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The twins,

Jennabelle and Isabella

Saving daylight

Chapter One

"We should go Renesmee will be waking up soon." Edward said in a kind of disappointed kind of joyful voice. I was with him on that tone because I already knew what was going to happen when we got to the house and more importantly to Renesmee.

"Does matter if were there now she's probably with Jacob or Rosalie." I said a little agitated. I still hated the fact that my best friend-werewolf was imprinted with my half immortal daughter. He sighed.

"Yeah Jacob but we should get to see our daughter before Jacob gets her." I'd gotten so used to hearing the name calling that it still caught me by surprise to hear Edward and Jacob on a first name bases. It's like when they talk to each other I get myself ready to hear bloodsucker or leech from Jacob and instead I'm totally surprised with Edward. Well of course I knew Rosalie wouldn't stop with the mutt comments or Jake wouldn't stop with the blonde jokes but everything was somewhat peaceful now. I had everyone I needed and things I never thought I would have. Things were normal and the pack wasn't trying to kill me anymore since I had some sort of supernatural power that lets me skip over the crazy newborn vampire years.
Everything was normal in my life. Well as normal as it could be. I was a married newborn vampire with a vampire-human-werewolf family, a werewolf best friend, and a half immortal daughter. This daughter who had a wolfy connection to my best friend and was speeding through life at an inhuman speed. Then as i realized what i was saying it hit. I wasn't even half past the hysterics when Edward grabbed my arm. I pushed my shield outside my head and let Edward read everything. He winced at the sound of my thoughts.

"You didn't have to do that." he said with a smile on his face. I knew it made him happy that he could hear me and sometimes it was even a help"She really is going to be okay. You have nothing to worry about." he kissed my forehead. I was about to say something but my words were shut of by Edwards lips. We broke apart and reminded each other of our priority.

" Renesmee" we laughed and got dressed. I got to the door and just as i was about to step over Edward snatched me up so fast that even my new eyes couldn't see how it happened. I laughed.

"Hey!" my laughter continued.

"Thresholds are my specialty" he said with a we raced of toward the big white house side by side. Hand in hand.

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