The sound of retching echoed through the small bathroom a second before splashing joined it. A couple more dry heaves, and Matthew raised his head from the toilet bowl. He held back the extra bile as he flushed and went to the sink to wash his mouth. A quick rinse with mouthwash after brushing his mouth out violently was all he needed afterwards. After all, if anyone was to find out what he was doing to himself, they would never leave him alone.

Opening the door silently, Matthew padded over to his couch where Alfred was watching some new action movie with a thing of popcorn on his lap. That was mostly the reason why he excused himself to go to the bathroom; that and they had already eaten a large meal an hour ago. Alfred might be able to boast a black hole for a stomach and never have to worry about his weight, but Matthew wasn't so gifted.

Slipping in the other side of him that didn't have the food, Matthew put his head on his boyfriends shoulder and whispered. "Good movie so far?"

"Yeah, you totally missed the part when the guy got his head chopped off by the dude that was actually an alien." He munched on more popcorn, noticing how Matt wasn't eating any. "Are you feeling sick again? Maybe you have an allergy or something."

Shrugging his shoulders, he just cuddled closer. "I'm fine. I must have just gotten some mild food poisoning or something." What else was he supposed to say? After all, he was staying skinny for Al so that he wouldn't become disgusted with him. "It really isn't anything."

"Food poisoning? Isn't that serious?" He asked, suddenly concerned. He was always hearing about people dying from food poisoning when they ate blowfish or something. Of course, they didn't have any blowfish for supper, but it still must be bad!

"Only if it's serious enough. If I get any worse I'll make sure to tell you. I love you too much to have you worry about me." Matthew let out a small laugh as Alfred jumped when one of the main characters was shot rapidly. Really, for being a self proclaimed hero he could be endearingly fearful.

"Sounds good." Alfred said, leaning over and giving Matt a quick kiss on the lips before going back to watching the movie. It was great how he didn't have to hide anything from him, even the fact that he got afraid easily at movies or ghost stories. Even if he loved them.

Another hour of the movie passed with various shudders, jumps and small shrieks accompanied by Alfred muttering 'No, don't go down in the cellar!' before the credits of the film scrolled on the screen. "Worth buying?" Matthew asked with a smile as Alfred got to work shutting off the dvd player and tv.

It was always the small moments between the two of them that reminded Matt just why he was so attracted to Alfred. Not to mention why he needed to make sure Al was still attracted to him as well.

"Any American movie is worth buying. But you should sleep with me tonight or else I will have nightmares." Of course he sometimes had nightmares, but not because of movies. It was basically just an excuse, and one they both saw through.

"Or we could do something else to keep you mind off the movie." Matthew proposed with a grin. He should still be optimal for Alfred's tastes, so they would both be able to enjoy themselves. Wrapping his arms around his boyfriend, he kissed the vein pulsing in his neck lightly; his tongue flicking out to taste his smooth skin.

"Wow, you're like a mind reader." Alfred said, wrapping his arms around the thin waist and pulling the Canadian closer. "Quick, what am I thinking now?" He asked, already getting Matthew undressed. It wasn't like they had never had sex on a couch before.

Smirking playfully, Matthew helped remove his hoodie before getting Alfred's shirt off. "You're not thinking. We both know which head is in control." As to prove his point, he pressed his palm against the small bulge growing in the American's jeans.

Gasping slightly, mostly in jest, Alfred pretended to be shocked. "I am insulted. I was actually thinking about how sexy you look." He said, taking off the shirt with a maple leaf on it. It was true, he loved the look of the Canadian. Although that wasn't all he loved.

"Although I don't really deserve it..." He mumbled, making sure that Alfred wouldn't hear. "Oh well, that still proves which of your halves are in control right now." Not like it was a bad thing either. Matthew's erection had started to push somewhat painfully against the zipper of his pants as his mind went into overdrive about what was happening. Still, he grasped a handful of Alfred's hair and brought their lips together harshly.

