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'Human Thought'

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'Demon Thought'


BNGwarrior: Just to let you folks know this is both of our first attempts at a co-op fic so please bear with us also, this is part of my Fantastic 5 series like Fox Rider Naruto, Spiderfox, and The Increadible Ninja.

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Chapter 1: Enter the X-men

October 10

It was the night of the Kyuubi festival and the village of Konohagure was filled with the sounds of joy and laughter; everywhere except one particular area of the village. If anyone were to investigate this area, they would see a mod of drunken villagers and a few ninja chasing a young boy with bright blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes, three whisker-like markings on each cheek, and wearing a bright orange "I'm here come and kill me" jump suit crying out things like "Demon!" and "Monster!" The reason this young boy was running was because he was 6 year old Naruto Uzumaki, container for the Nine Tailed Demon Fox and the village pariah. To many foolish villagers Naruto was viewed as the fox reborn, but this wasn't true. Naruto was just a scared little kid who was chased on a regular basis for a reason that no one would tell him about.

A block away, 5 people were walking towards the Hokage Tower. If anyone were to see these 5, they would have to do a double take. They were all dressed plainly enough, but there were some that stood out as…strange.

One was wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, a black shirt, a cowboy hat and a set of dog tags. The upper part of his face was partially covered with the cowboy hat but a person could still see his rough, weather-beaten features. His cheeks were covered in a pair of heavy sideburns and his teeth were sharper than usual, all of it combining to give the man a feral appearance. His hair was a dark metallic blue, almost black, and his eyes were a dark brown. His deep snarling voice seemed to add to the man's bestial appearance.

Another wore a similar jacket, a black body suit, and instead of a hat he had a crimson visor over his eyes. He was slightly taller than his companions and walked with the authority of a leader. His hair was deep brown and slightly curly, and his eyes were hidden by his visor. He spoke with the authority of a man used to being in command.

The shortest one was covered from head to toe in a dark cloak, completely hiding his features from view. He spoke softly with a slight accent, though those in the village couldn't place where the accent came from.

The next wore a long trench coat, with some kind of deep purple armor over his chest and legs, and a pair of black pants. He had reddish brown hair that was kept long and uncombed and kept out of his eyes by a brown bandanna, and his face was scruffy with a day's growth, giving him a roguish air. However the man's most drawing feature was his eyes, the white areas were pitch black and the irises had a deep red color that seemed to almost glow in the dim light. His voice matched his roguish appearance and held a slight accent, though different from his cloaked companion's.

The last one of the group however, was Kyomi Sarutobi, known to her friends and fellow X-men as Psylocke; the daughter of the Third Hokage, a fact well known around the village. She had inherited her mother's looks, with long deep purple-black hair and deep purple eyes. Her clothing was a deep blue cloak surrounding her, rather modest, black body suit. She spoke with an easy grace and a control that showed a clear understanding of her surroundings.

"Remind me again why we're all here again Slim?" The man in the cowboy hat whispered to the man with the visor.

"Psylocke wanted to stop by home, and the Professor didn't want her to come alone, and we weren't doing anything Logan." The man replied, sounding a little annoyed. "Besides, between the four of us, we're best suited to handle ninja."

"How do you figure on that Scott?" asked the man hidden in the cloak.

"You're teleporting can get us out of here in a hurry Kurt, Remmie here can be as crafty as any ninja, Logan can sense when something is wrong, and Scott has all the fire power we need, if we need it. Add that to my own ninja training and there isn't anyone in this village that can cause us any problems." Kyomi said, glancing behind her.

They continued walked until they heard something: the cries of a child.

"You don't need enhanced hearing to know what that is." Kurt said, throwing off his coat to reveal his form. He showed a thin and lithe form covered in deep blue fur wearing a red and black bodysuit. His hands and feet had three long fingers, plus a thumb for the hands, his eyes were a bright yellow, and a tail sprouted from his back. "Come on." he shouted. The group followed the sound and when they saw what had caused it, they froze.

Naruto had been cornered; the villagers and ninjas were tapping their weapons against their palms with sick grins on their faces.

"Now is when you die demon," Said a pink-haired villager, raising a carving knife above her head. Suddenly, there was a puff of smoke and the pink haired woman found that her blade was being blocked by a man with what appeared to be three metal claws protruding from between his knuckles. While she was distracted the man's other fist, this one with the claws sheathed, came forward and slammed the woman in the stomach, knocking her backward into the crowd. Behind him was what the villagers could only be described as a blue furred demon.

"It's ok little one, you're safe now." The demon said to Naruto. While he was nervous, Naruto heard the kindness in his voice and reached out to take his hand.

