The sensation and even a slight bit of excitement that ran through his body at the sudden kiss, Phoenix was stunned. Unable to do, or even think of anything. But the thing that would have to be the biggest shocker, was that his lips puckered and returned the kiss. 'W-What are you to do now P-Phoenix Wright!? Are you kissing back because you like Edgeworth, or are you doing it for the fact that you dont want to lose him as a friend..? Get your mind on right Wright! H-Heh.. That's something Edgeworth would say..' Phoenix thought to himself, blushing deeply as he felt Miles deepen the kiss by pushing against him, making the kiss more rough.. Was he angry..? Was this just some kind of experiment..?! Was he testing him to see if he was gay so he could make fun of him in court or something!?

N-No.. Miles wasn't like that... W-Would this have to do with what he said before..? 'How do you feel about me..? W-Wait..! Was he seeing if I like him..?! O-Oh god, and this is only proving further!! I-I dont love Edgeworth! D-Do I...?' So many unanswered questions, that were unlikely to be answered. It was just so strange.. Was this why Miles envited him to lunch..? To see if he liked him..? W-Well, 'loved' him.. Whatever! S-Same deal!

Just snapping back to reality, the spiky haired man remembered at that moment, that they were outside.. In the public.. In a noodle stand.. W-What if someone were to see them!?! Pulling back out of the kiss just before Edgeworth was about to slip his tongue into his mouth, Phoenix wiped his mouth with his hand. "Wh-What was that for!? W-What if someone saw that you idiot!?" For the first time in a long time, he had actually spoken up, and raised his voice at the other man.. It shocked him, but probably shocked him more.. "Too tell you the truth, Wright.. I dont even know.." Miles said softly and almost in an irritated tone. He did forget they were in public, but the banner was low enough to cover their heads so no one would see. "W-Was that why you brought me here..?" Phoenix questioned the deep in thought Edgeworth. "No actually.. As i said before, I just wanted to have lunch and a drink with you.." There was a short pause from the man. "But, for some reason, my heart wouldn't stop racing at the thought of being with you. Im not to sure what this feeling truly is, but I wanted to see if maybe I kissed you, the feeling would go away, maybe as curiousity.. But it didn't go away.. It grew.." Those last two words made Phoenix's heart start to race. 'Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump.' Went his heart as he began to wonder if he had the same feelings for Miles.. But he wasn't sure about them.. "Phoenix..." Edgeworth paused, looking at the man with a slight blush on his cheeks, and a bit of an embarrassed/stern look on his face. He sure looked serious.. 'W-Wait.. He called me by my first name.. Ok, this WAS serious..!'

"I think Im in love with you." 'How could you assume something like that Miles!? Something s-so.. Blunt! It couldn't be love..! The great Miles Edgeworth.. In love with his enemy/best friend, Phoenix Wright.. That would just not work.. Every way you looked at it.. It just wouldn't..' With a deep sigh, he saw the look on Phoenix's face. His expression read off shocked, embarrassed, and utterly confused.. All the emotions he would expect to see from the man. Maybe that was one of the stupidest things he had ever done. But Phoenix returned the kiss.. Wouldn't that mean that he has the same feelings..? It's way to damn hard to tell with him.. The only way he really was going to find out, was if he asked, or Phoenix returned his love..

"I-I never imagined the great Miles Edgeworth t-to ever tell someone that he loved them.. I-It's just not you, Miles.." Well, in all honesty, it was true. Phoenix would have never expected, nor even heard those words from his lips. It was a real shocker, that's for sure.. But one thing he could say.. He was a pretty damn good kisser.. Well, he couldn't really say that, considering the man had only been kissed maybe twice..? Never the less, he was still the best. Phoenix just sat there, his shocked gaze turned into a soft and deep in thought one. He really had to think now.. How were his feelings for Edgeworth..? He could feel something, but he really wasn't sure.. Something deffinetly was there, he just didn't exactly know what it was. There was silence between the two as Phoenix thought to himself, really thinking hard about all of this. Miles just sat there, every now and then he would peak over at Phoenix, seeing if he was ready to talk or not.. Edgeworth could really understand why Phoenix was taking so long to respond, he would probably take as much time, maybe more. This was a real shocker. For the both of them.