Moving so that Matthew was under him, Alfred kissed him back, starting on his pants. Of course his own length was starting to make his pants uncomfortably tight, but he wanted to get his boyfriend fully undressed as quickly as possible. If he had his way, they would both be naked whenever alone in the house.

Raising his hips into the hands undoing his pants, Matthew moaned appreciatively once they were off as well as his boxers. He wasn't completely hard yet, but it still felt nice to have it open to the cool air of his living room. He made short work of getting Alfred's jean's undone and down to his thighs, but he couldn't get them down the rest of the way. It didn't matter to him though, as his hand jumped from his short blond hair to his length to stroke it lightly.

Groaning at the feeling on his cock, Al returned the favour, stroking Matthew's twice. But then he stopped and gave a laugh. "Alright, you always hate it when we don't use lube, so you have to go get it."

Sighing, the Canadian rolled his eyes semi-jokingly and slid out from under him. Really, he was on top so it would make more sense for him to go. Despite his thoughts, Matthew still all but ran to his bedroom to grab their thing of lube. When he got back to the couch, Al's grin was so infectious that he broke out in his own and put their lips together firmly as he got under him again.

Pulling away, Alfred yanked Matthew down on top of his legs. "How about like this? Because I'm tired after the movie." He gave a laugh, basically just wanting to see the Canadian on top of him.

"If anything you just want me to be as close as possible incase you think about something scary." It wasn't like he wouldn't do it anyways, since he was still light enough to not be a burden on him. Well it wouldn't be bad if he lost a bit more weight but he couldn't do anything about it.

Laughing, the American took the thing of lube. "Well that may be true." He said, leaning in and taking off Matt's glasses. "Or maybe I want to be close to you so I can see you better." He also took off his own glasses.

Matt gave a slightly strained laugh. "Then why did you take you glasses off, hmm?" Well it was a good thin since he didn't want Al to be able to see him and notice that he hadn't been losing too much weight yet.

Still, he leaned forward and put his hands on Alfred's chest so he could have access to his hole. Joining their lips together, Matthew didn't hear the lid open over the sounds of his own thoughts.

"I took our glasses off so that we will have to be close as possible to see each other." He warmed the lube up with his fingers and started rubbing around his entrance. He heard Matthew give a loud moan.

Pressing his face against Alfred's neck, Matthew raised on his knees to get their bodies closer. As the finger slipped in, he moaned again and rubbed their cocks against each other. "Al..." He breathed across the other's neck.

"Mm, you always know how to make me want to be inside you." He whispered, before licking that pale neck. Matthew was always so sexy he just couldn't help himself.

"Isn't that my job?" He asked quietly, rocking his hips against the finger inside him and in turn creating more friction between them. Matthew was glad that Al still wanted to have sex with him, but the skinnier he got, the more attractive he would be. Yes, he still felt somewhat awkward every time he purged, but he knew that it was going to help him in the long run.

Adding a second finger, Alfred moved them around, looking for his prostate. As he felt Matthew clench his fingers and give an even louder moan, he figured he found it.

Still rocking on the others lap, Matthew brought their lips together for a sloppy, lust filled kiss. It ended up becoming more teeth and tongue than lips, but they both liked it that way.

"Are you ready for another finger?" He asked, not wanting to go too fast but still wanting to get to it. Foreplay was always nice but sometimes it just became too much for his patience.

"Yessss." The Canadian let his word draw out as he continued to rub them against each other. They were both incredibly hard now and precum was beading on Matthew's cock.

Pushing his third finger in, Alfred pulled them apart to stretch him more. Bringing Matthew's head closer, they kissed more, opening their mouths immediately to allow prying tongues.

The pressure from their bodies gyrating together wasn't enough anymore for the smaller blond. Instead, he snaked a hand down between their bodies and rubbed both of their erections together, making them both groan appreciatively. "I'm ready now. Please..."

Nodding, Alfred took his fingers out, placing his hands on Matt's hips to help position him. "Mm I love you." he said before he felt tight warmth over his cock and gave an appreciative moan.