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Just like that we were teleported in front of the building when we got in I gasped, home I was finally home it smelled welcoming, after my mom had died, we organized her clothes, donated some of them like she asked in her will but we kept a few of her clothes in her closet. Whenever I needed her I went into her closet locked the door and she was there she was home again. Here she is now again mixed with incents, vampyres and my new world she was still with me. Apollo gently pushed me down to sit, everything felt new but yet so….err... familiar…natural. Normal. It was everything I had been and everything I was becoming, perfectly coinciding it reminded me of my first day and how I was trying to run away from Themis and back to Bianca, the girl that was broken and weak, I thought a had to choose between the two worlds but the ritual showed me I didn't. I didn't have to be one or the other—not that I had a choice—but now I realize I don't have to be afraid of leaving behind my old life just continuing on a blank page in the same book.

It was an epiphany that would stay with me forever; I had a feeling that Apollo knew what had just occurred to me because she was quiet she was letting me have my moment to finally comes to term with myself.

The ritual ended and I realized that I didn't have to keep my powers in check not once; there was no one in my head the whole duration of the ritual not since when I stepped until it ended it was like I was at peace.

Apollo couldn't wait to get to the dark daughters ritual she said it was more intimate and you could express yourself more. She couldn't have been more right. Zoey had this, divinity to her that Neferet didn't have I blamed it on the connection to Nyx it wasn't only that though but you could feel it in the air these people were like family to each other. Once the dark daughter's ritual was over every one chatted and ate snacks people kept congratulating me and welcoming me into the dark daughters instead of the usual hate or jealousy I would usually from other people they were genuine.

Themis? Are you there?

Kalin? Is that you?

Yea it is, just wanted to tell you that Lenobia is waiting for you.

You couldn't just call me like a normal person instead of popping up in my head?

No I couldn't I thought this would be way better.

I just rolled my eyes at you

How lady like of you

Now I just stuck my tongue out at you! What did Lenobia have to say to you?

Silence….more silence…I was starting to get worried did what Lenobia have to say way that bad? If so what was she going to do with me? Did she agree to not breaking the imprint just because of Neferet? Was she mad? Disappointed? More silence.

Kalin? Kalin what did she say? Was it that bad?



Where are you right now?

I'm in the dark daughter's ritual it just ended why?

Don't leave the building okay I'm coming to get you.

Why? Kalin what happened?


Okay…I won't.

Even though he wasn't here physically he was still intimidating

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