NOTE: Ok, so this is my first fanfic. I know, im a shitty writer, but i cant help but do what i love. And that's writing, and drawing. So anyways, i came up with this as i was trying to figure out what couple to do a story off of. I was really leaning towards KaitoxLen and MelloxMatt, but i just couldn't come up with anything for them! Which pissed me off because i had this idea floating through my head, screaming to be let out. Yeah. And thus, here it is. The first chapter. I hope you guys like it, and if i get enough good reviews, imma continue... Fuck it, imma continue it anyways. It will probably only be about 3 - 4 chapters long, but eh. I'll see how far i can go with it. 3 I DO NOT OWN PHOENIX WRIGHT OR ANY OF THAT SHIT. If i did, i wouldn't be writting fanfics, now would i? -Probably would.- = 3=

November 23, 9:00am, the sound of the Steel Samurai theme song was blearing from the tiny phone on the nightstand next to the cherry wood king sized bed. Phoenix was in a lovely sleep before the sound of the repetitive song played. "M-Mmn.." The man groaned as he rolled over, grabbing the small cell phone lazily before opening it and answering it with a lazy and half asleep groan that was supposed to be a 'hello'. "Really Phoenix, sleeping in this late? That's really not like you." The sound of the familiar and slightly deep voice made the poor man jump as he knew who it was. "E-Edgeworth!?" Phoenix spat in surprise as he sat upright in his bed, amazed at hearing the man's voice. It wasn't like Edgeworth to call him.. At all. "What's wrong Wright? Surprised I called you?" Edgeworth said in his usual cocky tone. He could tell Phoenix was surprised, and in a way, he was surprised at himself. Why was he calling Wright this early anyways..? He thought for a second why he had called in the first place, but then it clicked in as he heard the other speak. "W-What is it you need Edgeworth?" Wow, Wright was really shocked, stuttering like that as though he was on a first date. Now that he thought about it, it was kinda hilarious when he had gone on his first date, coming back crying because he had thought he messed up the date, when in reality, it was her fault.

He had to admit, when Phoenix ran into his arms, crying like a little baby, he felt bad for him. Not like he would admit that, but whatever.. There was a short pause before the man on the other line noticed he hadn't answered yet. "A-Ah, I wanted to see if you would like to have lunch and a drink? If you are not busy that is." He knew Wright would find it weird, but he really didn't care. He missed the old cry baby, and he had to see him.

"N-No no! I'm not busy! What time and where?" He asked, his tone getting more confident if that was the word for it. It made Edgeworth chuckle slightly before smiling, hearing he wasn't busy. "Noon and at the ramen stand by your office. If your more then two minutes late, I'm leaving." And the sad thing was, he was serious. Edgeworth waited for no one, and Phoenix knew that all too well. "Of course! I'll call if something comes up and I'm late." He responded with a slight nervous laugh. "You shouldn't need to call me. It's not even a block away from your office. Unless your just to lazy, Wright?" God he loved to tease him. "True enough.. B-But I'm just saying! If I have unexpected paper work o-or something!" And with that, Phoenix got out of his bed as though there was a fire. Not even caring that he was in his boxers and Maya was passed out on the couch, he quickly got to his desk, looking around to see if he had any new cases. "Well, you shouldn't have any, unless you are falling behind in your work again..?"

Damn that Edgeworth! Always ( most of the time, ) trying to make him look bad! "For your imformation Edgeworth.." He cut off for a few seconds, seeing he had no cases to do. "I have finished all I needed to do!" He said almost proudly. "Well done Wright! You managed to finish all your work for once." The man chuckled as he sat back in his chair, looking around his office, wondering how long they had been talking. It almost felt like hours, despite the small bit of talking they have done. Checking the clock, it was only 9:10am. 'Only ten minutes..?' Edgeworth thought with a small sigh. 'Why couldn't it be noon faster..?' He thought before quickly scolding himself. He was a bit excited to go see him and have lunch, and even drink with him. They hadn't drinken since after his first case with Wright.

