Hey there. This is a collection of prompt fics I've written for various communities on LJ. All drabbles/fics in this series will contain Ryoma/Rouge. There's going to be another Power Stone collection, but that one's mostly general fiction, covering the other characters, or maybe sometimes Ryoma or Rouge.
If anyone's really interested in more Ryoma/Rouge fanfiction, I've written a fan-novel about them, titled Across Lands. The half-posted, censored version can be found on my FFN profile, rated M. The original version is a NC-17 version, complete and posted entirely on my LJ. (Links to the LJ can be found on my profile.)
I do not own Power Stone or its characters. Capcom does.


What It Takes
(over_look, prompt: precious)


Ryoma never realised how precious Rouge was to him. Until the very moment she toppled over the cliff's edge, unconscious to the world.

A single thought flashed into his mind: she could die. His stomach froze over and mimicked her fall. The prospect propelled him into action with speed as he had not known before. His sandalled feet pushed forward, kicking up clouds of dust as he raced towards her descending figure, Falcon and Soaring Eagles clean forgotten.

Rouge was falling too fast. Ryoma stabbed his sword into the packed sandy ground and flew towards her. He would be faster without his treasured weapon. She was fifteen metres from certain death-

Ryoma was terrified.

His calf muscles screamed bloody murder, but he didn't care. With seconds remaining, he skidded beneath her, arms outstretched, gaze trained onto her body 'til she landed in his embrace with a heavy whump.

Relief seeped into his bones. He drew a ragged breath, the first gasp of air in some time. For a long moment, Ryoma didn't speak, merely watching her dirt-smudged face. Then he pulled her closer to himself. Rouge was warm. His heart pounded and he wasn't sure if it was just due to adrenaline.

Looking at her now, he felt compelled to lower his forehead to hers, to show her how much she meant to him, even though she wasn't awake.

Rouge's cheek was soft against his lips.


Not In Love
(over_look, prompt: reasons)


"Admit it, you've fallen head-over-heels for her, buddy," Falcon remarked as he watched his self-proclaimed rival pace in front of the teepee.

"I have not!" Ryoma growled and clenched his fists. Rouge was going to be all right. She had to be. She'd regained consciousness on the way back to the Soaring Eagles' stronghold and uttered something about Ayame. It was clear that she was struggling to be coherent, yet all she cared about was the safety of her friend. "How could you stay so calm? She's been through so much and-"

"You. Love. Her." The pilot punctuated each word with a loud pause. He shoved his hands in his pockets. "For goodness's sake, you kissed her, Ryoma!"

"I was- I was just checking to see that she was fine!" the samurai sputtered, a flush rising to his cheeks. That had to be it. He was just concerned about her fall, and he did not want to lose his treasured friend. Never mind the dust that still lingered on his lips. "There's nothing between Rouge and I. I've told you that a thousand times!"

"Says the man who left his precious sword behind to save her." Falcon rolled his eyes, glancing over to Galuda for support. The Soaring Eagle looked stoically back at him. Falcon sighed loudly and stepped over to Ryoma, clapping a hand on his back. "Tell you what- you can have her. She isn't much of a woman anyway."

"She what?" Ryoma spun around and glared at him. Rouge was so much more than that. "Get this straight, Falcon. Rouge is kind, Rouge is beautiful. Rouge tries her best to do what she needs to do and she doesn't shirk her destiny. She's patient, she's lovely, she- she's so much more than you can imagine-"

"So, why do you feel that way about her?" The blond was watching him with a smirk now. At Ryoma's stunned silence, he continued, slanting his gaze towards the canvas tent. "She likes you. Hell, I'm willing to bet that she'd kiss you if she had the chance."

Ryoma swallowed hard and turned away, the heat on his cheeks divulging what he refused to. There had been more than once they'd connected on a physical level. "We can't. I don't l-love her."

"So she has kissed you." Falcon waggled his eyebrows.

The samurai was saved from having to answer by Galuda's sister poking her head out of the tent. "Miss Rouge is awake now! You may talk to her."

"Rouge!" Ryoma sprinted the short distance to the tent, his pulse tripping at the thought of seeing her. "How is she? Is she okay?"

Behind him, Falcon slapped a palm to his forehead and rolled his eyes again.