Title: Some Sort of Revenge
Author: Gomes
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Giles/Jenny humour
Rating: G
Spoilers: general
Warning: None
Disclaimer: All known characters and premises belong to their respective owners. So there.
Summary: "So, England...what's this mystery date you have planned for us?"
Notes: Fluffy fun.

Giles waited patiently in the library, a place where his confidence grew. After hours allowed him privacy and the liberty to mould his safe haven into an inviting environment for his heart. He let out a breathy laugh, his lips twitching into a smile as his eyes fell upon his beauty.

"Jenny, hello." He took both her hands in his as she approached him, leaning in, pressing his lips intensely against hers.

"So, England...what's this mystery date you have planned for us?" She asked, biting down on her lower lip, still tasting him. She glanced around the library, noting the dimmed lights that cast a warmth she had never felt in the establishment before. Soft classical music filtered from a small stereo that sat beside two glasses of champagne, on the main table right below the mezzanine. Soft petals adorned the table as well, their colours whispering a beautiful contrast with the dark wood grain.

Her fingers trailed up his button-down shirt, grasping at the silky material of his tie. She gripped it, pulling him down until their lips teased each other. "You certainly know how to woo a girl…" She whispered, moving her mouth against his.

His lips slid against hers, grasping her bottom lip between his teeth as he spoke. "I uh...well, I thought we could stay…um, well here. Together. Champagne. Nice music, y-you know." He drew back, hands thrust in his pockets as he walked back to the table. He threw her a glance over his shoulder as he picked up the glass of champagne and took a taste.

She narrowed her eyes: there was a certain sly aspect to his nervous behaviour. A dash of naughty confidence that she had never seen before. Suspicion fuelling her thoughts, her eyes fell upon the piles of books sitting near the desk; the very same he had mentioned wanting to re-categorize. She pressed her lips, trying to fight off her smile. "This is payback, isn't it. For the Monster Trucks?"

He threw her a toothy grin, his voice hard-edged with pride and humour. "Quite right. Let's begin at 'A', shall we?" He grinned, dumping a stack of books into her arms.