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Okay there is one thing you need to know this story takes place right after Marked. This is like my own Betrayed

Bianca P.O.V

I just woke up "Bianca" I herd a soft velvet women's voice call my name. I opened my eyes and saw a vampire standing over me. "Welcome to the house of the night." I stood and swung my legs off the bed and sat strait up. I was now facing the lady she was smiling at me I weakly smiled back. She extended a hand and said "hello I'm Neffert"

"Um…I'm Bianca" I shock her hand.

"Oh I know who you are you're sister told me all about you"

"Ella? Where is she? Is she ok?" I try to look behind her I tried to extend my neck as far as it could go.

"She is fine she left a couple of minutes ago" she said

"I should call her she is most likely going crazy, losing her mind I would bet" I searched my pockets for my cell phone but they were empty.

"Oh no your belongings are over there" Neffert pointed to a small table in the corner of the room.

"Okay…um so from what I herd I get a roommate and she will explain the 'ropes' of the school and also does the High Priestess witch if I would guess is you"

She laughed a little. Did I say something funny or something I didn't think so. "Well you sure know a lot more then the usual new comer."

"Oh… um yeah well I have a friend that is a fledging here and we always kept in touch and well…I was wondering"

"-and you were wondering if you and her could be roommates" she finished for me.

"Well can she? It would make me fell a little bit better more at home"

"Yes you and Apollo Philotes can be roommates"

"Thank you so much um…also can I change my name?" I didn't ask how she knew who I meant. Apollo (named after the Greek god of music) told me that the High Priestess and adult vampires know a lot about…well everything.

"Well of course you can do you have anything in mind?" Neffert said with a smile. She reminded me of my mother which would totally freak if she was here.

"Umm I think I do, Apollo and I talked about what would happen if turned to a fledging and well um as you can see-" I pointed to my forehead that should have an outline of a crescent moon "-I am one so my name from now on is Themis Philotes"

"Ah okay lets see Themis goddess of Justice and Philotes was the goddess of friendship now I know why Apollo chose that last name to honor her friend and now you to have that last name like sisters, I presume. But why did you choose Themis?"

I smiled a little "well for the same reason Apollo chose Apollo she believes in music and I believe in justice. She wants to become a musician/singer and I want to become a lawyer."

She laughed at my reasoning "well now I know. Now shall we go ahead and show you to your room?"

"Yeah okay but one more question. Does Apollo know that I am her roommate?"

"No I had a feeling that you wanted to surprise her all she knows is that she should be expecting a roommate today" and she was right I always loved surprising Apollo. "Shall we?" Neffert was holding the door open for me. I nodded took my stuff off the small table and headed out the door.

When we exited the big building and were outside at night I felt a strange connection east but I ignored it. Kids looked at me with shock, what the hell was wrong with people…or should I say fledging well whatever there called they are so dam rude. We made our way to the girls' dorm room, I saw a lot of girls and a couple of guys too I saw I group that was especially looking at me. It was four girls and one guy. One girl had her mark colored in and added on to. Neffert walked over to them I fallowed. "Zoey I would like you to meet Themis. Themis this is Zoey Redbird, Zoey this is Themis Philotes I think you two will be a very interesting-" Neffert was interrupted by a voice I knew to well.

"OH MY GODDESS B!" Apollo appeared on top the staircases she ran down them and launched herself towards me and hugged me so tight I almost couldn't breath.

"Okay, okay I missed you too Lo now can you please not kill me on my first day. Oh and its T not B." I said breathlessly. (Lo is the nickname I gave Apollo.)

"Okay I wont kill you on you're first day. But what is up with the T not B?"

"Hello my new name."

"Oh right sorry B I mean T I forgot" we finally stop hugging and she took a step back to look at me and just like everyone else she stopped mouth open and stared at my mark.

"Close your mouth you'll catch flies" I said and she closed her mouth.

"Sorry but Iz your mark." Well I guess "Iz" is my new nickname.

"Which brings be back to what I was saying before I got interrupted Apollo. Themis I think you and Zoey would make an interesting pair." Neffert began again.

"What do you mean by that?" I had to ask what the hell was going on with people or fledging's staring at me and Neffert trying to make me friends with the tattoo girl named Zoey which Apollo tolled me all about her being the only fledging with a colored in mark.

"Iz remember when I told you about the story of Zoey?" Lo said more softly.

"Yeah I remember that still doesn't answer my question Lo." I responded actually getting kind of annoyed.

"Well maybe this will help" Lo pasted me a small mirror I saw my mark for the first time and it was completely colored in just like Lo told me Zoey's mark was. It was my turn to stair with my mouth open.

I owe an apology to Selene I made a mistake! Apollo is the Greek GOD not goddess it was a really stupid mistake since I'm like obsessed with mythology and plan on studying it. I'm so sorry, thank you for correcting me!

Ok it was a short chapter but i just wanted you guys to get a feel for it... so comment and tell me what you think so far and what you want to happen... comment or I won't write more!