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Shiv and Francis' Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

"Did he have to do this today? It's too fucking wet!" Francis mumbled as rain splashed into the hideout from the steps. The angsty meta-human slammed his fist against the wall. "The dumb fuck should know that one: I can't do anything wet and two: Sparky is more powerful around water. It's a damn conductor."

He kicked a pile of blankets and discovered Shiv still asleep under them. He let out a painful yelp as Francis jumped away.

"What the hell was that for?!" He whined as he rubbed his side.

"I didn't know you were there you son of a-"He stopped as a shadowy figure appeared in the doorway. "I know Statics' abilities are amplified in water, and the point was to do this without as little destruction as possible. That means that you're better off as a wet match." Ebon smirked as his words pierced Francis' ego.

Fire began to form in his palm as Ebon passed him. "Talon isn't going with us this time so it's only the three of us."

Both Shiv and Francis looked at Ebon confused. "Is something wrong with her?" Francis asked. Ebon turned to respond only to be cut off by a now smirking Shiv.

"Don't tell me she has….wait for it….here it comes……..Chicken Pox!" Francis rolled his eyes as Ebon pounded the jokester into the wall. "Ok it's not chicken pox," he giggled, "but it could be bird flu!" Shiv fell to the ground laughing, tears welling in his eyes. Again Ebon Advanced, grabbing him by the neck.

"Knock that shit off you moron. She said she couldn't fly in the weather." The trio looked up the steps the rain was blown every which way by gusts of wind. Dakota's summer had been fairly wet and chilly. High temperatures for July had only reaches 72 degrees. Francis took this as the opportune moment to point out the flaws in Ebon's plan. "If Talon can't fly and I can't ignite that leaves you and him." Both turned to watch Shiv who had began to entertain himself with a small rat and an abandoned cage. Ebon looked at Francis for a moment. "Your Point is?"

Francis laughed. "The two of you are useless against sparky and the nerd."

Ebon Waved off the insult and proceeded to command Francis and Shiv towards their mission.

Three Hours Later

Francis was right. With the rain soaking him entirely, he was useless. Ebon had been captured in less than fifteen minutes. That left him and Shiv as the mercy of Static, Gear, the bank security and the Dakota city PD." Talon was waiting in the stairwell of the hide out as Both Shiv and Francis returned, beaten bloody and exhausted.

"What the hell happened?" Talon began, "where is Ebon?"

Shiv looked up at her "Probably in lockup by now. He fell pretty easy today."

Talon took a good look at both of the boys. There was something else wrong. Both were paler than usual. She walked over to Shiv. Placing her hand on his forehead she grumbled. "Great Ebon gets caught and you two get sick. How the hell am I supposed to take care of that?" she reached for Francis' forehead but was pushed away.

"I'm fine Theresa just leave me alone." He swatted her away once again. He leaned up against the cold wall, wrapping himself in a tattered blanket.

'Here use this one. "Theresa began. "No use getting any sicker." She gave both of them of them a blanket. Shiv went to the pile of blankets dubbed his. "I don't get it, I'm never sick. Why did I get sick today?"

Francis looked up at him and smirked. "Maybe this is what you get for making all of those horrible jokes earlier."

"Go fuck yourself" mumbled Shiv as he began falling asleep. Theresa tapped him on the head. "Knock it off both of you." That was the last thing Francis heard before he too had fallen asleep.

Message from the Author: I know it's short but I promise the next chapter will be better. Anywho for those who think the chapters title is familiar, I did borrow the title of one of my favorite childrens books Alexander's Terrible Horrible No good very bad day I don't own that either. So I Await you reviews as I watch college kids play the new pokemon game.