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"Hey...," Shin tugged lightly at Maya's light blue sheets. "Maya. Hey. Wake up. Dammit.... wake up!" he pushed Maya off of her bed, and she landed on the ground with a loud 'thump'.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?! You can't go into people's rooms, uninvited, and then go kicking them out of their beds!" Maya shouted at her brother.

Shin laughed at her and opened up the blinds. "Hey, I thought the Juken Club should take a break from all of the training. We're all going to the beach at 10, so get ready." He patted her head with a big smile and walked out of the room.

Maya stood up and looked at her clock. It was a quarter to eight.

"It doesn't take me that long to get ready!"

She went into her bathroom and showered. She rushed thru her shower and threw on a white bath robe. The bath robe covered her upper body, but it revealed her long smooth legs. It didn't matter though, because she planed on changing as soon as she entered her room.

She walked out of the bathroom and saw Aya sitting on her bed.

"Aya? What are you doing up this early?" she asked.

"Brother says you're going swimming today! Can I go with?" Aya pleaded.

"I guess so..." Maya started to say but was unable to finish because Aya jumped on top of her. "Get off! I'm barely covered and-"

"What's going on here?" Shin chuckled as he entered the room.

Aya was sitting on top of Maya, and Maya started to blush a little. She tried to pull her short bath robe down so she could try to cover her legs, but that only worsened the problem. Her legs were covered, but now her breasts were almost out. Maya pushed Aya off of her and stood up right away, adjusting herself and her bath robe.

"Hmph! It's rude to walk into a person's bedroom without knocking! Didn't I just yell at you!?" She told Shin.

He put his hands up in defeat and grinned to himself as he walked out of the room. Aya laughed and ran out of the room. Maya closed the door with a loud 'bang', and started scratching her head.

"I guess it's time I should get dressed..."

She casually walked up to her dresser, opened up the drawers, and began her search for her bathing suit.

"Of course!" she groaned out loud. "I gave my bathing suit to Aya because it didn't fit me anymore.. Now all I have is...

She pulled out a small black bikini. "This!" She wore it once and the moment she went into the water, her top's strings became undone. It was too tight, but she had to wear it. She didn't have the time to buy a new one. "This'll have to do...."

She took off her bath robe and put on her black bikini bottom. It fit perfectly. Then she put on the top. It fit fine, too, but only for a bout a minute. Then the tie in the back loosened and when she moved, the strings fell to her side.

"This isn't good...."

There was a knock on her door and she quickly threw on her bath robe. She opened the door, but nobody was there. She looked down, and saw a small dark blue bag. She saw a card sticking out of the bag, and she bent down to pick it up.

'I remember what happened last time' -Shin

She laughed a little, and tossed the card back into the bag. She went back into her room and threw the bag to the floor next to the mirror. Her bath robe fell off, and she looked at herself.

"I really can't wear this.. Maybe... I can wear a t-shirt the whole time... or..." Maya thought as she eyed the bag.

She tossed the card out, and saw something black left in the bag. She picked it up and examined it. The gift her brother had given her was a bikini top, identical to the one she was wearing. The only difference was, the new one was slightly bigger. She quickly ripped off the bikini top she was wearing, and tossed it on the floor.

She put on the new top and she checked herself out in the mirror. It looked and felt a lot more comfortable than the previous top. After a minute and a half, she giggled, and picked up the top from off of the floor and threw it into the garbage.

She went to her closet and looked thru her clothes. She couldn't wear pants because it was too hot out, and that would be ridiculous. If she were to wear shorts, it would be rather difficult to take them off properly in public. She chose her favorite jean skirt that had a red hand print on the back of it. To match, she threw on a plain red shirt.

She walked into the bathroom and washed her face. She was going to put makeup on but decided against it.

"Who am I trying to impress? It's just going to be me, Aya, Shin, Asshat, Bunshichi and... Mitsuomi."

She decided to put on some blush and lip gloss. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror and went back into her room.

"You done yet? Let's go!" Shin shouted from the outside of her door.

"Yeah!" she shouted back as she checked herself out one more time.

"Today is going to be a good day. A day to remember!"

Maya walked outside and saw Aya and Shin standing by his motorcycle. Aya was holding a helmet and was smiling. Shin was holding two helmets and when he saw Maya, he began to smile, too.

