He's All Mine



Part Four

Beckett learn the news that whoever killed Rebecca and Jack was the same person who killed her mother. It was Bones who heard this news and decided to put her pettiness for Castle aside for right now. It was Castle who said to Beckett that he will do anything for her to catch him and Beckett was grateful for the help..

"If he finds out he's free to go, he's likely to give us something." Booth said and Beckett agree with that so as Booth and Beckett went in. Bones and Castle watched. Beckett started to give the technically of not reading his Miranda rights made it so apology like for not doing it. Vong was very over anxious because he was going to be out on the street. Booth made it clear if he knew something then they could put in protective custody.

He talks about Dick Coonan being the traffic and so as Booth politely brings him in. Coonan offer a deal to put a fake bounty on the head of Vong for a bounty saying that he will help her find her killer. "I don't trust that." Bones said and added as she was outside the interrogation room. "It seems prepared." Castle said and added, "I'll put it in." "No.." Bones said and Castle responded, "Your not going to stop me.." "I'll put it up first." "Bones added and Castle responded, "I'll put it up higher." As Beckett and Booth walked in on this debate. Beckett interrupted and said, "How much?" They both agreed to 100 hundred thousand dollars to lure out Rathborne.