Never Too Late



Part Seven

Jessica was listening to Pink and hasn't had a solid memory for a while. It was hurting her to know about Natalie and then Christian telling her a lot of things. So she tried this song, I don't Believe You…

It's like the way we fightThe times I've criedWe come to blowsAnd every nightThe passion's thereSo it's got to be right,Right?No I don't believe youWhen you say don't come around here no moreI won't remind youYou said we wouldn't be apartNo I don't believe youWhen you say you don't need me anymoreSo don't pretend toNot love me at all

"I love you Jessica.." Nash said in a flashback and Jessica told him the same… "Don't die…Don't Die…" Jessica begged Nash and then there was Christian of course Brody. There was the dance with him in his uniform on and all these guys would connected, it all led back to Christian.. They are small pieces but they would beginning to fit but there was still huge gaps.…She heard voices then of Nash calling out for Jessica…"Nash!" Jessica yelled back and Vicki walked in…Jessica told her mother about the song and while she really was beginning to remember the love she had for Nash, she can't get Christian out of head…The only thing that's been making sense was shaping her recovery.