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A/W: This is a yaoi fan-fiction so you know the drill, implied smut and character death. Might be horribly cliche too.

A/N: This is the first time I'm writing a Hurt/Comfort story. My only genre till now has been Humor. So please be kind. I'm writing this because I felt bad for being so mean to Usagi-ani in 'The Cake Offensive'. Yeah I'm weird. I hope you like it.


(Present time)

It has been six years since I was last here.

Nothing's changed. The apartment is as unnecessarily spacious as before, the furniture is still exactly where I remember it to be and it's as spotless as it has always been. The only difference is that all the furniture is covered by white linen sheets. And nobody is home.

Slowly, as if in a daze, I move towards the couch and remove the sheet covering it. It's as if I have also removed the sheet blocking the memories in my mind as they immediately begin to assault me. I stumble forward, unable to contain the furry of long suppressed emotions and end up lying face down on the couch.

The first time I read one of his BL novels….the first time he touched me….making breakfast….getting hugged…being kissed….first time we had sex….his voice….his smell…his touch…

Unbidden tears leaked through the corner of my eyes as these bittersweet memories made their presence known. And I could do nothing but weep at my loss.

I don't know how long I sat there, crying, remembering, trying to hold on to those days, trying to hold onto him…

"Daddy, you were right. There is a room full of bears here. And another with a train and another with a really long wall on the floor. And another with empty fish tanks daddy! Daddy?"

I hastily wiped my tears and pretended to wake up from a nap.

"Sorry, daddy was just so tired he couldn't keep his eyes open. So what else did you find?"

"I found the best room ever! It had this huge bed and every toy I could think of! Was that his room daddy?"

"Yes Akihiko, it was your papa's room."