"There's no way we're all going to fit on that!" Maya said.

Shin threw the glittery purple helmet at Maya and sat on his motorcycle. "That's why I told Bunshichi to come by. He's going to take Aya."

Maya turned to look at Aya, who shrugged in return. "Oh! I almost forgot!" Aya said as she dropped the helmet and ran back into the house.

A minute later, Shin and Maya heard Bunshichi roaring up their street. He stopped his bike right next to Shin's and turned it off. He wasn't wearing a helmet but he was wearing a plain white shirt and regular blue jeans. He stayed seated on his bike and lit up a cigarette.

"I have an idea!" Maya smiled. She threw on the glittery purple helmet and sat down behind Bunshichi. "I'll go with him, and you can wait for Aya!" She wrapped her arms around Bunshichi. Shin looked disappointed and Bunshichi shrugged. He started his bike and they drove away.

"So what was that all about?" Bunshichi shouted over the roar of the motorcycle.

"Hmm? That was nothing. I just didn't feel like waiting," Maya said.

"You in a hurry to see half-dressed males running around?" he asked, jokingly.

Maya laughed at his joke and the two teased each other continuously while on their way to the beach.

"Hey! I think I see them!" the green haired lad shouted.

Mitsuomi and Asshat were standing beside each other in the parking lot, which was located right next to the beach.

"But.. That's Maya and Bunshichi. Where's Shin?" Asshat asked.

Mitsuomi shrugged and both watched as Bunshichi quickly parked into one of the few vacant parking spots. Mitsuomi and Asshat rushed over to the motorcycle.

Bunshichi turned off his motorcycle and grinned at them. Maya took off the helmet and started fixing her hair.

"So where's Shin?" Asshat asked, looking around, searching.

"What? No hellos?" Bunshichi asked back.

"Oh, don't mind him. I'm sure they've been pretty worked up what with all of the women around here," Maya said, eyeing the females around her.

The guys looked around them and noticed the women, too.

The beach was covered with people, but more than half of them were women. Some were wearing shorts. Others were wearing skirts. But most were running around in their very tight bikinis.

"I'm sure none of them could even look half as good as you in you're bathing suit," Mitsuomi said as he slightly began to blush. He turned away from Maya just as she went to look at him.

"And now we wait...." Bunshichi said while still staring at the females.

Maya got off of the motorcycle and decided to lean against it. Bunshichi stayed seated, whereas Asshat and Mitsuomi sat down on the black top.

At least 15 minutes had passed before they finally saw Aya and Shin. Shin parked next to Bunshichi and grinned.

"Hiya, everyone!" Aya greeted them as she jumped off of the motorcycle. She was wearing a yellow, short sleeved shirt with baggy blue jeans. She threw off her helmet and picked up a picnic basket.

"See!" she said to Maya, "this is what I forgot! I wanted to make everyone some sandwiches for lunch but I was too excited earlier, so I forgot."

Shin and Maya just shook their heads as everyone else began to laugh at their response.

"Welllllllll it's getting too hot for me! I'm going for a swim!" Asshat announced. He threw off his gray shirt, but kept his beige shorts on and ran off to the beach.

"Yeah!" Mitsuomi said happily. He unbuttoned his white shirt, but kept it on. Along with his white shirt, he was also wearing a wristband and black shorts. He looked over at Maya, who gave him a weird look. Mitsuomi shrugged and chased after Asshat.

"Let's go make sure they can swim," Shin said. He got off of his motorcycle and walked toward them, with Aya following shortly behind.

Maya was about to follow but was stopped by Bunshichi's outstretched arm.

"Hey Maya, wait a sec," he said as he got off of his bike. He stood next to her but kept his eyes on his other friends.

"What is it?" Maya asked, noticing he wasn't looking at her.

"So why did you choose him?" he asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she replied, and it was the truth. She wondered what he was thinking about but gave up on trying to figure it out.

"Why did you choose to fall in love with Mitsuomi?" he said plainly.

"W-What?" she stuttered out. She turned away from Bunshichi and looked at Mitsuomi. He was smiling and talking to Shin. When he noticed Maya was looking at him, he started waving at her. Maya blushed a little, smiled, and waved back.

"Uh-huh..." Bunshichi said. He walked toward his friends, leaving Maya alone.