"You got the kid Nightcrawler?" The clawed man asked.

"Yeah, Wolverine, I have him." Nightcrawler replied.

"Then get him over here." said a new voice. They spun around to see two new men and a woman, one man wearing a visor, the other apparently shuffling a deck of cards in his hand. The woman, however, was what caught most of the villagers attention. She was instantly recognized as the daughter of their Hokage, Kyomi Sarutobi, who had been travelling abroad. In a puff of black smoke the demon teleported himself from behind the mob to appear next to the woman the boy wrapped protectively in his arms with the clawed man standing in front of them protectively. She bent down and began checking the child for injuries while asking, "Are you okay little one, did those people hurt you?" she asked in a sweet and caring voice filled with concern.

The boy only shook his head shocked that these people seemed to be trying to help him instead of hurting him as was the norm.

One very nervous shinobi stepped forward and asked, "L-Lady Sarutobi w-what are you doing here."

Psylocke instantly turned her attention away from the boy and a deep glare filled her features.

"That's just what I was going to ask you bastards. What the hell is wrong with you people! Attacking a child like this, have you all lost your minds!?!" she finished in an enraged shriek.

Many villagers looked intimidated by the woman's rage, but one idiot, the same one knocked out by Wolverine punch stepped forward and shrieked back, "That is no child, it's a demon. Now Lady Sarutobi I suggest you and your friends," she hissed the word while glaring daggers at Wolverine who just returned the glare, "leave before you are hurt." she finished threateningly, with the rest of mob shouting their encouragement. The girl may have been their leader's daughter but they weren't going to let her and her collection of freaks stand in their way.

"How can you call an innocent child a demon, you heartless whore." hissed Nightcrawler, memories of his own youth and the attacks he'd suffered due to his appearance adding to his growing anger.

"Silence you freak, you know nothing and should remain quiet while your betters are speaking." shrieked the pink-haired woman.

The woman's arrogance was really getting on Psylocke's last nerve. With a twisted idea she decided to learn exactly what was going on in the village over the past 12 years she'd been absent and silence the loud-mouthed bitch as well in one fell swoop.

"Well then," she spoke with a sinister grin, "let's just find out what is going on then." Her hand instantly shot out and grabbed the pink-haired bitch by her oversized forehead. In an instant Psylocke bright purple mental energy swirled around her hand and enveloped the woman's head. In an instant all the woman's memories of the boy came into Psylocke's head. She saw the Third's explanation of what the boy contained and his message about how the boy was to be seen as a hero, and the woman's, along with most of the remainder of the village, decision to ignore. She saw the attacks, beatings, and assassination attempts the woman had helped plan or attended, as well as her and the rest of the council's actions to make the boy's life miserable: his banning from the stores and overcharging of items. Psylocke's already angry mind flew into a dead rage. "You fucking bitch!" she screamed while drawing her mind blade, and…


…off came the woman's arm.

The woman fell to the ground screaming while the rest of the mob stood still, stunned by their leader's daughter sudden act of, to them, unprovoked rage. The other X-men looked at her curiously before Gambit asked, "Damn Sheri, what did you see in the lady's head to make you go executioner on her."

Psylocke looked at her fellow X-men with a look of barely contained rage. "I'll show you." she stated coldly while raising her hand. Instantly four bolts of mental energy hit the other X-men downloading what Psylocke had just seen into their minds. The knowledge made the already angered X-men furious. Nightcrawler and Gambit were the most affected by the images, since both had been treated so poorly because of how their powers affected their appearance. Both were positively ready to kill, Nightcrawler's eyes were glowing a deep baleful yellow and Gambit started to pulse with the ruby energy as his cards began to glow. Cyclops was stunned for a moment before his own anger flared and the usually calm leader lifted his hand to his visor to release a blast of optic doom onto the bastards. Logan, well to say Logan was pissed would be the understatement of the century. His claws were both fully extended and a feral snarl was plastered across his face as he prepared to leap into the mob and start ripping it apart.

Sensing the killing intent, several of the ninja in the mob threw weapons at the X-Men, but they were intercepted and destroyed by Gambit's charged playing cards and Cyclops's optic blasts. Before any of the X-men could start their counter a new voice broke in.

"ENOUGH!" shouted the voice. Instantly standing between the mob and the enraged X-men was none other than Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage surrounded by a several squads of anbu. As the crowd began to calm, believing their leader had come to save them from his maddened daughter and her group of freaks.

Their hopes were soon dashed as the Hokage stated, "Anbu take these villagers to Ibiki for interrogation and punishment." Hearing a groan from the ground he added, "Oh and take Mrs. Haruno to the hospital before she bleeds to death," he added as an afterthought, "before taking her to Ibiki." he finished.

