed to ruin the wizarding world. Setting his pinched face determinedly, he asked, "What can I do?"