"Hey!" she shouted after him. She ran up to him, nudged him in the side, and ran toward everyone else.

"Now that everyone's finally arrived," Asshat announced proudly, "we can finally go swimming!" He flexed his so-called muscles and ran into the water.

Bunshichi grinned and sat down in the sand. "You're not coming?" Mitsuomi asked.

"Nah. I will later. I feel like checking out the view," he grinned at Mitsuomi as they both looked around.

Maya huffed and crossed her arms. Aya looked at Maya and noticed what was going on. She pushed Maya, and they both landed in the sand, face first. "Aya!" Maya shouted. The three boys laughed at them, and quickly, Aya joined in.

Shin moved over toward them, and only helped Aya up. Maya went to grab Shin's hand, but he quickly turned away.

Mitsuomi, though still laughing, moved over to Maya, and extended his arm. "H-Here," he said while laughing.

Maya took it, but pulled him down to her. He landed on his stomach with his face in the sand. Maya stood up and he looked up. First thing he saw was her black bikini bottom under her skirt, and he hurriedly looked at her face. "It wasn't that funny," she replied with an angry look. Mitsuomi was unsure if she was truly mad until she smiled at him and began to laugh. He smiled and laughed too. She helped him up once she stopped laughing, and they both stood there, looking at one another.

"Hey. You two. It's time to swim," Shin snapped. He already took off his shirt, and was wearing blue shorts.

"Yeah!" Aya said merrily. She was wearing a purple bikini bottom and top. She moved toward Maya and took off her shirt. "Come on!" she nudged Maya, who slightly fell forward.

"Woah!" Mitsuomi said as he caught Maya before she fell into him. Maya looked up at him, but quickly looked away.

"Sorry," she quietly replied as she watched Aya running toward the water. Shin was already in the water, swimming toward Asshat.

"No problem," Mitsuomi chuckled. He let go of Maya and she regained her balance. "Shall we?" he asked.

Maya walked over to Bunshichi and looked around. She saw Asshat and her brother's shirts were thrown down by an empty beach chair, which Bunshichi moved to. On the other side of him, she noticed her sister's clothes were neatly placed next to the picnic basket she brought.

Maya took off her skirt, and she folded it with her shirt. She bent down and placed her clothes on top of Aya's. Maya was still bending over when Bunshichi turned to her direction.

"Damn, Maya. You have some nice tits. I'm surprised I never noticed them before," he said. Maya stuck out her tongue and laughed as Mitsuomi began to cough.

"Hey kid. You gonna compliment the lady?" Bunshichi asked, not looking away from Maya.

"Maya-" Mitsuomi began.

"Don't say a thing," she stood up and looked at Mitsuomi with a smile.

"But-" Mitsuomi tried saying.

Maya winked at him and walked past him. "You coming?" she shouted to him.

"Y-yeah!" he shouted back. Bunshichi grinned and Mitsuomi smiled. He rushed over to Maya and got only his right foot in the water.

"Wait," she told him. She turned around and eyed him up and down. "You're not going in like that, are you?" she asked. He looked down and realized he was still wearing his shirt. He shook his head and laughed. He started to move his hands toward his shirt, but Maya smacked them away. "Let me," she said. She put her hands on his shoulder, underneath his shirt. Mitsuomi moved closer to her, so she would have an easier time taking off his shirt. She placed her thumbs on top of the shirt and she slid her hands down his arms. When she pulled his shirt down to his wrists, he moved his hands and placed them on hers. By instinct, she grabbed and held his hands. The moment their hands met, there was a slight shock that jolted thru their bodies. Maya looked up at Mitsuomi to see if he felt it too, and judging by the look on his face, he did.

Asshat noticed the two were just standing there, holding hands. He swam over to them, and splashed Maya. "Hurry up already!" he said.

Maya, almost soaking wet, let go of Mitsuomi's hands right away and turned around. "Hey!" she shouted. He swam with full force to get away and she went after him, leaving a shocked Mitsuomi.

He looked down at his hands for a minute and shook his head. He finished taking his shirt off and threw it over toward Bunshichi. "Hold onto that," Mitsuomi told him. He stepped into the water, and shivered a bit. He waited until he got used to it, before he dove in. He swam toward his friends and was greeted with splash after splash after splash.

