It was early morning in Washington DC. The clock was maybe 5 am, when Tony, Kate and McGee got phone call from their boss Gibbs. They had to go to work, something about a murder and some kind of mission. They really didn't get it, because their boss was really pissed and cursing when he called. They all arrived in same time and met in parking lot.

'' Morning Tony and McGee, '' Kate said.

'' Hey Katie, '' Tony said and Kate punched him. Tony cursed himself a bit.

'' Morning Kate, '' McGee said.

'' Does anyone know what is this about ? '' Kate asked.

'' Nop, '' McGee and Tony replied.

They chatted a bit and then walked up to a elevator. Gibbs was waiting for them in bullpen.

'' What's up boss ? '' Tony asked.

Gibbs didn't say anything.

'' Gibbs ? '' Kate asked.

No answer.

'' Boss. What's wrong ? '' McGee asked.

'' I have 2 news for you, '' Gibbs said after a pause.

'' Yeah ? '' Tony asked.

'' First, director Morrow was offered a new job and so we have new director. Jenny Shepherd, '' Gibbs said.

'' Is she hot ? '' Tony asked.

'' DiNozzo ! Kate slap him for me, '' Gibbs said. Kate slapped Tony.

'' Ow. What was that for ? '' Tony asked.

'' I have rule nr 12 and also you don't ask questions like that about ms. Shepherd. Got it ? '' Gibbs said angrily.

'' So she is single ? '' Tony asked.

'' DiNozzo ! '' Gibbs yelled.

'' I'm just asking, '' Tony said.

'' You said you had two news. What is the other one ? '' Kate asked.

'' Director Shepherd has an undercover mission plan and if we succeed then Al Qaeda members in DC will be caught. But she will talk about it more, '' Gibbs said.

'' Thank you Jethro, '' Jenny said as she walked down the stairs. '' Agents McGee, DiNozzo and Todd. Thanks for coming in so early, '' she continued.

McGee, Tony and Kate all nod when new director said their name.

'' The mission will include all of you, but it is dangerous and if you wanna walk away, then do it right now, '' Jenny said.

Nobody moved.

'' Good. I was thinking that agents DiNozzo and Todd will go there as a couple, we have a house in their neighborhood. McGee, I heard from Jethro, that you are good with technical gadgets. Your mission will be watching them and having cameras everywhere, to get enough material for catching them. Abby will keep an eye on everything with McGee, all cameras and bugs. Jethro will of course guide you. He is in another building with McGee and Abby. I will be there too. You will see us all the time, we are always there, in your ears, phones and passengers on street, '' Jenny said.

'' You are always watched. And we are with you all the time, '' Gibbs said to Tony and Kate.

'' Yes. I believe you have met the leader of the group already. Ari Haswari, '' Jenny said.

Kate was tensed up, Tony's hand was in fist, Gibbs looked angry and McGee looked mad.

'' Well, I guess your reaction says that you want him dead too. Good. So, the mission is on ? '' Jenny asked.

'' Yes, '' Tony and McGee said.

'' If Ari is the leader, then we can't go. I can't go. He knows me, '' Kate said.

'' Ari is the leader, but he is in Israel and he won't return before our mission is done. He won't be there to hurt you again Kate, '' Gibbs said.

'' Okay. Then let's take that group down, '' Kate said.

'' Good, '' Jenny said.


A couple of hours later in NCIS.

Tony and McGee were down in Abby's lab preparing everything, Jenny was in MTAC, so only Gibbs and Kate were in bullpen. Kate was looking files at files Jenny gave her before and Gibbs fought with computer again.

'' Gibbs. Relax, this thing will work soon, '' Kate said.

'' I know Kate. I just need one file from there. And that's why I like paper files so much better. They are not working slow or not opening, '' Gibbs said.

'' We live in 21st century. And computer is here to make life easier. Beside so you can keep an eye on our mission, '' Kate said.

'' Kate are you sure about it ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' Why shouldn't I ? '' Kate asked.

'' Maybe because you have to be in love with Tony. He is the one who always flirts, I mean you don't have to resist it all the time. I can always change things and you have McGee with you and Tony in another house with Abby and me, '' Gibbs said.

'' I am fine Gibbs. Tony is maybe a bit flirty, but I am used with it, so it doesn't bother me at all, '' Kate said.

'' All right. But remember, you have a choice before it is too late, '' Gibbs said.

'' I keep that in mind, '' Kate said.


In Abby's lab.

Abby and McGee were working on their bugs and cameras and tracking devices, while Tony sat on couch and didn't understand what Abby and McGee were talking about.

A bit later Gibbs and Kate walked into the lab.

'' Tell me, how we keep an eye on these two? '' Gibbs asked.

