***Disclaimer*** Almost everything in this story is based on the books written by Jerry B. Jenkins, Tim Lahaye. And except for the eventual characters from the books everything else is mine.


4000 B.C.

"Wow! Everything looks perfect the sun is nice and bright the earth is filled with wonderful life, and most perfect of all the human. I am really proud on how it turned out hopefully this world will do better than the last one." Said God, speaking to himself. He was pleased with what he had created it was perfect his human was doing great with his mate that God had just created for him with one of Adam's bones.

"Hey God, whats up?"

"Hey Lucifer I knew you would be coming to see me soon, Oh nothing much but admiring the wonderful world I just created, don't you just love the way I made the other planets in the solar system it has that beautiful look to it don't you think?" said God still admiring the new world he had created out of his huge crystal window. The hall was made of polished silver and the floor was made of pure gold. The drapes that hung down to the floor were a beautiful shade of maroon. The window overlooked a green hill with a small tree on top, and a valley with houses very similar to the palace but smaller in size. There were only a few of these mansions in fact there were only two, but many green yards were stacked out to look like a house would be built there soon. They were billions of these staked out properties.

"Oh yes it puts a nice touch to the east side of the milky way," agreed Lucifer.

"It does doesn't it."

"Oh, Um, Hey God can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Lucifer Whats up?"

"I was just wondering. . . Why did you make the humans with free choice? I mean now if they wanted to they could eat of that fruit right there in the middle of the garden of Eden."

"Yes they could but they won't because they love me to much to do that, besides they don't know what evil is but only the good I have planted in their hearts."

"I guess but it seems like a great temptation."

"Yes it is but this is why I gave them free choice now every time they think about trying the fruit but walk away it makes it all the more wonderful that they choose not to eat of the forbidden fruit like I asked of them. That is why I created them like that."

"I guess but what if they do eat it then that mean that they um you know S-I-N then you wont be able to be walk and talk with Adam and Eve in the garden like you do every night."

"Yes you are right but think about it this way would you rather be loved because they truly love you or because they have too. Do you see now? It feels better to have someone love you because they really do love you and then you know you can be a good friend and love them back because if they didn't really love you then you wouldn't be a very loving person. Can you see now why I choose to create humans with free choice?"

"Yeah I just don't know, I guess, well you know everything."

"Thank you Lucifer that is why I made you the brightest of all angels."

"I am so glad you love me thank you so much, well I need to go back to my job of supervising things down on earth I love the plans you made for the other side of the earth when Adam or his descendents discover it it will be magnificent."

"Yes, thank you, go on I need to get ready to see Adam and Eve."