"I'm getting all pruney!" Maya complained. She started to swim toward the shore, but was stopped by Mitsuomi. "What?" she asked.

"Where are you going?" he asked back.

"I'm getting all pruned up and I'd like to eat lunch!" she replied, eyeing him suspiciously.

"No," Mitsuomi said firmly.

"What?" Maya replied, starting to get angry.

Mitsuomi moved closer to her and held onto her wrist so she couldn't swim away. He kept moving closer to her until their noses were touching.

"W-What do you think you're doing?" Maya stuttered out.

Mitsuomi smiled and closed his eyes. Maya, still puzzled, glanced around. Asshat was standing next to Bunshichi. They were both chatting up a group of women. Shin was helping Aya with setting up a small picnic on the sand.

Maya and Mitsuomi were still swimming, but this time, they were alone. Shin left 10 minutes ago, much to his reluctance.

Maya looked back at Mitsuomi, who still had his eyes closed. "What are you thinking? My brother will see us any minute now!" she said nervously.

"What are you talking about?" Mitsuomi replied. A second later, he pushed Maya under the water and began to laugh.

Maya resurfaced and splashed him with water. "Jerk!" she shouted as she swam toward the shore. Mitsuomi followed shortly after, smiling to himself.

"Wow Aya! That was really good!" Asshat said with glee. He just finished eating his 4th sandwich.

"Really? You can have some more, if you'd like," she said with a slight blush.

The six of them were sitting around the small picnic basket, in the sand. Asshat went to reach for the last sandwich but Bunshichi hit him upside the head. Instead, Bunshichi grabbed it and ate it in one bite.

"Nice job," Shin said. He was sitting next to Aya, so he patted her head with gratitude.

"Yeah!" Mitsuomi agreed, finishing his sandwich.

"I wish you had packed more water though," Maya said, looking at her empty water bottle.

Shin went to grab his water bottle but Mitsuomi beat him.

"Here. You can have some of mine," he said as he handed her the bottle.

"You sure?" she asked. He nodded and smiled, so she took a sip and gave it back.

"Well now!" Asshat said while standing up, "who's up for a game of volleyball?"

"Yeah!" Mitsuomi, Aya and Maya said in unison. Shin gave Mitsuomi a dirty look but gave Aya and Maya a smile when they looked at him.

"Letssssssssssss go!" Asshat shouted. He ran toward his stuff and picked up the white volleyball.

Mitsuomi stood up and helped Maya up. She smiled and they walked toward an unoccupied volleyball net. Aya hopped up and ran after them.

"Wait a minute, Shin," Bunshichi said. Shin looked at the others longingly but then looked back at Bunshichi. "Calm down. I see the way you're looking at him, Shin. He hasn't done anything wrong, yet," Bunshichi calmly said.

"Exactly! Yet! But he will and-"

"I know. You'll take care of him. But for now, you should be relaxing. This was your idea, you know," Bunshichi stood up and walked away.

Shin thought about what Bunshichi said for a few minutes before he realized he was right. He stood up and went to join the others.

"You're with us!" Asshat told Shin as he arrived. Shin looked over at Asshat and nodded. He wasn't sure who his team was because everyone else was sitting down on the sidelines.

He looked over at Maya, who just stood up. Aya and Mitsuomi stood up too, and quickly walked over to the opposite side of the net.

Maya smiled at Shin and walked toward him. Shin smiled too, assuming they were on the same team.

"You're going down, brother!" she said as she got close to him. She grinned and walked to the other side of the net. Mitsuomi smiled at her and gave her a high five.

"Remember. Have fun," Bunshichi reminded Shin.

"Yeah, yeah," he replied back.

"Get it!" Maya shouted. Maya, Mitsuomi and Aya were losing by a point, and everyone decided that this next point would determine the winner.

Aya dove for the ball, and hit it. It went into the air, but it wasn't high enough to go over the net. Maya rushed over and set the ball for Mitsuomi, who in return, spiked it. It went crashing down onto the other side and before Asshat had time to move, the ball hit him in the face.

"Point!" Aya and Maya shouted happily. They jumped into the air, and they gave each other a high five one another.

"One more point, and we win!" Maya taunted the other team.

