Title: Three Minutes

Author: RHHP Freak

Disclaimer: I do not own M*A*S*H. If I did I wouldn't have time to write this!

A/N: Just something that leaped into my mind and wouldn't leave me alone. It's HM of course, because they belong together! The ending is a little sad, but please read and review.

Three minutes. It's actually a ridiculously small amount of time. 180 seconds or 1/20 of an hour. And yet those 180 seconds can change your life. It's a strange thing.

It took me three minutes to find out my father had died. It was horrible when the nurse told me. He had been struggling with cancer since before I left for Korea. And yet he didn't tell me. If only he had, maybe it wouldn't be a huge chock for me. But it was too late for any questions now.

It took me three minutes after I had returned home from the hospital 'till B.J. called He told me about a reunion and I agreed to come. I thought it would help me to keep my mind of my dad's death.

When the reunion were held, Margaret and I used three minutes repeating the goodbye kiss, although this time it was a 'hello, I'll never leave you again' kiss.

It took me three minutes to propose to her and for her to say yes. I'll never forget that evening, it was truly magical.

It took me three minutes to overcome the shock when she told me she was pregnant. I had never been happier and I hugged her for... well... ten minutes.

It took her three minutes to give birth to our daughter Daniella. It's very quick, but actually I wasn't surprised. Margaret had always been a strong woman, and I had a feeling she secretly had ordered our daughter to come out so soon. That thought still makes me laugh.

But this happiness could not last. It took me three minutes to find out why she was lying so still. That's another day I will never forget. There are no words that describe how... horrible it is to find out the love of your life, the mother of your children, had died.

3 is truly a magical number. It's often used in fairy tales which is partly why we see it as a magical number. But in my life, it really was. Margaret and I had three children, and we were married for 33 years. Those years were the most magical in my life.

Guess what? It only took me three minutes to think back to my life and the most important events in it, but it only took me three seconds to run into the arms of my wife.

The End