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Chapter 3: Threats.

"Share our similarities, Celebrate our differences."- M. Scott Peck

The sun shined throughout the house. A week had passed since the incident with Haru. An elderly man made his way through the house. He went up the stairs to his young master bedroom. He opened the door to see that it was still dark and he was in bed. "Come on master Isao your going to sleep the day away." he said walking across the room and opening the curtains.

Beryl had heard George's voice and followed it to his brothers room. Isao sat up and coughed. George looked over at him. "I feel like hell." He said laying back down. The room was spinning and his shirt felt soaked from sweat. Beryl had appeared in the doorway after that statement. He walked over to were he was laying and saw that his face was flushed.

"You probably have a cold. I'll get you something for it." George said after looking him over. Isao watched him leave and sat up when he saw Beryl. Beryl sat down on the edge of the bed and placed his hand on Isao's forehead. He was wearing a pair of black cargo pants, a white long sleeve shirt and a pair of black socks.

"Your burning up." He said pulling his hand away. It was one of those rare times that Isao had slept through the night but now he was sick. Beryl looked up when George had returned. George gave him a pill and a glass of water.

"That should bring your fever down." He said about to touch him, but Isao moved away from. George sighed softly and looked at Beryl.

"I'll leave him with you. Make sure he rest." He said and Beryl nodded. Beryl watched as George left to continue his tasks. He turned his head when he saw Isao get out of bed.

"Didn't he say you need to rest?" He said as the other stood.

"I'm going to take a shower." He said as his pajamas were sticking to him. He gathered some clothes and went into his bathroom.

Later that night, it was dark as clouds rolled in to cover the moon. Lightening flashed every so often. Beryl eyes fluttered open slows as he thought he heard someone screaming. He pulled his covers back and got out of bed. He opened his door and closed it. He walked across the hall to Isao's room and opened the door.

He crossed the room and kneeled by his bed. Isao was panting softly and sweat appeared on his face. His blacket were pulled to his chest. Beryl wasn't sure if he should wake him or not. He didn't appear to be having a nightmare. The other groaned and he sighed. He had to wake him.

Isao stood looking at his hand as it started breaking apart. "What!" He said and felt his body start to disappear.

"You are not needed." A very familiar female voice said.

Isao eyes opened and he let out a gasp. He blinked a few times and turned his head to look at Beryl. "Aniki?" He said in a concerned voice.

"A dream?" He said looking at his hand. He sighed softly and started coughing. He sat up continuing to cough and Beryl rubbed his back as he started to clam down.

Beryl placed his hand on his forehead. "Your fever still there." He said as Isao coughing spell stopped. Beryl stood going over to the others bathroom. Isao heard water running. He sighed laying back down. His right arm laid across his eyes.

'What the hell was that?' he thought and felt his arm being moved. He opened his eyes to look up into the face that mirrored his own. Beryl placed a cool cloth on his forehead .

"Did you take the medicine that George gave you?" He asked sitting back on the floor with his back pressed against the wall. He propped up one knee and let his arm rest on it.

"Yeah." Isao said closing his eyes. He doubted either of them would go to school tomorrow. He felt sleep over take him.

"Isao-kun, Isao eyes fluttered open and he looked into he face of the blob from his previous dreams. It had it's arms wrapped around him and started squeezing the life out of him. He let out a pained sound and shut his eyes. It felt as if his ribs were going to break. It stopped squeezing him when it felt him go limp in it's arms.

"Isao-kun, where's your brother?" It said tauntingly. His eyes opened slowly staring at the massless shape. He was panting heavily and didn't answer it's question. It smiled the tooth grin of it's and opened it's mouth. Isao started struggling. Last time it swallowed him he had seen that woman.

"Your brother won't save you this time." It said as it swallowed him.

George opened the door to Beryl's room and saw that his bed was unmade and he was missing. He sighed closing the door and head for Isao's room. Beryl's upper body was lying on the edge of Isao bed and he was kneeling as he slet. Isao was laying perfectly still and his breathing was slightly labored.

George walked over to the younger boy and shook him. Beryl trembled sightly before his eyes opened slowly. "What?" He said sitting up so he was on his knees.

"I know your worried about your brother but you'll catch a cold if you sleep like this." George said when the boy looked up him.

"When did I fall asleep?" He said looking at the clock it was 6:00 a.m and he sighed. George had a confused look on his face. They both had been acting strange since their mother went on her trip. He also noticed that Beryl was sleeping inside Isao room more often. Beryl stood up, he was about to leave but he looked back at Isao.

He had a felling that something was wrong but he didn't seem to be having a bad dream. He turned to leave as George took the wash cloth from his forehead and replaced it when he dipped it some cool water.