"Right..." Bunshichi said calmly. He didn't really care about the game at all. He just wanted Shin to keep his cool. He picked up the volleyball and tossed it at Mitsuomi.

Mitsuomi caught the ball, and walked over to the edge of the court. He tossed the ball into the air, and hit it with all of his might. Shin hit it back at him, with full force. Mitsuomi hit it back, and this time, it went toward Asshat. Asshat hit it up in the air, and Bunshichi had to hit it, in order for it to go over the net. Aya hit it, but because Bunshichi hit it harder than she expected, the ball went up in the air. It was so close to the net, but it wouldn't go over. Maya and Mitsuomi ran toward the net, and they both leapt into the air and spiked the ball. Shin, glaring at Mitsuomi, didn't pay too much attention to the ball, and it fell right in front of him.

"Score!" Aya shouted happily, as she jumped up and down.

Maya and Mitsuomi both landed on the sand at the same time and smiled. Maya jumped onto Mitsuomi. He wrapped his left arm around her, and she put her right arm around his neck. They took their free arms and launched them into the air in triumph. "Yeah! We win!" they both shouted.

Bunshichi sighed and watched Shin carefully. His eyes were full of fury and he was starting to shake uncontrollably. Asshat looked down in shame, but then he looked up and smiled. "Can't win 'em all!" he shrugged off. He looked at the winning team and gave them a thumbs up. That's when he noticed a girl was smiling and waving at them. "Hey! Looks like we have a fanclub!" he said, waving back at the girl. He started to walk toward her, but then he realized who she was. "Hey... Shin. It's your girl," he said, sounding disappointed.

Bunshichi noticed Shin wasn't listening, so he 'playfully' punched him. Shin glared at him, but instead of Bunshichi looking angry, he just pointed toward Mana. Shin looked and smiled for a second, but then looked back at Mitsuomi, who was still smiling and holding Maya. Mana walked up to the group, and they all greeted her.

"What are you doing here? Brother didn't tell us you were going to join us," Maya said as Mitsuomi put her down. He looked at Mana cautiously and then walked over toward Asshat. Shin smiled at Mana and hugged her.

"I tried calling you at two, and then at four, but you didn't answer," Mana told Shin as she playfully poked him in the chest.

"I was... busy," Shin explained to her, as he let go of her.

"Well, I was worried. I thought... you were going to forget about our date..." Mana slowly said.

"Oh... yeah..." Shin said, having finally remembered.

"You did forget, didn't you?!" she accused.

"So what if he did? That's what males do," Bunshichi tried defending Shin.

"Dinner?" Shin asked her, trying to calm her down.

"Hmm..." Mana sounded as she thought about it. She looked up at him, and he looked as if he felt sorry for forgetting. "Sure," she said with a smile.

"Great! We could all use some dinner!" Asshat joined in.

"Uhm..." Aya said, pulling at Asshat's arm. "I don't think we're invited..."

"No. No. You can all come. It's not like I actually expected him to remember," Mana said, looking at the two. "Besides, we were just going to go to some fast food place. Nothing personal or anything," she added.

"Sounds awesome! It's like what... 5 o'clock? It'll take at least an hour to get to some place that actually has decent food. Perfect timing!" Asshat said.

Asshat trotted off to his stuff and Aya and Bunshichi followed. Maya nodded, and Mitsuomi smiled at her. They walked closely together as they went toward their things. Before Shin moved, Mana wrapped her arms back around him.

"Did you enjoy yourself today?" she asked warmly. She rested her head on his shoulder and he looked down at her.

"Not until now," he answered, and he kissed her hair. She giggled, and he tightened the hug.

"Hey! Lovebirds! We're leaving!" Asshat shouted.

Mana and Shin let go of their embrace, and walked toward the others.

"We're all gonna meet at Johnny's," Mitsuomi told them as they arrived. Maya, Bunshichi, Aya, and Asshat already left.

"Maya's not going with you?" Shin answered, trying to keep his calm. Mana played at his hair, and he slowly let his breath go.

"No... why would she?" Mitsuomi replied, feeling confused.

".... no reason," Shin said. He took Mana by the hand, and they walked to the parking lot.

"See you two soon," Mitsuomi told them as he walked over to his motorcycle.

