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"What is he doing here?" A raven-haired girl whispered to herself, hiding herself behind a lamp post.

Kuchiki Rukia was currently observed *cough* stalking *cough* the boy she had a crush on, Kaien, who had his back turned to her while doing who-knows-what. She tried to look more closely, curiosity kicked in her mind. She wanted to ensure that nobody was watching her and looked around her, only to find a man blinking confusedly at her. She gasped and cursed herself for being caught by a nerd.

He was Kurosaki Ichigo. With his glasses, ruffled orange hair, and super neatly school uniform, he stood frozen there quietly, just staring at her. She sweat-dropped, not knowing what to say to the other party. Suddenly the man grinned as realization finally hit him. The girl before him was stalking some other guy.

"Are you trying to threaten me with this?" Rukia questioned him. As his grin became wider and wider, she continued, "Oh, no you don't. You won't be able to do that, trust me." She chirped, quite happy when his grin faltered.

But the man was fired up in a sudden and then moved past her, towards the guy she was stalking on. Rukia quickly pulled him and rummaged through her bag, pulling out a thick book before showing him a familiar photo.

By now Ichigo's face became red of embarrassment and tried to snatch the picture away but to no avail. "So, how about it? Do you like it?" She smirked in victory. And she was very grateful that the random picture she took finally came in handy.

It was a picture of him; with his little sisters playing dolls. It was really embarrassing for him and tried to snatch it away but again, she overpowered him.

"You're playing dirty!" She laughed at his one-sided accusation.

"Not really. Moreover you're the one who threatened me in the first place!" She defended herself, as both of their voices became louder and louder.

"T-That's not true!" He stammered and continued, "I saw you were stalk-"

"Who's stalking who?" suddenly a voice boomed behind them making them snapped their heads at the same time at the owner of the voice.

It was Kaien, with a confused look then smiled at them, which made her melt even more while Ichigo looked away, cursing the man under his breath.

"Oh, it's just that we saw a cat stalked its prey, right?" She nudged the man beside her with a fake smile.

"Not really, if the prey was Kaien…" Ichigo whispered inaudibly, glancing at Kaien.

"Oh, is that so? Then, I'm going home now, bye…" Kaien walked away from there, while waving at both of them before disappearing around the corner of the street.

"Let's compete!" Rukia suddenly claimed, making Ichigo looked at her. Rukia glanced at him and calmly said, "The loser shall be the slave of the winner for a month…" With this, she smirked at him, confident that she would be the winner.

Both of them shook their hands as they agreed on the said deal. And the game began…


The next day…

Game 1: Walking in the opposite sex's changing room and stayed there for about 10 minutes.


Ichigo gulped in front of the female's changing room and now felt regret on making the deal without ever thinking of the consequences. He could hear girls talking and laughing in the next door and this made him so difficult to step in.

However, thinking of the deal, he then gathered up his courage before twisting the doorknob and slipped inside the room.

Result: Failed; being hit with brooms and was kicked out of the room with distorted face.


Rukia stepped inside the boy's changing room with somewhat calm demeanor. She even smiled without being disturbed with the fact that there were many topless boys. She was so confident that she would be the winner and chuckled evilly for poor Ichigo.

Result: Success, the boys could not bear with Rukia staring at them and got out of the room.

Marks: Rukia 1, Ichigo 0


Game 2: Flirt the opposite sex…


Rukia tried her hardest to put on make ups but she just clueless. She just did not know how to do it because she was living with her brother-in-law and since she had no other siblings to teach her to, and she was too embarrassed to even ask for help to her friends, she applied it with her own way.

Result: Failed, the boys were all ran away from her, assuming that she was some insane girl since she applied a heavy thick make up.


Ichigo wore his school uniform neater than before and with his glasses more shiny than before, making him dazzling in other girls' eyes.

Result: Failed, the girls casted him a disgusting look, and some of them even avoided from ever walking in the same way as him.

Marks: Rukia 0, Ichigo 0.


Final Game: Who was the first one to fall in love with the other party?