Despite that it was quite a time ago, he was still slightly mad about it. But some day, he would get over it. There was that awkward pause again.. "Shit!" Phoenix cried out softly before running back to his room, remembering he needed to get dressed. "Forget to put on your pants, Wright?" Edgeworth said with a husky chuckle, making Phoenix's face light up slightly. "Ho-How did you know!?" The man spat before grabbing his trousers from his closet, putting them on as he held onto his phone. "You've always slept without pants Wright. I know these things. Now, be ready before noon, and meet me at the noodle stand." And with that, he ended the call.

Just as he was about to respond, he heard nothing.. 'Beep...Beep...Beep..' The phone went on for a bit as Phoenix zipped and buttoned his pants, turning off the device before putting it down with a sigh. He could feel his heart racing slightly, and frankly, he didn't like it.. It was just from the shock of the call.. It couldn't have meant anything else..! Shaking his head of all thoughts, or at least trying to, he grabbed the rest of his blue suit, clothing himself. "Should I wear something more formal..? Or maybe casual..?" He continued to question himself as he looked down at his suit. Plain.. Worn everyday.. Gah! Time for something new! Looking at the clock, it was only 9:30am. Shit, had they only talked for thirty minutes? Seemed longer. Oh well. Looking through his clothes, that mostly consisted of only blue suits, he finally found something casual! But what would Edgeworth think..? Oh well, who cares what he thinks? Grabbing out the outfit, he laid it onto the bed, stairing at it for a minute. Would jeans and a red t-shirt look to weird..? Well, on him at least. Screw it! He's gunna wear it.

Leaning back in his leather chair, the man in red exhailed sharply, watching the clock as though he could change the numbers with just his looks. God did he wish he could. He was growing more and more anxious to go see the other man. But he wasn't too sure as to why.. It was only lunch and a drink. What more was he thinking was going to happen? Sex? "....." Feeling his face light up, he shook his head violently. 'What the hell Miles!?' He began to scold himself. 'What kind of thinking is that!? Why would you even think of something as disgusting as that!?' The scolding when on for quite a while, and before he knew it, it was 10:30am. "My god, it's been that long..!?" He barked out randomly before realizing he was talking out loud. Sighing and getting out of his seat, he trailed his way over to the couch, dropping himself onto it horizontally, letting his face get smothered into the cushon. Groaning he laid there for a minute, only to sit back up and fix his hair. "Might as well start to get ready.." And with that, Miles got up and left his office. No point in being there anyways, nothing was really happening today anyways. "Im going home." He said to the secritary, only to get an odd look from her. Edgeworth never normally went home this early. Acutally, he never had. Leaving the building, he got to his car located in the underground parking lot. Getting into the vehicle, he strapped himself in before pulling out of the parking lot. Making his way back to his appartment, he sighed. 'Ba-Bump... Ba-Bump..' His heart rate began to grow more and more as he thought about being with the man. Why was he feeling this way..? It wasn't the first time he had ever been with Wright! It just didn't make any sense.. Making it to the apartment building, he went into the parking lot. Parking his car and unbuckling himself, he closed and locked the door, making his way inside. Once he was inside of his apartment, he went straight to his room, digging through his closet for something to wear.

"Niiiccckkk.." The sound of Maya's voice rang through the office, making it to Phoenix's room. Phoenix stepped out of his room, looking at Maya with a bit of a nervous expression. She looked mad.. Her arms were crossed, and her cheeks were puffed. Ok, she was beyond mad. She was pissed.. "How could you make plans with Mr. Edgeworth, when WE were supposed to go to my favorite burger joint!?" The teen said in an angry tone as before Phoenix was about to ask how she knew, she held up a piece of paper reading off: 'DONT FORGET: Lunch with Edgeworth at noon!' Had he wroten that down..? He doesn't even remember..! Must have done that without knowing it. "I-Im sorry Maya, but we're gonna have to have lunch tomorrow. It seemed like he wanted to talk or something, since he never calls, and especially about something like going out to lunch." He said with a slight nervous chuckle before going to the bathroom, geling his hair to how it normally looked. "But Nick, you promised!!" Maya whined before watching Phoenix come out of the bathroom, taking a glance at the clock. It was only 11:56am now. He still had time to spare!! Sighing before plopping down onto the couch where Maya was once sleeping, he looked at her. She was still angry. "I'm really sorry Maya, but as i said, it will have to be tomorrow. I'll buy you an extra burger to make it up to you!" And with those words, 'extra burger', the girl smiled. Well, that was easy!