AN: I honestly don't really feel like writing about them eating dinner... so.. Long story short, Bunshichi flirted with the lady taking their order, Asshat enjoyed his food, Aya stayed quiet, Mana tried distracting Shin, Shin kept giving Mitsuomi dirty looks, and Maya and Mitsuomi kept looking at each other and smiling.

When they finally finished eating, it was about 7:30 p.m.. Bunshichi had gotten the waitress's phone number, and decided to head home for the night, feeling accomplished. Asshat had told one of his friends that he would be able to hang out at eight, so he left in a rush. The others were standing around the parking lot where Mitsuomi and Shin had parked their motorcycles.

"Mmmmmm... I'm getting tired," Aya said, stretching. She looked at Shin who smiled, and at Maya who smiled, too.

"Hmm.. Shin," Mana said, smiling up at him. Shin looked down at her, and smiled too. "Mitsuomi can take Maya and Aya home. Then we can go on our date!" she said.

"I... don't know about that," Shin replied, turned to look at his sisters.

"Mitsuomi doesn't have to take us home. We live close by, so we can just walk," Maya said. Aya nodded in agreement.

"Alright..." Shin said. Mana hugged Shin happily, and pulled him toward his bike. The others just stood there and watched as Shin turned on the bike. With one last wave from the two of them, they smiled and disappeared from view.

"I can at least walk you two home," Mitsuomi said, looking at the two girls.

Aya yawned and Maya looked at Mitsuomi. "What about your bike?" she asked.

"Hmm? Oh.. Right," he said, looking at his motorcycle. "I can come back later and get it," he said with a smile. He moved over to Aya, and lifted up his hand. "You look really tired. Let me carry that for you," he said, talking about Aya's picnic basket. She smiled, and handed it over to him and began to walk toward the direction of her house.

"You don't have to do this, you know," Maya said, walking up next to him.

He smiled and laughed. "And what if I said that I don't feel like going home just yet?"

Maya was taken aback by his response. She stood there, looking at him, not replying. "Well? I enjoyed today. It's too early to go home," he said. He put his free hand onto her shoulder and grinned. "Let's go," he said, turning her around.

AN: another lazy moment for me! =] anyways! Nothing really happens, they all walk to the Natsume residence. Aya stays up front. Mitsuomi and Maya make small talk. Nothin too interesting.

Mitsuomi, Aya, and Maya arrived at the Natsume's house about 15 minutes later. Aya grabbed the picnic basket from Mitsuomi's hand, and hugged him goodbye. While Aya did this, Maya looked away, pretending not to notice. Aya hugged Maya quickly.

"Goodbye!" she said to Mitsuomi. She waved with a smile. Then she opened the gate and went into the house.

Mitsuomi waved at her, and turned his attention onto Maya. She was looking up at the moon, and didn't seem to notice the departure of her sister. He stepped toward her, and she quietly said "you're not leaving now, are you?" She looked at him and tilted her head. With the help of the moon's natural light, Maya's sapphire eyes were shimmering.

Mitsuomi noticed that, and just stared at her in awe. She softly laughed at his response, and walked up to him. She put her hand under his chin, and lifted his face down to hers. "You don't want to be with me, any more?" she asked, staring at him.

His eyes widened, and he began to turn red. "O-Of course I want to be with you. B-But what about Shin?" he asked, turning more red.

"What about him?" Maya replied, letting go of his chin. She turned and started walking back down to the path they had walked previously. Mitsuomi stared as she did this, until she turned and gingerly asked "you coming?" She turned back around and continued on down the street.

Mitsuomi stood there for a minute, trying to gather his thoughts before he finally calmed himself down. He took a breath and hurried on his way, to Maya's side. He caught her, just before she walked across the street, and he put his arm around her shoulder. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

"So where are we headed?" he asked.

"Back to your bike, of course," she replied, while looking up and down the street. They crossed, and turned to the left.

"Why? I thought you wanted to hang out?" he asked, looking confused.

"Of course. When you get your bike back, you can drop it off at your place, and then we can... do whatever. Walk around, go to the park, you name it!" she said with a smile.

"Oh..." he said quietly. He looked down and thought for a while. "Yeah! I got it! There's this place that I've been wanting to take you to for quite a while now!" he said with animated enthusiasm.

"'Quite a while now'?" she questioned him.

"Uhh.. Yeah," he nervously laughed and rubbed the back of his head.

