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Title: Nullity

Summary: Plagued by nightmare one boy must fight his darkest demons as his twin brother suffers in the wake of it all. Sadly through this, it draws them more closer then they ever thought. As soon as everything falls into place they must realize their destiny. (Isao x Beryl)

Warning!: Yaoi, incest, character death, blood, violence, torture.

Chapter 1: Twins

"Body and spirit are twins; god only knows which

one is which"-Algernon Charles Swinbure.

A boy with blonde hair and pale blue eyes; walked through a completely deserted town. He had on blue pajama's and was bare foot as he continued down the jagged road. He paused, looking up into the crimson sky, and saw that the moon was black. He lowered his head and looked around everything was wrong and out of place. He tried to walk forward when the ground sucked his foot in. He struggled but was pulled under. The ground closed up where he was standing.

A few moments later he opened his eyes and saw that he submerged in water. "Water?" He thought looking at his hands. The water suddenly turned black leaving him floating. Something started to form in the darkness of the space. It was a black massless blob. He felt himself fall to the ground hard. He gasped in pain getting to his hands an knees.

The nullity was dark the only light was coming from him and the thing that was forming off to the side. He could hear his heart beat faster as fear started to settle in. He got to his feet and started to run away when the blob appeared in front of him. He was shocked and nearly fell backward, but caught himself. Arms emerged from the massless blob in front of him. The hands wrapped around his throat choking him. They tighten and he placed his hand on each one trying to pull them off to no avail.

He gasped for air and the blob gave a sickening smile. "I-sao." It said his name as he continued to struggle. His hands fell from the arms and hung at his sides. His eyes started to close as he was falling into unconsciousness.

"Aniki." He heard a familiar voice.

The hands around his throat retracted and the nullity became full of water again. "Aniki!" The voice said again and he looked to the surface. A hand reached for him and he reached for the hand.

Pale blue eyes snapped open. He sat up knocking hands away that he thought were trying to holding him down. The owner of the hands pulled back and sat on his knees as he watched the other gasp for breath. He saw sweat trickle down the side of the other's face. He wiped it away, before looking in his direction. The boy sitting on the floor, looked up at him locking eyes with him.

"Beryl?" Isao said surprised. He got up and came closer to him. The other quickly grabbed him and pulled him into a tight embrace. He buried his face into his chest. Beryl lifted his arms and wrapped them around his brother and hugged him back with equal force. He closed his eyes as he felt the other tremble in his arms.

A few moments later Isao pulled away. His bangs fell into his eyes as he sat up. "Aniki?" Beryl called and he didn't respond. He sighed taking a few more deep breaths. His dream was the worst one so far. He had felt like he was dying. Beryl looked up at the blurry form of his brother and sighed softly. He turned his head to look at the clock that sat on the night stand by his bed. It read: 4:00am. They had to be up at six.

He moved the blankets back and grabbed one of the pillows. He put it down in its place and laid his head down. Isao lifted his head; his bangs moved to reveal his eyes. Beryl tried to look at him but he couldn't really see. "Let's go to sleep . . . unless you don't want to." He said looking up at the ceiling.

Isao smiled sadly. He hated for his brother to see him like this. He felt incredibly weak and unless. He laid down next to him. He reached out and placed his hand on the other cheek getting him to turn his head, so they were looking at one another.

"I'm sorry." He said softly. Beryl blinked in surprise.

"Don't be." He said as he felt the other pull him into another hug. He rested his chin on his shoulder. Isao sighed softly. No matter how many times this happened this was always the way the ended up. He felt Beryl pull away some and grip his sleeping shirt. Which meant he was almost asleep. He smiled at that. 'I'll suffer through this . . . If you remain the way you are.' He thought closing his eyes. Neither felt or saw the shadowy figure watching them.

A loud buzzing sound caused Isao to stir. He felt something warm and opened his eyes. He looked into his brother sleeping face. His hand was still gripped his shirt but lightly as he slept peacefully. He was reluctant to wake the other because it was his fault he was up last night.

He moved away from him causing him to stir and shut his eyes tighter before opening them. "Aniki?" He said looking at the blurry form of his brother.

"Time to get up." He said reaching for the alarm to shut off the annoying sound. Beryl sat up rubbing sleep out of his eyes. He looked around and regretted it. His eyes started to burn from the brightness of the sun.

He removed the cover and headed to his room. He stopped and looked back at his twin. He was sitting in bed staring at the wall his bed was up against. He sighed turning and heading to his room which was across the hall. He opened his room door and went to his night stand where he kept his glasses.

He put them on and his room quickly turned a dark blue color. He was worried about his brother but they need to get ready so they could catch their train.

Later they both sat at the door putting their shoes on. They both wore: a black typical uniform. Beryl had his jacket button up and Isao had his open reveling a purple shirt T-shirt. Beryl stood when his shoes were on and Isao continued to tie his. His hands were shaking Beryl noticed. He bent down and Isao looked up at him and stopping what he was doing.

Beryl proceeds to tie the other's shoes. "Stop fussing over me." Isao said standing.

"You showed me how to tie mine, so I was helping out." Beryl said smiling and Isao sighed softly defeated.

"Boys, your lunches." A male voice said. They turned around to see George standing holding their lunch. George was the butler that mainly took care of them when their mother was out of town. This time she was gone for two weeks so they pretty much were on their own. They grabbed their lunches and headed out the fount door.

Isao had on a back pack and Beryl had a messenger bag. They were first years in high school and had a pin that indicated it. Isao looked over at Beryl as they started walking. He saw him pull up his sleeve to his jacket and he chuckled a little. Even though they were twins you could easily tell them apart. Beryl wore a pair of glasses that almost looked like a pair of sun glasses. They had a thin black frame and dark tinted lenses.

Another way to tell them apart was the fact they had different eye colors: Isao were a pale blue and Beryl's were emerald. The personalities were different as well. Isao was: stubborn, seemingly emotionless and confident. Beryl was: Withdrawn, shy, and very emotional in Isao's opinion.

They both wore silver chain with a crystal hanging from it that their mother gave them. Isao's was brown and Beryl's was clear. They also had a marking that looked like a tattoo on the inside of their wrist. Isao was on his left and it read Tsuchi or earth and Beryl was on his right and read Sora or heaven.

After they arrived at school, They both sat in class, and Isao twirled his pencil around as the teacher perched one how important finales were. He really didn't care if he tried he could get an A and if he didn't he would get a C. He put his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair. Their school was a prestige school only the elite could attend, but some were in because their families had the money.

There were a lot of fight due to a gang called the Izanagi gang. Which for some reason they wanted to recruit Isao. He chuckled at that thought. Something caught his attention. It was a girl with black hair and blue eyes. She would look at Beryl ever so often to see if he was paying attention to her but he wasn't he was absorbed into his class work.

It was Ayame Nabuyuki, He didn't like her but apparently she had a crush on his brother. He sat right in his chair and continued to watch her action. The bell rung breaking him out of his thoughts. He scooted his chair out and stood. He grabbed his book and head for the door which the other students were crowding out of.

In the hallway he waited for Beryl who tended to linger so he would be pushed out into the hall by the other students. Every day was like this since he had turned fourteen. It had been a whole year plagued with nightmare and school. 'Not much of a life.' he thought, leaning his head against the wall he was leaning against.




To Be continued. ..

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