Nodding to himself, Phoenix turned to Edgeworth, having a serious look on his face, causing to make Edgeworth look back at him with almost the same look. "Miles, I think I lo--" "HEY GUYS!!" Phoenix was cut off by the familiar lazy voice behind them, and as fast as they heard him, Phoenix and Edgeworth found an arm around their neck's, pulling them towards the man in the middle. "What do you want Larry?" Miles growled with a sigh and irritated expression on his face. "H-Hey Larry!" Phoenix said with a slight nervous chuckle. "Well, I was walking by, and i happened to notice you two. That was a pretty gay kiss!" And at hearing that last sentence, both men's bodys tensed up and their faces lit up, causing Larry to just laugh. "I-It was nothing more then an experiment between two men!!" Barked Miles as he looked at Larry who let them both go, snickering with his hands on his hips. "Suurre it was~. So, are you two going out now or something?" Once Larry had the guts to say that, Phoenix and Edgeworth got out of their seats and gave Larry a good punch to the top of the head, making the poor man in orange fall to his ass, rubbing his head. "SHUT IT LARRY!" Both men yelled as they looked down at him. "S-So violent you two are~!" Larry whined before he stood up, smirking to himself for a split second, knowing the two didn't see. There was only one way to find out if they were lovers or not.

"Well then, Miles~." Larry started. "If your not in love with Phoenix, then I'll just take him for myself!" With a wide smirk, he grabbed onto Phoenix, nuzzling his head with his cheek while looking at Edgeworth, hoping to get some kind of reaction out of him. "N-N-Now wait a m-minute Larry!!" Phoenix piped up, but was ignored by the two men who were seeming to be having a staring contest. "Larry.. Hand over Phoenix.." He paused for a second, pulling out an ultra rare Steel Samarui trading card, making Larry gasp loudly. "And I wont rip this up, or give it to you.." With a flash, he pushed Phoenix out of the way and took the card, looking at it with amazement. "A-Am I worth a stupid trading card!?" Phoenix barked, making Larry giggle and look at the two, pocketing the card. "It's not that Phoenix. I just wanted to see if you two were really in love! And it turns out, Miles loves you a lot for trading such a rare card that he had been wanting for so long, just to get you back from me." He was right, and it made him giggle, looking at the two men blushing furiously.

Looking at the watch on his wrist, Larry sighed softly. "Well, I better be on my way. I have an appointment to go to. See you two gay love birds some other time! See ya!" As quickly as he called them gay love birds, Larry was out of there and running down the street laughing, knowing he was going to get hit if he would have stayed. Sighing, Phoenix and Miles both took a seat, looking away from each other. Their hearts pounding in their chests, threatening to jump out. "T-The noodle man is taking his time I see.." Edgeworth said, looking in the corner of his eye, noticing Phoenix nod. "A-Ah... Shall we just go back to my place? I could cook up something, and I already have alcohol, so I guess we could just have lunch there..?" It was a suggestion, and Edgeworth rather liked the idea of having Phoenix over for lunch. "S-Sure, I guess we could do that.." Phoenix responded with a calm smile, making Edgeworth smile back.

Standing up, Phoenix followed Edgeworth to his car, getting into the passangers seat once the doors were unlocked. Stepping in, both men closed their doors and put on their seat belts. Starting the hot red commaro, Miles pulled away from the side walk, making his way back to his luxury apartment. Through the drive, they only made small conversation. It wasn't much, but they had a few good laughs, and a couple smiles. Pulling into the underground parking lot, Miles parked in his reserved space. Gotta love when you buy a damn parking space. Unbuckling his seat belt and getting out, Phoenix did the same, making sure to lock the door when he got out. Locking his side of the car, Edgeworth made his way with the other man to the door, leading them into the hall where they went over to the elevator. Pressing the button, the two men waited. There was that damn silence once again.. "You look good in red, Wright.." Miles said out of the blue, making Phoenix blush slightly. Just as Phoenix was going to complement how good he looked in the open shirt, the elevator arrived. Both stepping in and facing the metal doors, Miles pressed the 10th floor button. It was pretty high up for Miles, but he just never went out onto the balcony and looked down. Nothing was said in the elevator, or even in the hall once they made their way down to Edgeworth's apartment. Pulling out his keys once they were at the door, he unlocked his apartment and walked in, slipping his shoes off and putting them in the shoe rack that was by the small closet by the front door, watching Phoenix do the same once he stepped in. "Wow.." Was all Phoenix could say as he looked around. Tan soft carpet was under his feet once he stepped into the living room. A huge flat screen tv placed on the wall far to the right with a black leather couch not to far from it, a small coffee table in front of the couch, pictures of Japanese styled paintings hung on the deep red walls, and a fish tank filled with exotic fish close near the wide balcony. It was a bit plain, but it was still nice. The kitchen was to the left near the front door, it was kinda small, and only made for one person to be in there at a time, but never the less, it was still nice. And finally to the right, there was narrow hallway, probably leading to Edgeworth's bedroom, along with the bathroom, and maybe even an guest room?