Maya laughed at his reaction, and rested her head on his arm, as they continued on walking.

"Well... here it is," Maya said once they reached the parking lot.

"Yup," Mitsuomi agreed. He removed his arm, and started his bike. Maya sat down behind him, and wrapped her arms around his waist. "You're going to want to hold on tighter, Maya. I tend to drive a little fast," he said, grinning at her. She smiled and did as he said.

During the ride to Mitsuomi's house, they chatted about their childhood; About what it was like growing up in the Takayanagi household; What Shin was like back then; What being an older brother was all about; How she and Aya have changed greatly over the past year.

"You know... I have to thank you," Maya said, as Mitsuomi stopped his motorcycle. They had just arrived at that Takayanagi residence, and all of the lights in the house were off.

"What for?" Mitsuomi said surprised.

"Because of you... I've... I feel as if I've matured. As if I've become a better person," she said, looking away from him.

"Maya...." Mitsuomi softly said. He got off of his bike, and lightly took her hand. She turned and looked at him. He leaned into her, and she started to lightly blush. "Maya... I... should thank... you..." he said slowly and softly as he moved his face closer to hers. He stopped moving and waited for Maya to do something. She could feel his breath being mixed with hers. She closed her eyes, and moved forward. Their lips, finally meeting. An electric shock went threw both of them. The kiss seemed to last forever. Maya softly moaned when Mitsuomi broke the kiss. "For everything," he finished his sentence. He looked at her, and they both blushed and smiled.

Maya went to get off of the motorcycle, but stumbled a bit. Thankfully, Mitsuomi caught her before she fell. "Thanks," she said, blushing even more.

Mitsuomi smiled back at her, and they just stood there, staring at each other again. "Are you ready?" he asked her. She nodded, and he took her by the hand, and walked her behind his house.

"You wanted to take me here?" she asked him, looking around. There was a deck that had two large tables on it, with chairs all around them. There was also a large swimming pool in the left side of the yard, with five chairs surrounding it. The rest of the backyard was empty. The far back seemed to lead to the woods, because it was too hard to see past the first few trees.

Mitsuomi laughed, and led her toward the trees. "Not exactly. See... When I feel the need to runaway, or when I have nothing better to do, I go into the woods. A couple of weeks ago I found this one clearing that... I think you'll like," he said happily.

They walked past the pool, and into the woods. It was hard to see, but Mitsuomi knew where they were going, so Maya stayed close to him. Eventually, they had reached a clearing. Since the moon was shining brightly that night, it was easy to see everything. The trees surrounding the clearing had some bright green colored moss on them. There was also a small river flowing by the far side of the trees, which didn't look too deep. On the left side of the clearing, there were bright blue and white flowers. They looked newly planted, but at the same time, they looked as if they belonged there.

Mitsuomi looked down at Maya and smiled at her reaction. "This is... so.. Beautiful," she said with awe.

"Yes, it is. But compared to you..." he said, until Maya placed her finger over his mouth.

"Don't..." she said, not looking at him.

"But.. Why?" he asked, moving her finger, and placing her hand in his.

"Mitsuomi....," she said, looking at him, her eyes trying to decipher his. "I...," she started saying, but gave in. She put her arm around his neck, and pulled him down quickly. He took initiative, and deeply kissed her. She let go of the kiss, and whispered in his ear, "I want you."

Mitsuomi looked at her and she smiled back. He understood exactly what she meant. She pushed away from him, and took off her shirt. He grinned at her, and took off his shirt, too. She moved closer to him, and he put his arms around her back. He untied her top, and she lifted it over her head, revealing herself to him. He looked at her breasts, and almost didn't look away, until Maya started tugging down his shorts a little. He put his hands on her skirt, and slid them down her legs. He eyed his wristband, but decided to keep it on. Mitsuomi also pulled his shorts down, after taking out a condom and Maya took them from his hands. She turned around and threw their clothes over by one of the trees.

He quickly put the condom on, and he stood back up and stared at her back. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she leaned back against his chest. Mitsuomi gently moved his left hand over her breasts and lifted her chin up to the side, to see her sapphire eyes. She smiled at him and kissed him gingerly on the lips.

