Jo fled from the house, not bothering the grab a jacket, running outside and stopping, knee deep in the snow.

Beth was dead.

Her darling Beth was dead.

They had thought that she would get through the scarlet fever, but it was just too much for her.

Jo wasn't ready.

She was only fifteen.

Beth was barely fourteen, and she had to leave them.

It wasn't fair.

The tears were streaming freely down her cheeks now, leaving scorching trails on her numb, cold cheeks.

Her feet were starting to get soaked, the hem of her dress soaked through.


It was laurie, looking at her from across the driveway.

"Laurie" she whispered, more tears beginning to fall.

Laurie vaulted over the fence and came up to her, pulling out his handkerchief and dabbing at her eyes.

"What happened!?"

She sobbed harder, her thin body racking with sobs.

"B-Beth died this morning"

Laurie gathered her up in his arms, stroking her hair.

"I'm so, so sorry Jo"

She cried into his shoulder, holding him tightly.

"She didn't deserve it"

"I know Jo, I know" Laurie replied.

She stopped sobbing after a while, and pulled back from Laurie's arms.

He held her waist, making sure she wouldn't collapse.

Laurie wiped the remaining tears off her face, then bent down so he was eye to eye with ehr.

"Beth would want you to stay strong Jo, you need to stay strong"

She nodded.

"It's just so hard"

"I know"

Then, Laurie pressed his warm lips against hers.

It was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

The he broke away.

"I must return, please give my respects to your mother"

Then, he was gone, vaulting over the fence again and running back down the drive.

"Stay strong" Jo whispered, repeating his words.

Then she touched her lips, still warm from where he kissed them.

She would stay strong, no matter what.

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