Hey again. The sets from now on should be a little longer, as I've got collections of ficlets that are part of a series. This is one of them. (Some in the previous chapters were also part of a set, if you remember them.)

Anyway. This is a rather crack-y series of ficlets. XD There is actually one other part in this set that was intentionally left out due to its NC-17 rating. It's titled Introduction to Sin, and it's about Rouge getting Ryoma to practise for his new role. Ask nicely and I'll link it to you.
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Lights, Camera-
(over_look, prompt: entertainment)


"All right, guys! We've got to get all shots for the DVD covers done by today!" Mr Director shouts across the set, waving stacks of paper in the air. "Next up is the third cover- Rouge and Ryoma, get into your positions please!"

"What do you mean? Only Rouge and I are on the cover?" Ryoma chances a glance at the fortune teller. His face flushes crimson. "But it's not honourable for Rouge and I to be alone in the picture!"

Rouge throws a pout at him. "For goodness's sake, Ryoma! It's just a normal picture! It's not like we're acting in some... adult romance or anything like that."

Ryoma sputters. He is now probably a suitable replacement for the talking tomato in a fruit juice ad. Next to him, Falcon yells and points indignantly. "No fair! I wanna be with Rouge on the cover too!"

"No such luck, Edward." The director claps him on the shoulder, waving the photographer forward. "Ryoma! Get in position, man! We haven't got all day!"

"Fine, but just this once!" Ryoma harrumphs and joins the smirking woman on the white canvas. He really doesn't want to admit that she makes his heart pound.

"Woohoo! Go for it, girl!" Ayame puts her hands to her mouth and hollers. "You two look so cute together!"

Rouge blushes prettily and catches Ryoma's hand, waiting patiently as the photographer arranges them into a pose. After a minute or two, Ryoma squirms, glancing over at the woman he's standing back-to-back with. It's not like her hand feels especially nice or anything like that. "Do we have to pose this way?"

"Of course you do!" Mr Director grins and motions for the photographer to continue. "The fangirls are gonna lap you both up. Haven't you already noticed that you're quite the pair of star-crossed lovers in the show?"

Ryoma reddens. No one has to know that fiction and reality have begun to mingle. "We aren't-"

"Get your expressions right! On the count of three: One, two, three!"

The samurai shuts his mouth hurriedly as a blinding flash lights up the room. More bursts of light follow. The photographer shifts his angle and snaps at them a few more times. He sees stars and wishes that the man would stop.

"What a fetching blush you have, Ryoma!" Ayame cheers. "And Rouge is so sexy!"

"I demand that we take a different-" he interrupts, looking towards the director.

"No, no! That was just perfect!" Mr Director grins widely. "Have you forgotten that we're in the entertainment business?"

Ryoma glares at him. Rouge sidles up to his side. "How about us filming an adult romance next?" she murmurs. "I'd love to see you in less."

The sudden imagery has Ryoma almost dropping in a dead faint.

"That is a great idea, Rouge!" Mr Director cuts in. "I'm getting back to you both on that a.s.a.p.!"

The samurai buries his face in his hand and wonders when he's allowed to leave for home.



The Debate
(over_look, prompt: picky)


"I do hope that you'll both consider my offer, Rouge, Ryoma." Mr Director hands them a couple of heavy booklets across the coffee table. "These are the scripts for Across Lands: The Movie. I've given you a brief outline of it. Following the release of Power Stone, another major production with the two of you is sure to rake in quite the audience!"

"But it's-" Ryoma begins, staring dubiously at his printed blue script, "-wrong."

"-Adult," Rouge finishes for him. She slants a gaze at the samurai. Her full lips quirk and he tries not to stare at them for too long. "It won't be a big issue, Mr Director. Give me a few days to work on him."

"Work on me?" Ryoma parrots in a near-squeak. No, no. Rouge 'working' on him sounds far from dignified. The booklet feels like an anvil in his hand. He attempts to not flush when she lays her fingers over his. Mr Director must certainly not know about their blossoming attraction. "This isn't right, Rouge! I protest-"

"Oh, I'm sure you'll come to your senses in a few days." The director stands and flashes them a jolly grin. They get to their feet in response, albeit unwillingly on Ryoma's part. The man gives them each a firm handshake. "I'll contact you two again in three days. Is that fine with you?"

