Chapter 6

I saw a really big icon flash above his head.

"Dude...there's something on your head..."

"Oh my god my cell phone's messing up."

Apparently his cellphone was on his head and displaying its image from being messed up by the water.

HAHAHA, you LOSER you thought he was son of Poseidon didn't you? You did, you know you did XD.

"Auugh, I don't feel too good..." Liam said dizzily

"Yeah, you're really hurt bad, I'll take you to the nurse."

"I hope I don't have to drink that stuff again!"

"What stuff?"

"Some weird disgusting health drink."

I walked him over and waited outside the nurse's office.

"My mom's going to kill me!" Liam shouted looking at his busted, cracked cellphone.

I was envious that his mom gave him a cellphone, for some reason my mom never gave me a cellphone, she said that it was dangerous. He came out with cruches.

"I had to drink the stuff, my legs'll thaw out in a week."

That's all I had, I knew that Liam was a good friend and I'm going to ask him to go on the quest with me.

"Liam, in a week, I have to do a quest, wanna come with?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"A quest."

"I mean what kind?"

"What kind of what?"


"Quest what?"

"What kind of quest do you want me come with you on?"

"The kind of quest that you need to complete."


"HAHAHA just kidding, it's a quest to kill some weird birds with knives in some place in Phoenix Arizona."

"Sure, I love killing stuff"

"Cool, one week , meet me back at the big house"

"Sure, who else is coming?"

"I'll see" "Any ways I have to go and practice sword lessons, bye"


I walked over to an arena. It was tall and cool. I walked in and looked at some weirdo with strange armour. -Canada spelling

"Yo, i'm alex, I'm here for sword lessons."

"Hello, here's your sword."

He threw a sword at me, I'm happy I caught it, if I hadn't I'd be hurt pretty bad.

"WOAH dude seriously, don't throw swords!"

"It's okay! I know you have reflexes! You're basically a god, catching random sords flawlessly is the least of things you can do. I insisted it was cool. I then realized he was really old for a half-blood. I wasn't really too rude so I didn't remark. He tought me how to slash, stab, parry and block, I admit, I was really good. I never handled a sword before but I guess I born to do it. He said I was done but was lying. He slashed at me on my way out. My instincts or something came over me and I parried and stabbed his face.


It was a nasty sight, But I guess it was okay because He tried to kill me. He enveloped into flames.

Chiron was watching the whole time.

"How did you know he was a familiar!" Chiron cried surprised.

"Well, I can just tell these kind of things."

I lied, I just thought he was some weirdo trying to kill me. Well it was nice killing something.

"It set on fire when you killed it, that means it teleported before it died." Chiron pointed out.

I frowned, like Liam, I liked killing stuff.

"Well, You want to play Pinocle?" Chiron asked

"Nah" I replied

"Free Coke..."

"I'm in!"