'' Ear devices, cameras inside and outside the house mobiles have GPS, we have these tracking devices installed too and also binoculars, and glasses with cameras and earrings, maybe wedding rings... '' Abby said.

'' Wait ! We are married ? '' Kate asked.

'' No, Abby is over doing it. You are just living together, '' Gibbs said.

'' Good, '' Kate and Tony said.

'' Abs, go get your camera thing done in that house with McGee. And all this stuff, I prepare Tony and Kate in the mean time. Tomorrow will be the start, so... '' Gibbs said.

'' Got it boss, '' McGee said and took all gadgets he needed and left with Abby.

Gibbs stared at Tony and Kate in the mean time. He didn't say any words, just stared at them. It took him long, and maybe he wouldn't have stopped, but Jenny came to Abby's lab.

'' Abby called. Everything is set. She said she doesn't want to bother you Jethro, '' Jenny said.

'' But you still did it, '' Gibbs said.

'' Yes. I need to talk to Kate. Can I have her or do you want to... stare more ? '' Jenny asked.

'' Kate go with director, '' Gibbs said.

After Jenny and Kate left lab, Gibbs started talking.

'' I know what undercover mission is and all that comes with it and I also want you to be clear. Just because you and Kate have to play lovers, doesn't mean that you can actually touch her or kiss or flirt like she is uncomfortable. I have been undercover and I know that it could happen, so I warn you. As much as a glace at Kate and she doesn't like it and I will castrate you, '' Gibbs said.

'' Got it boss. I am Kate's friend and we will be friends after that mission too. It is okay Gibbs, '' Tony said.

'' You say it now. I have been undercover, I have made that mistake, so I warn you, '' Gibbs said.

'' Got it. Not looking, not touching, not anything, '' Tony said.

'' Good, '' Gibbs said. '' And don't screw up this mission too. I trust this for you, so please go and be successful and protect Kate, '' he added.

'' Of course. I'll do my best to get that bastard and bring Kate back safe, '' Tony said.

'' Good boy. Maybe Ducky isn't that wrong about you after all, '' Gibbs said.

'' What ? '' Tony asked.

'' Nothing. You do your mission and make me proud Tony, '' Gibbs said.

They both walked to elevator and took a ride up to bullpen. Jenny and Kate were talking there.

'' So, Kate, I believe you can do it with Tony there too, '' Jenny said.

'' I hope so too, '' Kate said.

'' We are done here too, '' Jenny said when she saw Gibbs and Tony walking up, '' Kate and Tony you have no time to talk about your story and then you are off. Tomorrow at 11 am be there, the furniture is already there. Abby and McGee will talk about all cameras then, '' Jenny said.

'' Be successful, '' Gibbs added and they walked away.

'' Ready to be my lover, Katie ? '' Tony asked.

'' No ! But I guess I have no choice, '' Kate said.

'' I guess so. And Gibbs already warned me, I am not allowed to look at you, flirt with you touch you or anything like that, '' Tony said.

'' Director warned me about you too. And said me the same thing. She also mentioned something about her undercover mission, '' Kate said.

'' Gibbs talked something about his too, '' Tony said.

'' Whatever. Let's grab some lunch and then home, '' Kate said.

'' Yeah, '' Tony agreed.

They grabbed their stuff and walked out of the bullpen.


Jenny and Gibbs were talking in her office.

'' Do you think they can do it ? '' Jenny asked.

'' I have faith in my agents, '' Gibbs said.

'' I don't doubt it. I meant the not falling in love part more, '' Jenny said.

'' I talked with DiNozzo and he won't do anything, '' Gibbs said.

'' He is a lot like you and you were told to keep your hands off me, '' Jenny said.

'' Are you complaining ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' No, I am just saying, '' Jenny said.

'' Kate is too smart for it and that's why we have cameras all over the house, '' Gibbs said.

'' If you say so. But I am having doubts about their feelings. Kate is attractive and so it Tony, they spend a lot of time together. Our boss thought that I was too smart too and you he talked with you too about it, '' Jenny said.

'' Stop worrying Jenny. It will be alright, '' Gibbs said.

'' I hope so, '' Jenny said.

Gibbs looked at Jenny and she looked him. It was years ago, but feelings were still there, in their eyes. Gibbs stood up and walked closer to her. She watched him and stood up too. There was only couple of inches between them.

'' I missed you Jenny, '' Gibbs said in whisper.

'' I missed you to Jethro, '' Jenny responded.

He pulled her close to him, so he was able to kiss her and hold her. When their lips met all feelings inside rushed out to show each other everything.

'' It has been too long, '' Gibbs said when the broke apart for a second. And then continued kissing. Tomorrow will be new day and they both knew that everything might be gone in days. They are NCIS agents after all.