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"Oi, Ichigo." The said man turned around, facing her, who was in turn, sat up from reading her comic while staring at him.

It was the school holiday and there had been long no signs of hollow. And now, they were busy with their holiday homework, though Rukia was busy with finishing up her comic and would urge him to buy another new comic after she finished reading the last comic.


"Ouch! What the heck are you doing, you midget?!" he rubbed the sore spot on his head while sending glares to her.

The girl before him crossed her arms in front of her chest, before saying something that made him even more confused, "So where's my gift?"

"Gift? What gift?" he asked boringly, not very interested with the conversation since he was very tired from doing all of his holiday homework without even stopping.

"My White Day gift!" He could see Rukia began to lose her composure, as her cheeks started to have pink tinges on both of them. Was she blushing?

"Um…sorry but I do not have any money to buy you a gift, so why don't you just ask for Renji to-Ouch!" again, he rub at the same spot on his head before turning to her and stopped, didn't quite expect the reaction from her.

Rukia lowered her bangs as they hid her eyes. "I want it only from you, Ichigo…" she slowly whispered. "But if it was Renji, it will not be the same…" she mumbled to herself however this did not go unnoticed by him.

With those said, there was a silence erupted between them, and it made him could not even breath with the arising tension. He let out a sigh and scratched his head before looking away from her.

"I-I'll give it tomorrow…" after those words left from Ichigo's lips, suddenly he was hugged by the midget before him. This however was not what he had expected.

"So, you have promised me that! I'll be expecting it tomorrow!" she smiled to him before going back to the floor, lying on it and continued reading her comic, as if just now never happened.

Did he just dig his own grave just now? Without him knowing it? Sure, that was what happened just now… and he could not take it back as it was likely, Rukia would *beep* him and *beep* him… he shook his head. He did not even want to think the worst of it as there would be nothing good came out of it.

The next day as promised…

She tapped her foot impatiently and wandered around the room, while glancing towards the clock on his desk. 'Why was he so late today?' It was late in the afternoon and she had nothing left to do except for reading comics in order to pass the time. However, much to her dismay, she had already finished the comic and demanded Ichigo to buy her a new one. And now, since Ichigo was still not back home yet, she could only watch the people outside the window with such a boring expression.

As she was busy watching the people passing by, suddenly her eyelids felt heavier and heavier each seconds. She tried to fight it but to no avail. However, she could not deny that it felt so good when the wind brushed against her face, and this only made her welcoming the sleep to completely overtake her.

Rukia's dream…

She slowly opened her eyes. Quickly she sat up, while observing the unfamiliar scene before her. She did not know what to do as there was nothing around her except for the never-ending green land that seemed to stretch and Sakura trees. She was afraid of getting lost within this world so she decided to wait for a certain someone to find her and bring her back home…

She realized that it was night and looked up on the dark sky to find many scattering stars, illuminating down every object around her so that she could see everything clearly. It was so calm and peaceful that she did not even aware of a dark figure, creeping behind her. However, the luck did not side with the figure and she suddenly turned towards the figure when she heard a twig snapped behind her.

She stepped backwards to see more of the figure but she could not see his face as the light given by the stars did not do well enough for her to see him clearly. But what she did not expected was that the man suddenly stretched out his hand while calling her name.

"Rukia…" the way her name rolled out of his lips made a string in her heart echoed as if her heart recognized the man before her and it made her felt secured rather than being scared of him. Was it because of the hand he extended to her so casually that could assure her safety? Or was it the way he called out her name that stirred a feeling of familiarity inside her?

Without even thinking, she placed her hand onto his and surprised when he pulled her to him and enveloped her in a warm yet firm embrace. His sudden action made her heart thudded loudly in her chest that she could hear it in her ears. Her face flushed when he whispered near her ears the words she had been longing to hear the most…

"Okaeri, Rukia…"


Ichigo was irritated by now as the girl before him was still sleeping on his bed and ignorant while he kept calling out her name. He stopped for a while to recharge his energy and took this chance to observe her more closely. With her eyes closed, everyone would be fooled at that innocent face of hers. However, with her eyes opened, yeah, opened just like that-BAM! You get what he meant by now.

"Oh, that was scary," she said, with that sickeningly-sweet tone he hated the most, while pretending to yawn and rubbed her eyes cutely.

Yep, she just punched him out of reflex the moment she snapped open her eyes. The only thing she could remember was that his face was too close to hers and this made her blushed.

Ichigo rubbed the sore spot on his face and surprised when Rukia knelt down before him with gleaming eyes.

"Is that for me?" Ichigo seemed to be more confused than ever before remembering the 'thing' he hid behind him. He slowly pulled out as he observed her reaction, which kept on smiling wider and wider by each seconds.

Rukia could not help but squeal at the 'thing' before her. It was a white rabbit plushie. She snatched it from him and brought it to her chest, enveloping it in her tight embrace.

"It's Chappy! It's Chappy!" she repeated this many times and tightened her embrace each seconds. She then remembered the forgotten man before her and she smiled genuinely to him.

Ichigo's heart skipped a beat and he looked away, hiding a little pink tinge on his cheeks. He did not expect those reactions from Rukia and with only this little gift, could make her this happy.

And he had decided that next time he would invite Rukia to have a picnic under the falling petals of Sakura trees behind the school.

Yeah, definitely!

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