Ichigo concerned with the marks he got and being a slave was the last thing he ever wanted to happen. He would not repeat the same mistake again, so he asked his sisters on how to change him. And with the help from both of his sisters, he finally regained his confident and smirked before the mirror, could not wait with the responds he was going to get from all the girls in the school. He turned around again, his confident rose up while his smirk getting wider before he went to school.

He was very sure that those girls would throw themselves in his way. Perhaps including her.


She turned around in front of the mirror, trying to make her appearance more appealing. She already asked one of her friends, Matsumoto, who was pretty popular with boys flocking around her. Actually she was forced to say all of this to her and explained everything to her. And thanks to her help and guidance, she could not believe that the girl before her was really her. The new her. This time, she would give her all to this final game. And she would not fall for him since the guy she really liked was Kaien.

And talking about Kaien, she had not heard any news from him nor saw him again since she was too focused on winning this game.


At school…

"Kya! Who is that hot guy?!! Kya, I'm melting right now!!!!"

"No, don't melt, if you melted then you'll never see him again!"

"Argh, I'm going to faint…"

"Wow, I'm going to hit on him later, hope he will go out with me!"

Ichigo kept his cool demeanor however in his mind, he was smirking and proud with his new appearance. Yes, he had changed his boring look to a cool yet hot man. Instead of wearing glasses, he used brown contact lens. Instead of ruffling orange hair, he did his hair into spiky. And instead of neatly school uniform, he loosened his tie and undid the top two buttons, showing his undershirt (?)

He tried to test his charm. He glanced at one of the groups of girls, and all of them fainted in happiness.

Girls fainted, check. And now he made his way to his classroom, with everyone stepped aside, making the way before him clear as if he was a prince.


Rukia, with her skirt shorter than before, and with unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt; she looked more appealing and sexy. The man started to flock around her and she casted them a sexy look, which struck them, making them fainted.

Though, she did not wear any make-up however she looked mature. When she stepped inside the classroom, she could not help but wonder the noises and squealing of groups of girls around a certain desk.

It could not be him, right?

She walked closer to them, until she was facing him. Kurosaki Ichigo. The man who used to be a nerd and here he was, changed into a hot guy. She could not help but blushed when he glanced at her while smirking at her.

He then stood before advancing towards her, making her stepped backwards until he enclosed her in between him and the desk. He whispered to her, "Do you like what you see?" He smirked sexily which made her blushing harder before she looked away.

"N-Not really. In fact, you're no match with Kaien…" She pressed her words so that he could move away from her and left her alone. However, she did not expect his next action.

Suddenly out of nowhere, his finger brushed against her chin before tilting up her head, making her looked at him directly. She could not look away from him and tried to push him away but to no avail. He moved closer until it was an inch away from her lips. Rukia was very much aware of this and somewhat closed her eyes tightly. Instead of closing the little distance between them, he changed his direction and whispered into her ears.

"Then if I was no match with him, why are you allowing me to do this kind of thing?" Those words made her snapped open her eyes and realized that he had moved away from her. Did he just tease her?

She ran to him and gripped his arm, making him fall backwards but managed to hold on the desk nearby as if his life was at stake. However both of them heard something fall on the floor and blinked at the object.

It was a small box of chocolate. She jerked her head to her and saw him looking away from her, unable to meet her eyes. And by now, they were aware of their surroundings as many girls squealed at the chocolate and before they could touch it, it was gone and both Rukia and Ichigo disappeared like thin air. They glanced at each other before running in random ways, searching for both of them.


At the rooftop…

"You like me?" She asked him, feeling butterflies in her stomach. He sighed before nodded. They looked away from each other, avoiding each other's gaze. When both of them at the same time, had their eyes met, they burst out laughing. Ichigo then placed his hand on top of hers, tightening his hold at the same time.

They were sure an idiot couple...

Result: Failed, both of them fall in love at the same time…

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After some time…

"Oi, Ichigo…I win this game, so when are you going to start being my slave?" Rukia, who had her head leaned on his shoulder, looked up at him.

Ichigo flinched before replying, "I don't have to be your slave…I will do everything for you even if it costs my life…" He stroked her head and both of them gazed at the blue sky…

*sigh* again, the idiotic couple…