"Like what you see, Wright?" Miles asked with a small chuckle, looking at Phoenix look around in slight amazement. "Yeah! You got a really nice place!" He complemented with a small smile, going over to the couch and taking a seat. "Im glad. Now, what would you like to eat?" Simple question, which could have been discused in the car, but whatever. "Umm.. How about some burgers?" It's not too classy, but doesn't take long! "Burgers..?" Edgeworth questioned before he shrugged and went into the kitchen. "Alright then." Who was he to argue? "If you want, in my room, I have my Xbox 360 hooked up to the tv, so you can play that while you wait?" Yeah, amazing. Edgeworth actually has video games! Oh my god! No, not really, but anyways. "Oh, alright." Responded Phoenix before he got up and went down the small hall to the right, seeing the bathroom was across what he guessed to be Edgeworth's room. "Oh! Do NOTgo into the room beside the room next to the bathroom!" Miles called out quickly, knowing Phoenix was going to check out the two rooms. It wouldn't be good to have the man go into that room..

"Oh, ok." Phoenix said before going into the room across the bathroom. The door was slightly open, so he just pushed it open. Taking a step in and a look around, there was a king sized bed horizontally placed against the wall on the right, a large dresser with another flat screen tv on top of it near the end of the bed, and a Xbox 360 next to the tv. The walls were still a deep red, but the carpet was a nice velvet black. The curtains on his window were a blood like red, and same was the sheets on his bed, not to mention the pillows. Phoenix knew Edgeworth liked red, but he didn't know he liked it that much. Clothes were all over the bed and the closet was opened wide, even some were on the nightstand he failed to notice by the bed. Oh, there is two of them, one on either side. One had a phone on it, along a picture of Miles, Larry and himself when they were younger and playing outside. His mother happened to take the picture randomly.

'He must have been in a big hurry when he was getting dressed.' Phoenix thought with a snort as he began to put his clothes away and back into the closet. It was the least he could do for making him lunch, and inviting him over. As he was still putting clothes away, he didn't notice Edgeworth walk in. "Wright.. What are you doing?" Miles asked, making Phoenix look at him with a smile. "Well, since your making me lunch and all, I thought I would help you out some way." Said Phoenix with a gentle smile. "Your just.. Too kind, Phoenix.." Miles said softly as he went over to him, wrapping his arms around his waist and placing a sweet kiss on the others lips, making Phoenix go red and return the kiss.

The kiss laster for a short while, but before Phoenix could pull back, Miles quickly pushed himself onto the other man a bit, making the kiss deeper and continue on, along side making poor Phoenix's face go an even darker shade of red. "N-Nhm?!" Phoenix slightly moaned out as he felt Edgeworth's thigh gently press against his private region, making him slightly aroused. He really wasn't sure what the other was planning, or even why he was this close to him. It was just a bit too strange, and rather close for his comfort. After all, they just admitted their feelings not too long ago, but does he really expect him to do anything sexual with him..?

The passion was rising in Miles once he forcibly deepened and prolonged the kiss, not really noticing the others discomfort. He wasn't sure why, but just the thought of the others body began to excite him in more ways then one. He had the burning desire to just take him and fuck him hard on the bed, but of course, Phoenix hadn't been with a man, neither himself, so they would have to take it slow at first. Thankful for the lube in his nightstand, despite he hadn't used it much. Taking Phoenix over to the bed, he tried to continue the kiss as he moved the other male backwards till they hit the bed, causing Phoenix to gasp and fall back onto the soft mattress.

"Mi-Miles..?" Phoenix said in a small voice as he watched Edgeworth place himself between his legs and look at him with a lustful and longing gaze. Was he really going to try it..?! Should he just get up and try to get away now..?! He wasn't sure how the other was with his sexual life, so he wasn't sure if he had actually had sex with a man or a woman before. It really wasn't his business back then, so he never bothered to ask. But despite himself, he was probably the only virgin in the house. Well, obviously, considering they were the only ones there.

"Just relax..." Was all Edgeworth said before his lips were gently planted on Phoenix's neck, kissing it ever so gently along his neck and jawline, causing the man below him to gasp and whimper. The sounds Phoenix was making was intoxicating, making him want to hear those sweet noises more. Using his hands to caress his sides gently, he felt Phoenix shiver in pleasure, knowing he was enjoying it almost as much as he was surprisingly. He really was sure he would try to push him off or at least try to protest more then he seemed to do so before. In a way, that wasn't protesting, it was more of a simple question? Hell, his mind couldn't think straight, his body was aching for sex, or some kind of pleasure. But the question is, would he go as far as raping Phoenix to feel that pleasure...?