Dear Bugs,

We went to visit papa's grave today. I read him all the letters I wrote. We visit him four times a year now because Tokyo is far from London. I like living in Japan. I have papa's room all to myself there. Oji-chan visits us and sometimes stays over. He sleeps in daddy's room.

Now daddy is giving me that look. He looks at me funny whenever I start writing in you Bugs. I really don't know why. He did give me you on my last birthday, 8th one. He doesn't want me writing here?

Oji-chan brings me gifts every time he visits. He visits everyday. He eats dinner with me, daddy and Suzuki-san. I sleep with Suzuki-san. Daddy likes it when oji-chan comes over, he smiles a lot.

Yesterday was daddy's birthday. I woke up early to make him breakfast. But oji-chan was already there. And there was black smoke. Daddy was…mad. He kept saying 'Usamis are hopeless at cooking.' Not fair! I know how to cook, sort of.

Daddy also read papa his letters. We always leave our letters there. Oji-chan never writes a letter. At least daddy thinks he doesn't. When daddy is not looking, he puts a letter behind papa's grave. I know because I collect them. Every time it has the same thing on it.

I have to go now. Dinner time, daddy is calling me.



PS: Here's that letter. I have a ton of them already.


A/N: *Thank you