Isao eyes opened and he felt pain in his arms. He looked at both of them and saw he was chained to the wall. The woman from his last dream appeared in front of him. She touched his face and he moved his head. She smiled.

"Why do you hate others touch so much hmm?" She questioned and he didn't say anything. She giggled and he looked at her.

"Is it because your afraid of affection. . .or do you believe that your brother only deserves that privilege." She said and his eyes widen.

It was the last class of the day. Everyone was waiting on the bell to ring. Abruptly, Beryl felt a pain in his heart and turned his head looking out the window. 'What was that?' He thought. He had sat his pen down and looked forward. Was something wrong with Isao... He wasn't sure but it felt like it. He stood suddenly causing the teacher to look at him.

'I knew something was wrong' He thought and ran out the class room.

"Beryl-kun?" Their teacher said shocked. The students started to whisper.

"Isao didn't come in today so it must be something with him." One said to another. Ayame looked at the door he had ran out of and sighed softly.

Beryl ran down the halls and out of the school. He stopped catching his breath, then he headed for the train station. 'I felt it something is wrong.' he thought as the pain got worse.

A whipping sound crackled throughout the dark chamber. Isao grunted in pain as it connected with his skin. He just then noticed he was shirtless. "What wrong Isao-kun did that hurt?" She said as she laughed taking the whip back to hit him again. As the whip connect with his skin again he screamed. She laughed at his pain.

Beryl opened the front door and kicked off his shoes. He heard his brother scream and headed for the stairs. George had saw the other and called him. Beryl stopped and looked at the older man. "Beryl-sama what are you doing home early?" He said surprised.

"Have you checked on Isao?" He said and George nodded.

"Yes, his fever is going down but he's still sleeping." He said and Beryl headed up the stairs. George was confused Beryl had never missed a day of school or left early. Beryl opened the door to Isao's room. He stood panting in the door way. He looked around and saw that the other was gone.

"What?" He thought and felt a cool breeze coming from the window. He turned around and ran back down the stairs. He put his shoes back on and ran out the front.

Isao panted heavily in the dark world. The woman had stopped whipping only to start another conversation with him. His chest felt on fire and he could feel blood tricking down. "Isao do you want this pain to go away." She asked and he didn't respond. His hair cling to his face from sweat.

She moved so she was near him and lifted his head by placing her hand under his chin. "I can make it go away this pain, and the pain in your heart." She said and Isao opened his eyes looking at her. Her eyes were hidden beneath her bangs. She looked familiar but he could place who she was.

'Isao-kun, why do you hate everyone but him?" She asked and he assumed that she was talking about his brother.

"Why...would I hate him?" He said softly and she let go of his chin.

"Because of him you're the way you are."She said and Isao chuckled.

"Am I, I highly doubt that I'm like this because of my own sins." He said and felt her slap him.

Beryl raced down the road. They lived in a very Secluded area and the next house was about a mile away. They rode the train to get into the city or they would have to be driven. No one had ever been to their house so no one knew how to get there. Even if they did they would have to pass through the security gate.

He spotted his brother from the bridge that had lead over the river that was a few yards away from their home. Isao walked down to the bank and Beryl could see that something was wrong. He watched as his brother keep walking to the water.

"ANIKI!" He yelled as he was a foot away from the water.


Isao heard Beryl voice and the his chains broke and he fell from the wall. The woman disappeared.

Heblinked look around. He had no idea where he was until he looked forward and saw that he was by the river and he wonder how he got there. He heard someone running over to him and he turned around.

"Aniki?" Beryl said when they were a foot apart.

"Beryl?" Isao said holding his head. He was shocked and confused.

"What were you doing?" Beryl asked holding him by both his arms. Isao looked down into the others face and sighed.

"I think I was sleep walking." he said to the younger one. Beryl hugged him which shocked him. Looked down into his face and saw tears gathering in his eyes. He hadn't seen him cry since they were seven.

"Beryl?" He said unsure of what had upset him.

"You need to tell mother about you dreams. I almost lost you today." He said as Isao sat on the ground bring him with him.

"It's not going to help." He said and Beryl pulled away from him.

"What if I didn't leave school early and found you? What would have happened?" He said causing Isao eyes to widen as he turned away from him. Beryl pulled away from his and wiped his tears away. His arms were on either side of Isao's legs. His hands rested on top of the soft grass. He lowed his head and his bangs coved his eyes.

"Aniki...do you...do you hate me?" He asked and Isao turned to look at him. The other had his head bowed and bangs hid his eyes.

"Why would you say something like that?" Isao said and watched him press his teeth together.

"How could I hate you?" He said and Beryl lifted his head up. His eyes widen as he took in the others words.

"A-Aniki?" He said and Isao sighed closing his eyes.

"You're the only one I could never hate." Isao whispered and Beryl's eyes widen in shock.

To Be Continued. . .

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