As the mob cried out their shock and fear, the Third turned to Psylocke and her comrades and said, "Hello my dear, it's good to see you home again." stated the Hokage with a small smile.

Psylocke's voice and look remained icy as she glared at the man before saying, "I wish I could say the same Dad, but we have a lot to discuss. Like how you've let your village get so out of control that mobs are now attacking innocent children." she stated coldly while glaring at her father.

Sarutobi knew that look and that voice from her mother, 'I'm screwed.' thought the Hokage as he led the X-men and Naruto to his office. His daughter had refused to let the boy out of her sights.


"I wish you could have come at a better time Kyomi." The aged Hokage said sadly. "Much has changed since you left."

"I'll say!" Psylocke shrieked causing Sarutobi to flinch. "When I left you were stepping down as Hokage, giving the job to one of Jiraiya's students. Granted you got an excuse to be back after I leaned that the Forth died fighting the Kyuubi and sealing him inside Naruto, but you're the Hokage damn it! Can't you do more to keep those psychotic, idiotic fools from hunting him down like he was some animal!" she panted after her rant starring at her father with a look that would have put Bobby Drake, the infamous Iceman, to shame.

Sarutobi continued to flinch at the words and the icy glare that filled his daughter's gaze. "Kyomi, you must understand," he tried to reason with his irate daughter, "I've done whatever I could to help the boy these last 10 years, but, for the most part, the council has…"

"Screw the fucking council!" shrieked Psylocke. "You're the Hokage, the leader, the head honcho, the boss. Those bastards can only override your authority if they have proof of negligence or corruption that they can present to the Lord of Fire, and I doubt they can convince him that protecting a child is treasonous behavior. The truth of the matter is Dad, you've gotten weak-assed." she finished coldly.

Sarutobi stood up at this. "Now see here, daughter. I have not…"

"You haven't?" interrupted the purple-haired kunoichi/X-man, "Then what happened to Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Professor, the God of Shinobi? Where's the man that could send entire armies running with single scowl? Cause' I know he isn't sitting in here letting a bunch of civilians and retired shinobi push him around."

Sarutobi sat back down, a shocked look on his elderly features. 'She's right. What have I let myself be reduced to? A figurehead? A clerk, filling endless amounts of useless paper? No more. It's time those bastards remember who wears the hat in this village.' thought the elderly Hokage with a determined look plastered across his aged features.

He stood once again. "You know Kyomi, you're right. I've gotten complacent in my old age, but that ends now. If those bastards think they can push the Professor around anymore then they're in for a rude awakening." he said with a malicious smirk.

Psylocke smiled and leaned forward to give her father a kiss on the cheek. "That's the Daddy I know and love." she said with pride as the two exited the room


Outside the room Logan was standing with his back to the door giving a dark chuckle.

"She's really cutting into him isn't he?" Gambit asked with a smirk. He'd always tried to be chivalrous and took the phrase "hell hath no wrath like a woman scorn" very seriously. To him it meant never piss off a woman or else you were going to die a slow and painful death, if you were lucky enough to die that is.

"Ohhhhh yeah," Logan chuckled before glancing back at the kid. "I can't believe that after all the hell this place has put him through, that the runt can still laugh." Naruto was currently playing with Nightcrawler as the elf was bouncing off walls and hanging from various things with his tail all while under the watchful eyes, or eye as the case may be, of Cyclops.

"Maybe laughing is the only think that kept him sane all these years." Gambit said solemnly. During his time on the streets whenever the shit would hit the fan he would just laugh it off and try to keep going or figure out a way of whatever mess he got himself into. "He actually reminds me a little of you Logan. From what we understand he's a quick healer and got a monster inside him. Only thing he's missing are the claws." Logan snorted and gave a small smile that was barely noticeable beneath his hat.

"Maybe." grunted the old soldier with a thoughtful look. The door opened to show the Hokage and a slightly chipper Psylocke.

"I would like to thank you all for protecting Naruto earlier." Sarutobi said.

"Wouldn't need to if you could do it yourself old timer." Logan growled.

"That's enough Logan," Cyclops said rising to his feet "although he does have a good point Lord Hokage. And I think I speak for everyone here on my team when I say that there's not a chance in hell that we're going to leave Naruto here." At that the blond boy and old village leader snapped their heads to look at Cyclops.

"What are you suggesting?" Sarutobi asked.

"Simple, we take the boy with us back to the X-Mansion and train him." Cyclops said.

"Will I ever come back to the village?" Naruto asked looking back and forth between the leader of the X-Men and the Leader of Konoha.

"Only if you want to kid," Logan growled out "but I'm not sure why you would want to though."