He brought her closer to him and put more force into the kiss. Maya pushed herself closer to him, as he slowly turned her body to face his, still kissing her, holding her close. He moved his hand from her chin, to her cheek, and down her chest, and over her breasts. She shuddered with ecstacy and broke away from their kiss, while exhaling a sigh of pleasure at his touch.

As he moved his lips down to her neck, he continued moving his hand down her body, and slipped his hand into her bikini bottom, pushing his fingers inside of her. She moaned, and pulled him closer, breathing harder and harder. He pulled his fingers out of her, and took off her bikini bottom.

She scanned her sapphire eyes up and down his muscular body; over his softly blowing hair in the wind; over his raising member; all the way she was getting even more wet. Losing control at the sight of her naked body, he picked her up and pushed her up against the smooth bark of a nearby tree.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and as he entered her, he pushed himself deeper and harder, inside of her. He started moving faster, pushing harder, getting deeper, breathing harder. She moaned, wave upon wave of pleasure pouring into her. His hips flexed each time he thrusted himself inside her. She started moaning louder, and moved her hips against his, grinding her body against his, pulling him closer.

She dug her nails into his back and arms and the pain made him double his efforts. He pulled himself out of her, and turned her around, grabbing her around the waist with one arm. He turned her around and she bent over. He reentered her from behind and started thrusting his large member in and out of her. She moaned and grabbed onto the tree for support. He exited out of her, and moved her around, again. He leaned his body over hers, holding her hips, and began kissing and sucking on her neck. She rolled her head back out of excitement.

He moved his mouth over her breasts, opening his mouth to lick her nipples. She wrapped her fingers in his hair, forcing him to put her nipples in his mouth. He started sucking on them, strengthening his grip on her hips. He once again picked her up, as she began sucking on his neck.

He walked them over toward the flowing river, and they slipped into it. He gasped at the way the water had enhanced her large breasts, her small waist, and the swell of her hips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him closer to her. He watched as the water ran down her body, every drop accenting her every curve. He held her tight, and they continued making love.

Their bodies tensed as they came for each other. He picked her up, and brought her out of the water. He laid her gently onto the grass, and she touched his face with her finger tips. He laid down next to her, and her wrapped his arms around her.

"I love you, Maya. I always have," he whispered into her ear.

She smiled at him, and truly felt happy. "Mitsuomi... I love you, too."

Maya awoke with a shock. She was grabbing onto her sheets with all of her strength, and was sweating up a storm. She leaned up out of her bed, and looked at her clock. It was two a.m..

"Just a dream," she told herself.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead, and moved out of bed. She quietly walked thru her room, and went into her bathroom. She turned on the lights, and her pupils got big and then went back to normal. She looked at herself in the mirror.

It had been one month since the last time she had seen Mitsuomi in the hospital. But every day since that day, she had thought about nobody else but him. She had had dreams about him, but they were never like that. Her dreams were mostly about him walking away from her, as she tried her best to catch up, but never could.

This dream was totally unlike the others. It was more realistic. More confusing. More emotional.

"Why would I dream of something like that? That never even... happened? Or did it? I... can't remember... I know that's weird to think but it's true. I've tried to forget about him all together, but it never worked. I was able to forget about some of our conversations though..." she thought miserably.

She started the sink water and splashed water on her face. One month ago, her friends were all in the hospital, being told about her past. Mitsuomi tried talking to her, but she refused to listen. She didn't want to listen.

"I... never want to see him again!" she thought angrily.

She splashed more water on her face, and turned off the water. She looked back up at her reflection and stared at herself for a minute.

"I say that... but I don't believe it... How can I? After... everything... I just... can't..."

She started to cry softly. She fell down to the floor, and began hitting the rug.

"I miss him... I really do... but there's nothing I can do about that. Mitsuomi hasn't even gone near me since the hospital..." she thought in between her soft sobbing.

She quickly wiped her tears away, and stood back up. She opened up the medicine cabinet, and took out some sleeping pills. She's been dependent on those ever since she had fought Emi. She took two, and walked slowly back to her bed. She went underneath the blankets, and quickly fell back asleep.

Soooooooooooo let me just say.... im NEVER writing another chapter this long, ever again! Believe me, I enjoyed it, but man was it a pain! Haha I just couldn't stop! And when I reread everything... I was proud of myself for what I had typed, but ashamed for how long it took! Ugh! But it was worth it!

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