4. Up or Down?

Donna stood unmoving from her spot; heart pounding exceedingly. She read it over a few times unsure if this was a prank or actually true. She flipped it over scanning the paper, hoping to find something. To her demise it was blank. She jumped at the sound of the door handle being turned.

The door handle turned but the door didn't open. The door handle began turning side to side; Jessica's muffled voice broke the silence in the room.

"Donna did you lock the door? Come on unlock it"

Donna immediately hid the letter behind her back in surprise, standing dumfounded looking all over the room. She walked over to the door unlocking it. Jessica busted in quick to ask her why she locked the door.

"Why'd you lock it? I was coming back", she set her things down on her bed, "Oh what'd the letter say? Anything corny?"

She grinned at Donna waiting her reply.

Donna still had the letter behind her back thinking of a possible lie to tell her. If she told her she would not want to go out anymore and Donna couldn't have that, even if an anonymous letter told her they'd see her tonight. It was more than likely a prank. Right?

"Oh-uh yeah", she scoffed and smiled, "mostly just stupid stuff"

"I knew it. What did it say though? Tell me everything since you don't wanna show me"

Donna slowly took the letter out glancing down at it; she cracked a smile acting as if she read over a funny line.

"It says 'You have natural beauty that shouldn't be hidden by products' blah blah stuff that like that"

Jessica nodded her head, "Of course. You know I don't know why they always say that! I mean make-up was originally created to accentuate your features, like seriously it's so annoying like it's not hiding your natural beauty - but I will admit some girls do put on a lot of make-up which makes them look like clowns but that's not everyone…"

Jessica's voice drifted away from Donnas mind as she went through the letter again in her thoughts. It was nicely written so that left two things, one the person was probably a girl because of the handwriting or two it might be a guy but he must be a upperclassman. But why would an upperclassman write this letter to her? If it was a guy or a girl. It sure wasn't Richard Fenton he was dead and didn't write that neat, she knew first hand of how he wrote.

"Why'd you have it behind your back? Did you think I was gonna try to look at it again?"

Donna smiled.

"Well I wasn't. If you don't wanna show me it's cool"

"Okay thanks for understanding"

Jessica nodded her head smiling. Her face changed from understanding to shocked, she sopke"I bet it's from a girl! That's why it's pink"

"No some guys like the color pink Jess", Donna retorted

"Yeah but…I don't know I guess" Jessica sighed,"What do you think I should do with my hair? Leave it like this?"

Jessica pointed to her luscious curls, "Or straighten it or put it up?"

Donna opened her mouth but was cut off by Jessica, "Put it up right? Yeah I knew you'd pick the right thing"

Jessica walked over to her vanity stand beginning her process on her hair.

"I didn't even say anything"

"I know but your eyes said everything"

Donna frowned but shrugged shaking her head going over to her bed. She grabbed the small envelope and put the letter back in sealing it away in her drawer next to her bed. Donna stared down at the drawer for a second longer then opened the drawer taking out the letter and re-reading it again. This time she sat on her bed going over it several times before Jessica spoke.

"Have you seen my brush? I don't see it"


Jessica scanned her stand moving a few things to the side. She opened her drawers then finally found it. She brushed her hair then began picking it up trying different styles at first.

"Do you have any idea who the letters from?"

"Huh? Oh no idea. I was thinking upperclassman but I'm not sure"

"Oh an upperclassmen. What if it is? Aw if it is you better tell me Donna"


"I bet it's someone in your class or someone that passes by you every day. Did the letter say anything like 'I'm in your class or I see you every day' or something?"

"No just lovey dovey crap"

Jessica now had her hair up; she put pins in fixing the rest that was not to her satisfaction yet. She looked at Donnas reflection wondering why she was looking down, holding something. She must be fixing her shoes or something, she thought. Well the heels are pretty big.

"All done. What do you think?"

Donna looked up glancing over her shoulder at Jessica, "It looks great like always"

Jessica smiled winking her eye then turning back to the mirror glossing up her lips. Donna looked back at the letter deciding if she should tell her best friend. She had a right as a close friend of hers but she didn't want to ruin their girl's night out.

"Well I'm ready, you?"

Donna slipped the letter back into the envelope setting it beside her, "Have been since you finished putting my make-up on"

Jessica stood up walking over to her shoe collection and slipping her heels on. Donna finally realized she was wearing a very provocative dark blue dress that was like a second skin on her. It was gorgeous though.

"Where'd you get that from?" Donna wiggled her eyebrows smirking.

Jessica glanced down at herself, "Oh from a friend she bought for me as a present from the favor I did for her"

"Must've been a huge favor"

"You have no idea", Jessica's eyebrows shot up as she grabbed her handbag.

Donna quickly grabbed her own handbag quickly slipping in her phone and wallet. Jessica sprayed small puffs of perfume on herself.

"Want some?"


Donna took the perfume and sprayed a small amount on herself giving it back to Jessica. The smell was completely intoxicating but very light. It was the perfect perfume.

"All good?"


Jessica grabbed her car keys looking the room over then walked over to the door, they were ready to go out. Donna followed behind glancing at the letter before she shut the door and locked it. She wouldn't forget what the letter said but it would be in the back of her mind in case anything happened tonight. If anything happened.

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