"I want to come back to prove to everyone that I'm not a monster and that they'll finally have to acknowledge me for me and not that demonic furball I've got locked up inside me." Naruto stated with a determined look in his eyes. Sarutobi's eyes widened when he heard Naruto mention the fox.

"You, you know about it Naruto?" Sarutobi asked frightened.

"Come on Old Man, I'm not as stupid I let those villagers believe me to be. How could an idiot do so many pranks without anbu being able to catch me once?" Naruto asked getting chuckles from most of the X-men, they'd seen some of the boy's pranks thanks to the memory transfer. "Attacking me on the day of the Kyuubi's attack, calling me monster and demon, hell I even heard some of them talking about a fox hunt. It's not that hard to figure it all out Old Man." Everyone was starring at Naruto surprised before several of the X-Men started to chuckle.

"The young one reminds me of you Remmie." Kurt said with a smile. The thief only gave the elf a smirk in response.

"Part me and part Wolverine, that is a scary combonation." Gambit said with a chuckle.

"Well then it's decided, Naruto will come with us and train for a few years before we bring him back here to become a ninja, if that's what he still wants after all this time." Cyclops said.

"How's that sound to you, kid?" Logan said. "Want to hang around with a bunch of other freaks and weirdoes and learn how to use whatever powers you've got?" Naruto smiled and nodded vigorously.

"Well since Naruto agrees I won't argue, but I'm trusting you with the boy's safety and ninja training Kyomi." he said looking at his daughter, who gave a stern nod. "Have him back in 5 years for his final year at the Academy. Do we have an agreement?" Getting nods from the X-men and Naruto the old kage continued, "Good now I just need one of you to sign some papers releasing the boy into your custody." he finished with a small smile, for once he was looking forward to doing that bit of paperwork. It would ensure Naruto's safety and growth over the next few years, and it would royally piss off those bastards in the council.

"All right," Cyclops said. "Psylocke, you go ahead and help Naruto with any packing. Send Kurt a message when you're ready for pickup. I'll handle the paperwork. Logan, I want you and Gambit to go prep the Blackbird for launch. I want us out of here before anymore of the villagers get any bright ideas about keeping the kid here." the leader of the X-men ordered.

"Blackbird?" asked a curious Naruto. "Are we flying there on a giant bird?" The X-men merely chuckled.


The next two hours passed quickly for Naruto. He and Psylocke had left the Hokage's office and made their way to his apartment. The ten year old Naruto had had to stop Psylocke from going on a murderous rampage after she'd seen the abysmal state of Naruto's apartment. After quickly grabbing the few personal items that Naruto wanted to bring with him. Psylocke had refused to take any of the horrendous "target practice orange" jumpsuits with them, stating that they would buy him some new clothes as soon as they got back to the mansion. Naruto didn't mind, he liked the color orange, sure, but even he knew that kind of clothing was just another civilian attempt to get him killed. After finishing they stepped outside and got onto the roof of the building. Psylocke sent Nightcrawler the mental signal to pick them up and a few moments later, the blue-furred acrobat appeared in his usual flash of black smoke.

"Been waiting long?" he asked with a slight smirk.

Then the three were off and a few moments later after several of Nightcrawler's "hops" the three came to a rest in a clearing a few miles outside of Konoha's gates. Naruto staggered a bit when they finally stopped.

"Sorry," Nightcrawler apologized. "It's always a little shaky for the first timers. You get use to it." Naruto just shrugged if off before his eyes went wide. In the clearing rested a vehicle that Naruto could only describe with a single breathed word.


"You can say that again mon petit ami." stated Gambit with a cocky grin as he stepped out of the vehicle. "This is MS-22 Blackbird. She's the top of her line in stealth flight technology. She can fly an inch over your head without you feeling the slightest breeze."

"Enough yapping already now that you and the runt are here Psy, we're ready to go." stated an impatient Wolverine.

"What's the rush Logan?" asked Psylocke a concerned look crossing her features.

"I can smell some yahoos coming our way, and I doubt they're coming to wish us a fond farewell." growled Wolverine.

"Well you heard the man." stated Gambit, "and we all know that Logan's nose always knows best" he finished with a chuckle.

The remainder nodded and began boarding the Blackbird. As Naruto entered at the end right behind Psylocke, he looked out and with a firm look stated, "I'll be back, and I'm gonna show everyone what I'm capable of then."

The X-men nodded as the hatch closed, something about the kid told them he was going to be or do something grand. That was all they knew.

With a slight hiss and a searing blast of air the Blackbird took off into the skies, carrying with it a piece of Konoha's future, and perhaps it greatest legend yet to be born.


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