'So much to wear, but not enough damn time to pick!' Miles growled out as he continued to look through his clothes. Looking back at the clock, he noticed his much time he waisted just looking for something to wear to a damn outing! It wasn't like he was going on a date or anything..! And just then, the thought of a date with the other man, his face heated up once more. 'Ba-Bump, ba-bump, ba-bump..' His heart thumped as he didn't know how much longer he could deal with this stupid feeling. What was it!? He couldn't put his finger on it.. But now it was starting to piss him off. Beyond compair. "Ah ha!" The man shouted out as he finally found something after at least an hour and a half of looking. Quickly changing himself into the black slightly opened dress shirt and the black jeans that suited it, he smiled and snickered as he looked at himself in the mirror before looking at the clock. "Shit!!" He cried out before he quickly ran out the door, obviously locking it behind him. He had only minutes to spare before he could get to the stand before Wright! Getting to his car, he didn't bother to buckle in. Stupid, yes. But he was in too much of a hurry to think of putting on a seat belt. Pulling out of the parking lot, he went as fast as the speed limit and trafic would let him. Looking down at the car's clock, he sighed and calmed down slightly as he had two minutes to spare just as he drove a bit from the noodle stand. Getting out of his car calmly, he went over to the stand, taking a seat. 'Heh.. Beat you here Wright..' Miles thought proudly as he relaxed, waiting for the other to come and meet him for lunch.

Yawning and resting his head back, Phoenix closed his eyes only for what it seemed to be a minute. Re-opening his eyes, he glanced at the clock, gasping before he shot up in shock. "I-Im a minute late!!" He yelled out to himself before running to the door and quickly putting on his shoes, making Maya giggle to herself. "I-I'll be home later ok Maya?" And with that, Phoenix was out the door. Heading out of the building, he ran as fast as he could down the street. He could see the noodle stand in his sight! And someone in black sitting there as well.. He couldn't see his face, but it had to be Edgeworth! Getting to the stand, he saw it really was Edgeworth, which made him smile as he panted, standing next to the man with his hands on his knees, and his back hunched. "Well, your a minute late. But i guess i could let this time slide." Edgeworth said with a smile and a small laugh before Phoenix took a seat next to him. Ba-Bump.. Ba-Bump.. Ba-Bump..' Both their hearts were racing as there was a silence between the two. Miles was about to order them both some noodles, but the man sighed. "Sorry boys, i'll be back in a bit, im fresh out of noodles." The man said before he was off. There was nothing to really take from the stand, so he probably didn't mind.

The silence went on for a little while, but it was soon broken by Wright. "S-So.. A-Ah.. Was there something you wanted to t-talk about or something..?" He asked, shyly looking over at the other male. "Well, not really. I just wanted to take you out t-to lunch and for a drink." Shit.. He was starting to get a bit nervous now.. But after a bit of talking, his heart started to beat faster and faster.. What was with him today..!? It was too weird..! No no.. The weird thing was, he had the bigest urge to kiss the defence attorney.. He couldn't though..! What if Phoenix wasn't into men..!? Hell, when did he himself get into men!? Last time he checked, he was straight! Gah.. To much confusion!

"Wright.." Miles said in a blunt tone, making the other male stop laughing from the small joke he had told. "Yes, Miles?" Phoenix asked with a smile, looking at Edgeworth with a soft look in his eyes. He really was beautiful.. Well, in a manly way of course.. But how could there be a manly be- Dammit. Screw it. "How do you feel about me?" With those words, Phoenix's face lit up. Did that mean that he liked him..? It was so hard to tell with guys..! "I-I..! We-Well... I-I obviously happy to be a-around you and everything..! Y-Your one of my best fr-" And before Phoenix could finish his sentance, he found himself wide eyed and shocked, feeling Edgeworth's lips on his own.

'N-No no!! Stupid stupid stupid!!' Edgeworth screamed and hissed in his mind as he had his lips pressed against Phoenix's. How stupid was he to pull something like that out of the blue!? What if he doesn't accept the kiss, and he ruined their friendship..!? But what shocked him, was the feeling he felt.. Was it truly... Love...?