Ryoma notices that Mr Director is looking at Rouge instead of him.

"Sure! In fact, I think we'll have an answer before then." Rouge casts their potential employer a confident smile.

"Good. Very good. In that case, I'll be seeing you soon." The director tucks his papers in a leather-bound briefcase and makes his exit.

"Rouge! You can't just do that!" Ryoma turns to her and grips his script for emphasis. "This is just wrong! I'm not going to get naked on screen with you!"

"Oh, hush, Ryoma. Quit being so picky. It's not as if being a samurai feeds you." The fortune teller smirks at his sudden quiet. She leans back into the couch and flips through her printed copy of the manuscript. "Besides, this show sounds like fun."

"I have received enough from acting in Power Stone." He drops his booklet on the table and folds his arms.

"Not enough to keep you alive for long." She raises an eyebrow and rests against his arm. He swallows at her proximity. "Besides, I'm definitely taking up the offer. If you don't want to accept it, it just means that some other guy is going to be acting with me." She loops her arm around his and presses her breasts into his bicep.

Rouge, with another man? Doing... adult things? In the days to come, Ryoma will not recall if it was his mind or body which responded with jealousy. There is only one person whom he allows to act alongside her. He tears out of her hold and springs to his feet. "No! I'm doing it with you!"

"Doing what with me, Ryoma?" Rouge looks at him through her lashes in a way that makes his insides melt. What could he possibly do with her that-


"N-no! I didn't mean it like that!" The skin on his face scorches. He is definitely not thinking of them naked. "I just- I just-"

"Whatever you say, Ryoma." Rouge smirks. She flips through her script to find the juiciest bits. "As long as I see you in nothing."

He sputters and is speechless for a long while.



Full Colour
(10_prompts, prompt: colours)


The reception of the newly-released movie, Across Lands, is one characterised by a medley of colour. With the popularity boost from its two main characters having starred in the preceding action serial, Power Stone, crowds are flocking to the theatres for the adult romance film.

Ryoma, flushing scarlet, emerges reluctantly from an exclusive screening of the movie premiere to a flock of cooing fangirls. The guards restrain the surging mass, human barriers looking to be on the verge of collapse. He walks tautly past, still in disbelief of the fact that he has bared his body for the silver screen.

Rouge, the confident female lead, follows closely behind, cheeks pink with approval. Mr Director and his team of editors certainly know to accentuate her performance. Vivid memories of the scenes arouse her interest in Ryoma all over again. She can hardly wait till he joins her in her apartment once more.

Ayame, the only underage girl to have viewed the screening, blushes coral too. Mr Director has procured a ticket for her on the account of her acting in Power Stone. It is her virgin experience at a rated movie, and it couldn't have been better. The circus performer thinks she'll never be able to look at her co-stars the same way now.

Falcon, the hopeless rival for Rouge's interest, stews in green-tinged envy because he knows his assets will never be able to match Ryoma's. The prospect of being kicked out of the running turns him blue soon after. He convinces himself that personality matters too, and that he will try harder to win Rouge's favour.

Ganna, the motherly figure of Rouge's youth, reprimands her charge the very next day. Her face is puce and she knows it is due to anger and severe embarrassment. Oh, how the world is starting to fall apart. What happened to the conservative girls of old?

A week later, Akudo Kanema meets his ashen-faced pupil with an expression so dark it shames the night sky. Ryoma pleads with his master and kneels outside the dojo for hours, until the older man is satisfied that he has understood how humiliating his movie is for the samurai profession. He is still unable to look his master in the eye after that.

When he gets home, however, Ryoma regains his usual crimson tint, because Rouge has discovered yet another way to make herself so attractive he almost suffers a nosebleed. For the rest of the night, she proceeds to remind him that he is still very much a red-blooded male.