Mere words can't express my feelings

So, I pour my heart into my flute,

The music it brings out will fly above

and reach you and then confess my love.

I used to think this is nothing but illusion,

So, I deceived my emotions and followed my intuition.

Until I realized my wrong and now I have nothing,

My sole treasure is you and only you, you are my everything.

O, my beloved, how I wish I knew how to show,

The thousand emotions I feel for you,

I wish I could turn back time,

Back to the days, when you could be mine.

Now, the remorse I feel and the pain in my chest,

It's piercing through my heart, I can't resist.

So I consider this my last chance for my story to be told,

Let me be given your precious time and here my tales unfold.

Let me call out to you and pronounce my parting words,

Or are they really words, oh, they feel like swords.

My eyes are burning like hell,

I remember all the things I always wanted you to tell.

But, ah, it feels so peaceful to be in your arms,

So close together, with you, fragrant and full of charms.

Oh, my beloved, mere words could not express my feelings,

The words I wanted to tell you,

The words, no matter how many times be told,

Will always feel new.

Now you know.

Every person gets a gift on the day they're born,

But I get the best one on the day I died,

Here you are, with a rose in hand, for me you mourn.

The gift you give me is the greatest of all.

For me you shed tears,

Ah, how I craved to see that all those years.

I am content now, having no regret,

My words reached you, all thanks to my fate.

6 months later......

"Lyna, don't go to close to the water,......., here, grab mommy's hand......that's like my good girl." I put down my pen and looked up from my notebook and saw the two red-heads coming towards me.

I glanced over the sea-shore. Just a few flying sea-gulls and from a mile or two from the coast, a light- house could be seen. And nothing else. Oh, yes, and there's we three, the Tsukimoris.

I was out having a walk and scribbling some entries in my notebook. We've been here in this island for almost two weeks now. The locals call it The Isle of Sheep (who knows why), but we haven't seen any sheep till today. It's hundred and a few miles east from Amsterdam.

This vacation here is a gift for both the mom and daughter. Kaho had been very persistent lately for a long time that we all should go somewhere away from home for a few days. I've been busy with my upcoming world tour and Lyna's going to school this year. So, 'We should have a good family time before that,' that's how she put it. And when her pocket edition teamed up with her in this mission, I had to give in immediately (I mean, who can resist those two sets of puppy eyes?)

"Daddy, we searched for the sheep again, but we couldn't find them." when the two of them closed the distance between Lyna ran up to me and said, between her gasps, "Why aren't they home, daddy?"

I chuckled, as I remembered how excited she was when I first told them the name of this place (it was a surprise when we left home), so eager to see 'lots of, lots of sheep'. She's been asking me and Kaho every now and then about it.

I looked at Kaho, saw her grinning as she was also waiting curiously to know what answer I give. I cleared my throat and pulled Lyna to me and set her on my lap. "Listen, honey, they are just on vacation, you know, like you, mommy and I are. That's why you can't see them around. You understand, don't you?" She nodded. "Why don't you fetch some shells for mommy? You know, I saw plenty of pink-shells here ," I took a quick peek at Kaho, " and, they're mommy's favorite."

'Really! Let's go, mommy, let's catch pinky shells, come on!" She stood up with enthusiasm and dragged Kaho along with her, pulling by hand.

I watched them picking shells; my family, the two most important persons in my life.

Soon, it'll be three, I remembered.

I looked at Kaho, saw her smiling face, then lowered my gaze to her mid-body, imagining the little life slowly forming there.

Yes, we're going to have our second child pretty soon.

Thinking of the baby reminded me of our little discussion two nights ago.

"You sure, Len?" She eyed me with a little confusion .She was definitely not expecting this.

I pulled her towards me and she rested her head on my chest. "Absolutely sure. I know you want this too." I murmured to her ear.

"Yeah, But I didn't think, you'll want this, that's why I didn't tell you.....he wouldn't want this too......." She broke mid-sentence; silent for some moments then took a deep breath and faced me. "Thank you, Len." she smiled. "Then it's settled?"

"It's settled". I gave her a kiss on the forhead. "Just promise me, from now on, you'll always tell me what you want, whether it is something I like or not, okay?" She chuckled softly at my words.

"Promise" she promised.

And I promise to fulfill your every wish, Kaho, no matter how much it may cost. You are so very precious to me.

And I'm so very fortunate to have you in my life.

Someone made me realize that.

Someone, who taught me that love, is not always about being together.

It is sometimes about making sacrifices too.

Just that, not every one has the heart to do it.

He taught me that.

And I'm thankful to him.

And I promise to him, Kahoko, I'll always take care of you.

That's why, I promise, it's settled, as your wish .

Like every other things.

Yeah, it's settled, I thought as I stood up and brushed the sand off my clothes. Then slowly approached the duo, collecting shells like children.

The baby's due in March.

If it's a girl, we'll name her Kourina.

If it's a boy, we'll name him Azuma.

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