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Chapter 1, My teacher is an alcoholic.


I pulled my eyelids open painfully while moaning in a whiny voice.



"OKAY i'm up i'm up SHEESH!"

My mom always screams boisterously when I'm not up by 8:30. I guess she just wants me to leave so she can go on my computer to log onto Ebay and look for Useless stuff like Squirrel Shavers and Remote control Pez dispensers and stuff. Her job is getting things people forgot about and then selling them to big company's saying that it was her idea. Amazingly, it works. Living in a Pent house in a building with over 1000 floors is pretty sweet. I like to call the maid over and while shes coming: clean up like crazy and say that she took too long to get here so I cleaned up myself. I always LOVE their reaction.

"Your so mean you little prick!"







wait... that last one wasn't a flashback.

I purposefully fell out of bed and rolled out of the door and grabbed the doorknob for support. I pulled myself up and slouched/walked over to the kitchen, sat down and threw my face into some FrenchToastCrunch Cereal and started muching Randomly.

"Hey Alex theres a new thing!"

"wawawalglgtt?" I gargled


I ripped my face out of the cereal and started chewing madly on the spoon.

"stop being a smart a$$ and eat your cereal properly".

So I did and then I went to the washroom, washed my face and went down the elevator. As I was walking down the lounge to the door to get outside I noticed something strange; A man with a really fuzzy face was putting a foot on his hoof. It took me a while to realize that humans don't have hooves. I whacked my head back to see only a man stumbling away. I turned my head back to the direction of the door while walking out my eyes were wide with fear, wonder, confusion and disbelief. How could a man have hooves?, I probably just ate too much cereal. I looked up and saw something falling down. Immediately I jumped away and landed on the road, a car was speeding towards me. I sat there thinking this was the end but vines shot out of the manhole next to me and the car was in a snare with the vines. The strange Vines brought the car above me and released it down behind me as mist started rolling in from all directions. I stood up in horror as everybody acted as if nothing just happened. I stumbled on to the sidewalk in more disbelief than when I saw the man with a hoof. Things were getting weird. I stumbled over to the object that fell and found that it was my backpack. I guess my mom threw it off the edge because I forgot it. I opened it while looking at my science project in pieces. It was a Contest to see who could make alcohol out of a minimum of 4 things. I used 1 thing; Grapes. Ever since I was born I could make any sort of juice turn int an alcoholic beverage in about two days.

My Bag was wet in alcoholic grape juice. This sucked, a lot. I tried scooping up some of it with a plastic vial that didn't break from the fall unlike the rest of the glass stuff . That was a failure. If only I had some more grapes I thought. Out of nowhere grapes started popping into the vial and exploding by the second. I Shook my head and looked back at the vial with crazy grapes inside, I threw the cap on the vial and put it in my backpack. This was all too weird, on my way to school I pinched myself but I didn't wake from any dream. I sat down in my desk and not one kid was sitting down, just the teacher looking at me glaring and pointing towards the clock. I looked up and saw why she was pointing 1:50pm I looked back at her my eyes open wide.

"Now Alex whats your excuse today hmm?"

"If I said that my backpack fell from the sky and I almost was roadkill and vines saved me and grapes popped up randomly while people with hooves wandered the earth what would you say Mrs, Daffodil?"

"... I'd say you know to much"

Fangs emerged from her Mouth, her finger nails fell and Claws came out, wings shot out of her shoulders like springs, She smiled wickedly and tilted her head in a heart stopping scariness that made my whole body tingle in fear. My first instinct was to throw the grape juice at her. SPLASH... her pitch black evil eyes turned a color of magenta while she(it) rolled around in pain. Since I could make grapes appear out of thin air I thought maybe I should strangle her to death in grape vines, that is EXACTLY what I did.

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