Summary | The companion piece to Obsession
Disclaimer | I do not own ANY of these boys. I merely play with Konomi's toys when he's not looking.

The first thing Atobe feels when he wakes up are a pair of strong arms wrapped firmly around his waist. They are the only things keeping him from falling out of the rather narrow bed. The fact that they were firmly wrapped around his waist invokes a rather smug feeling from deep within himself. The memories of the night before brings a small smile to his lips. Atobe feels warm underneath the sheets and has to deeply reconsider his earlier and - for the most part - false impressions of the fukubuchou based on his observations.

He finds the act of spooning - or in this case being spooned - a naked concept that he enjoys immensely. This particularly intimate and new experience was something Atobe has only experienced once so far. The exhausting activities from the night before and lack of dinner aside, Atobe thinks these arms are the cause of a wonderful night's rest. As it turns out, Sanada had noticed his roommate's absence at the cafeteria and had thoughtfully saved him some dinner though cold by the time Atobe had consumed it. The gesture had not gone unnoticed.

A dull ache has settled at the bottom of his spine, the origin clearly a little bit further down. At the festering throb he finds there, Atobe swallows a groan unwilling to wake up Sanada just yet. Naturally, Atobe wasn't all that surprised to find it there. Shishido and Oshitari had long discussed it in length and in public about the intricacies and repercussions that such vigorous night activities had, much to the embarrassment and chagrin of most of Hyoutei's tennis team. And especially on the parts of a red-faced Ohtori and a rather smug Gakuto.

The night had been eventful to say the least, if his pleasure hazed memories of the time were anything to go by. The void that the tiebreaker had created inside of him was filled rather successfully. The Hyoutei captain moves as subtly as possible upon the sheets, hoping to slip out of bed as silently as he could without waking Sanada up. Only to find the arms tighten in response around him. It figures his interpretation of silently wasn't very silent at all in Sanada's vocabulary.

There are warm hands urging him to roll over and Atobe obliges lazily. In the close proximity, the slighter boy observes that the normally stoic boy was capable of using his facial muscles after all. This particular smile had the same knee weakening and swoon inducing effect that Atobe typically flashed at his fans at school. The potency of that small lip quirk was amazing and Atobe notes in the back of his head that he wouldn't mind waking up to it every day. It was positively radiant and one that Atobe could call his very own.

He feels a pair of lips press against his forehead, leaving a silent question in its wake. A light touch from Sanada's hand is felt between the two dimples of Venus and their eyes met. He chuckles to himself as he slid his own arm around Sanada in answer at the concern in Sanada's eyes . Morning training could be damned for he had all intentions on keeping the taller boy in bed for just a little bit longer.

The silent admission was all Sanada needed to bury his nose into the mop of bed-tousled hair, a cat-like purr of content sounding from his throat. They stay in bed in a tangle of limbs for an amount of time that neither boy seem to realise had passed nor cared to register as they lazily explore one another with teasing light finger strokes and sometimes a press of lips against salty skin. When strong fingers tilt his head upwards and Sanada's lips settle upon his own, Atobe feels complete.

Satisfaction was something he could get used to every morning.