The Problem With Twins: Chapter 1 The Beginning

"Morning Kaito"! Aoko Mori shouted as she ran towards the Kudo Household

"Morning Aoko"Kaito Kudo said as Aoko arrived to the gate
"Where's Shinichi-kun" Aoko asked Kaito
"Oh he left this morning saying he had to go to school early to do something he told her"What about Ran-kun" Kaito asked
"She said the same thing when she left this morning" She tells him

"I think I was surprised he got up early we got home late because of our case last night" Kaito said as he and Aoko walked towards school
"It makes me wonder why did Ran leave early?"Aoko wondered"
"Humph, maybe they are secretly dating or something" Kaito joked

"Umm Kaito could you keep your stupid remarks to yourself anyway see in class" Aoko said as she went to some friends

"Hey Kaito sorry about leaving early this morning sensei wanted me to finish some work I wasn't able to finish because of our case yesterdays case."Shinichi Kudo said as he approached his brother.

"No problem I just thought you were with your Ran" Kaito said with a mischievous smirk.

"W-What made you think that" Shinichi said blushing bright red

"Oh nothing it's just that Aoko said that she did the same thing" Kaito said to him

"Oh, anyways let's go check up on Ran" Shinichi said

"Why do you like Ran hmm" Kaito asked, again with a mischievous smirk

"N-No of course not I just want to see if she's alright" Shinichi said blushing
"Alright lets go see how your girlfriend is" Kaito joked
"S-Shut up" Shinichi said still blushing

Just then the warning bell rang for student to go to class.

Oh well looks like you'll be able to check up on her In 1st period" Kaito said as he started to walk

"Yeah looks that way we'll see ya later, bye" Shinichi said as he also started walking

"Bye" They said at the same and with that they went to class