He's all mine



Part One

As Kate was going home after the wedding, she remember what Kyra had said. "He's all yours" and of course before than, "He only dedicates books to people he cares about.." As Kate was looking at the cover of the Nikki Heat book.. She knew that if Castle knew about her feelings that he may not let her hear the end of it. So she made sure that he would never come to her house. Which is good because he never came to the house. She looked at the best seller list and found out Temperance Brennen's new book didn't even touch Castle…She smiled as a victory even if Castle will be too cocky to see it. Of all die hard fans, the fans are really happy…"I beat Temperance!" Castle parading all over the house and then Alexis saw it. "Dad, I see you beat Temperance again." Alexis smiled and Castle responded, "Nikki Heat is know an offical Castle creation."

As she looked at the shrine to him…

"This is not right." Bones slammed the newspaper on the desk and Angela came in as Bones tried to cover up that she felt jealous. Angela saw the top ten and saw Castle had beaten her. "Oh sweetie I'm sorry.." Angela said and Bones tried to give some theories on why she wasn't threatened. She listed her accomplishments and Angela ensure her about how good of a writer she is. Castle couldn't compete with her and told her about how good of a friend she is. While Bones didn't see the logic of why she brought up the friendship part, she loved that Angela is on her side unless if there's a pig involved.