Never Too late



Part One

As Jessica was looking through the halls of high school, she saw a piano in the gym and walk to it. She loved singing once upon a time and decided to see if she could still do it. I mean she doesn't remember ever do anything with it and so she sat down at the front of the piano. She tried to think of a song. She didn't know how much the music scene at change…

Snow can waitI forgot my mittensWipe my noseGet my new boots onI get a little warm in my heartWhen I think of winterI put my hand in my father's gloveI run offWhere the drifts get deeperSleeping beauty trips me with a frownI hear a voice"Your must learn to stand up for yourselfCause I can't always be around"He saysWhen you gonna make up your mindWhen you gonna love you as much as I doWhen you gonna make up your mindCause things are gonna change so fastAll the white horses are still in bedI tell you that I'll always want you nearYou say that things change my dear

Jessica thought of that as a little depressing but it was true. Things did change and it was 13 years. She thought of Christian but then Nash's name came up. She tripped a little bit because she has a child. How did she love him? What was the circumstances around it? Nash's face was coming to her…