Today is the day that I am going to convince my Uncle Naro that I should date a boy of my choice. I slowly walk towards his study. "Uncle Naro." I say with nervousness and anxiety.

"Yes" His tone with aggravation. "We'll I was just going to ask you for permission to go out with this boy from school."

"WHAT! You think that just because you live in America, that you can disregard your religion and beliefs?" Startled at his tone, I begin to say "Uncle Nar..." But I was cut from My Younger Aunt, Soka walking through the door. "What's going on? I just put the boys to sleep and I hear all this racket." Soka says.

"Sundara here thinks that just because she lives in America, that she can date a boy of her choice and disregard all the religion rules and beliefs." My Uncle told her without hesitation.

"WHAT!" Soka screamed. She turned towards me and gave me a menacing look of anger. "Is that true?" she asks.

"In a way yes, but please her me out." Neither of them attempt to interrupt me so I continue.

"I think that I should be able to choose to date a boy of my choice because we all are new to America. There is not a lot of Khmer or Cambodian boys here to choose from. Since I go to school and socialize more, I think I would know more about the boys who live here in town. Not that you wouldn't know any of the boys in town, but you have work to deal with and it will be stressful. Besides, if I happen to choose an American boy to choose from they would know more about this country and tips and secrets of America. He could help this family out a lot and we might be better off. I know I am asking a lot right now, but can you please take my opinion in your decision as well?" After I finished my speech,

My Uncle Naro's face was in deep thought. After the long silence, my Uncle Naro manages to find words and says " Alright, go to bed. Your Younger Aunt and I will talk and decide. We'll let you know in the morning."

As I walk to bed I contemplate the chances of me getting my wish.