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He hears her scream from his office, and is half down the hall with gun drawn before he even realizes he's left his chair.

In the short time he'd lived and worked at the Sanctuary, Will had quickly learned that response time was key in dealing with dangerous situations involving Abnormals.

"If you think, you're dead," Ashley had quoted to him once after a thorough ass-kicking session which she had called "training."

And while he'd teased her about getting said quote from "Top Gun," which had then turned into a heated debate about eighties movies, never had he been more grateful for her persistence as he was then, making it to Magnus' office in record time and bursting through the door, ready for anything.

Anything, however, didn't include Magnus leaning against her desk and grinning like a fool as she held a small cosmetic mirror in one hand.

"Uh, Magnus?"

"They're finally here, Will! I thought I'd never see the day, but they're here!"

"What's here? And weren't you screaming just a second ago?"

"Yes, but- why do you have a gun?"

"Uh, usually when somebody screams like that around here that can only mean one thing."

"Well, put it away and come look!"

She's practically giddy, and he has no idea what to make of it. Deciding for now to play along, he turned on the safety and holstered the gun, slowly walking up to face her.

"Look! Right here! Do you see them?"

She points to her face, indicating the skin along the sides of her lips.

For a while he has no idea what he should be looking for, but then he sees them, two faint wrinkle lines around her mouth.

"That's why you screamed? Because you found wrinkles?"

"Of course! My face hasn't changed since the late nineteenth century, Will! I never thought I would see it change again with the exception of scars. We simply must celebrate! Come, there's a bottle of champagne with our names on it!"

Allowing himself to be dragged out of her office and halfway down the hallway before walking fast enough to keep up with her pace, he can't help but smile, shaking his head in disbelief.

"You're the only woman I know who would be excited over finding wrinkles. You really are something else, Magnus."

"You have no idea," she responds, still grinning as she looks over her shoulder at him, leaving him to wonder if she really just winked at him before she quickly turned back.

"We must get the others on our way, I haven't had such a reason to celebrate in a long time and wish to share it!"

He laughs outright at that, watching with more than a little amazement as she joins him. Not for the first time he was struck by just how remarkable she was, how lucky he was to share such a moment with her.

Damn, he loved his job.

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