1. Plans

It had been a year since the incident that happened to Donna Keppel passed, Richard Fenton had been killed and everything seemed to be back to normal. All except Donna wasn't the same as she had been once before; reoccurring nightmares happened most every night. She'd wake up drenched in cold sweat and screaming at the top of her lungs but luckily the pills worked again completely stopping the night terrors. Her aunt and uncle had thought her ready enough to go to college alone and live in a dorm. She still had her meets with her psychiatrist but all seemed to be going perfect for her, it was three weeks before finals and Donna was cramming in her room. Her roommate Jessica watched her cram and became bored and tired just looking at her, she got up from the chair she was sitting on and declared she was completely and utterly bored. Donna glanced up at her not surprised at her reaction.

"Come on Donna, I'm soooo bored let's go out"

Donna kept to her work scribbling notes down quickly and looking from her textbook to her notebook paper. She sighed tiredly.

"Jess you know I can't go out, we've got finals in three weeks and I'm definitely not going to waste my study time partying"

Jessica pouted and cleared her throat trying to get her attention, grudgingly it did. Donnas pencil dropped on the table she was working on and looked at her roommate in the eye.

"This'll be the last time I ever bother you when you're studying" Jessica held up her pinky finger, "pinky promise".

Donna sighed heavily and shook her head knowing she was defeated; she stood up slowly getting readjusted to standing up straight from sitting on her knees. She walked over to Jessica and linked pinky fingers. Jessica smiled gleefully and hugged her roommate.

"Change, we're not going anywhere with you looking like that"

Donna glanced down at herself thinking she looked absolutely fine to go out, she wore stretch pants and an oversized t-shirt, at second thought maybe she was right. Donna walked passed her roommate to her closet and opened the doors. The sudden movement caught Donna off guard causing her to have a memory of that horrible night. The memory flashed in her mind then disappeared, she sighed relived that it past as quickly as it had. Memories like ones she just had were a reoccurring thing that had never come to pass, she spoke of them to her psychiatrist but didn't speak of them anymore afraid that she might be going mad and be taken away from the one thing that was making her feel normal again. Jessica broke Donna out of her reverie frightening her; Jessica watched as Donna caught her breath and apologized sleepily.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you"

"It's okay, it's not your fault"

Jessica knew little of the incident that happened to Donna but the most she knew she learned from the news like everyone else at college. It was a surprise she hadn't gone mad, Jessica sometimes would think maybe Donna was in another world but would eventually come out of it. Jessica felt empathy for her sometimes but knew better than to show it, Donna was her friend and she wanted her to know she could trust her with anything.

"You don't get out much do you?" Jessica moved from hanger to hanger trying to find the perfect outfit for the outing she had in mind for the two of them.

To be honest Donna had changed from her prom night; she rarely went out changing from the social butterfly that she was in high school to a sort of loner in college. Who could blame her though? She had gone through seeing her boyfriend lying dead in her bed; her two best friends murdered and being stalked and almost killed and kidnapped by her ninth grade science teacher. For how she was holding up now was a win for her so far.

"Ah here we go" Jessica held up a black sparkling/ruffle dress grinning down at the thing.

Donna's eyes averted to the dress remembering the day her aunt had bought it for her, it was actually quite nice to Donna's surprise.

"Okay now shoes, we need shoes", Jessica pushed the dress into Donna's chest and bent down looking at the few pair of shoes she had. After a moment she stood and walked over to her own closet and rummaged inside. Donna watched with curiosity then put the dress down onto her bed.

"Found them!"

Jessica turned around meeting the gaze of her roommate and deliberately showed the suede heels in her face. Donna's eyes searched the high-heels mesmerized at the sparkling dazzle-ness.

"You're wearing both of these tonight"

Donna took her eyes away from the shoes and stared at Jessica. She handed the shoes over to her and went over to Donna's bed handing her the dress as well.

"Now go change"

Jessica nudged Donna from behind to the door. Donna opened the door and turned to ask her roommate what she had in mind.

"Oh you'll see" she grinned and winked at her. Feelings were tugging at the back of Donna's mind that maybe it was a better idea to stay in and study but as her eyes went back to looking at the shoes and dress those thoughts were droned away. It was time she had fun again just as she was about to shut the door a picture caught her eye, a photo of her friends and herself prom night right before the massacre began. They all appeared happy and carefree almost as if that night had never touched them. Memories instantly flooded her mind causing her eyes to become watery, before the tears could fall she wiped them away with her arm and shut the door vowing to start living for her friends for now on. She blinked a few times and walked across the hall towards the girl's bathroom planning on to just for one day to forget about her prom night.

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