It was few days from their return. Jenny had given Tony and Kate 3 days off and it means that they had to go to work today. They had spent the whole time in Tony's apartment, except when she went to her apartment to get her stuff. The rest time they had spent trying to figure out what was happening and how they were going to work.

They arrived late. Tony still had one hand in plastic and the other was holding Kate's. The elevator stopped on their floor and they walked out of it and Tony let her hand go.

'' Tony, Kate, I missed you, '' Abby came running towards them.

She pulled them both into a tight hug, but Tony winced.

'' Oh, I'm sorry Tony, I just missed you so much, '' she said.

'' We missed you too, '' Kate assured her.

'' Hey McGoo, what did I miss in the mean time ? '' Tony turned to McGee.

'' Nothing interesting. Some dead marines and officer David are still here, so nothing really interesting. Though you missed agent Lee, she is in FBI's custody. Fornell is leading the case, we can't be investigating one of our agents, '' McGee said.

Tony looked and saw Ziva sitting behind Kate's desk.

'' Nice to meet you. I'm Tony, '' he introduced himself.

'' Same here. I'm Ziva, '' she said.

They shook hands.

'' I'm Kate, '' Kate introduced herself.

Ziva shook her hand too and then they saw Gibbs walking up.

'' You're late, '' he said to Tony and Kate.

'' Sorry boss. My car was out of gas and we had to take the bus, '' Tony explained.

'' Director's office right now, '' Gibbs said as he walked by them and up the stairs, Tony and Kate just behind him. They arrived in Jenny's office and Gibbs marched in as usual.

'' Special agents Gibbs, Todd and DiNozzo. I just talked with the director of FBI and they seem to have found enough proof to put agent Lee away, '' Jenny announced.

'' Good, '' Tony said.

'' Are the bodies found ? '' Kate asked.

They all sat down around the table.

'' Yes. I talked with my contact in Paris and he promised to see if he can make it seem like they killed each other and also the connect the previous deaths to that, '' Jenny said.

'' That's great, '' Tony said.

'' Actually not. Now we can't run undercover ops in France for awhile like that. We have to wait until they calm down a little, '' Jenny said.

'' So you can send another agents there in 5 years ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' Something like that, '' Jenny said.

'' Please no-one from my team anymore, '' Gibbs said.

'' We'll see. But now we have a personal issue. I can't just send Ziva back She has a contract here and I can't send one of you away either from team Gibbs, '' Jenny said looking at Tony and Kate.

'' You can just make my team bigger, '' Gibbs said.

'' That is a possibility, but then other team leaders want to have bigger teams too and I don't have enough agents, '' Jenny said.

'' That's not good, '' Tony said.

'' No, agent DiNozzo. You are still recovering from your injury at this moment. Let Ducky look it later. I thought about making Ziva your team's unofficial member, '' Jenny said.

'' How ? '' Gibbs asked.

'' She'll be your intern. She'll be getting her training by shadowing your team officially, not officially she'll be member of team Gibbs like McGee, '' Jenny said.

'' Sounds fine. How about you two ? '' Gibbs asked and turned to Tony and Kate.

They both nod.

'' Great. Now I'll finish cleaning up Paris work, Gibbs you'll be taking over my other duties like sending people mails and just a little help. DiNozzo is going to take over team Gibbs for this investigation until Gibbs will be back and Todd will keep an eye on DiNozzo, '' Jenny said firmly.

'' Thank you ma'am, '' Tony said.

'' Go, '' Gibbs said to them.

Tony and Kate left the office and before the door was closed, she reached for his hand. They walked back to the bullpen to see McGee and Ziva chatting and working. Abby was sitting on McGee's desk.

'' What do we have ? '' Tony asked as he walked up.

'' Where is Gibbs ? '' McGee asked.

'' Upstairs, helping director. I'll be taking over the team for this case, '' Tony explained.

'' Is director gone crazy ? '' McGee asked.

'' No, she is fine. Now, what do we have ? '' Tony repeated. He was firm and tough and not the playful immature DiNozzo.

'' Ducky is doing an autopsy. That's all we have so far, '' Ziva said.

'' McGee – bank statements and credit card uses, David check in with people our dead marine knew and ask what they think about it. Abby, I think you have some work to do in your lab. Very special agent Todd will keep an eye on you, while I'll be gone, '' Tony said and walked to the elevator.

'' He sounds like boss, '' McGee said.

'' Maybe because he is your boss, '' Kate said and sat down on Tony's desk.

Abby went to her lab after a quick kiss with McGee.

Tony walked into the autopsy. Ducky noticed him coming.

'' Hello Anthony. You want me to check your shoulder I assume, '' Ducky said.

'' Maybe later. I came for the autopsy you are currently performing, '' Tony said.

'' Where is Gibbs ? '' Ducky asked.

'' With the director. Helping to clean up our mess in Paris. I am taking over the case. So what do you got ? '' Tony asked.

'' T.o.d. is around 8 pm yesterday, he was stabbed, but the death was caused by shot in the head. I sent the bullet up to Abby with some samples, '' Ducky said.

'' Thanks Duck, '' Tony said and left.

'' What about your hand ? I'm sure you want to get this cast off you, '' Ducky said.

Tony walked back and sat on the table, while Ducky checked his shoulder. Came out he was fine and the Ducky took off the cast.

Later that night Tony was working behind Gibbs's table, while Kate took his and Ziva was still using Kate's. Kate had gone to the lab with Abby, while McGee checked a lead somewhere. Ziva was working behind her desk.

'' Tony, would you like to grab dinner ? I'm starving, '' Ziva asked.

'' Actually I went to eat with Kate before, but you can go if you want to, '' Tony said without looking up.

'' What's the deal between you and Kate ? '' Ziva asked.

'' No deal is made between us, '' Tony said. He wasn't lying, they hadn't made a deal. He even wasn't sure what she was to him, they hadn't talked about it.

'' Are you two dating ? '' Ziva asked.

'' Why ? '' Tony asked.

'' Then I know if it suitable to ask you out ? '' Ziva asked.

'' I don't think so, '' Tony said.

'' Why not ? If you two are just having sex, then it's not a relationship, '' Ziva said.

'' I still think it's not a good idea, '' Tony said.

'' Why ? '' Ziva asked.

'' Because he is already taken, '' Kate said as she walked up to Tony and gave him a quick kiss.

'' You should find yourself another decent man, because this one is off the marked officer David, '' Kate said as she sat on the table in front of Tony.

'' Got your point. Sorry about that, '' Ziva apologized.

'' Yeah. It's okay. You didn't know. Now you do, '' Kate said.

'' Maybe we should send Ziva undercover with a hot agent ? '' Tony teased.

'' Yeah, it's a good idea. Too bad we can't use Paris, '' Kate said.

'' Oh no. I don't need to go undercover, I've been there too many times. I can find myself a decent guy on my own, '' Ziva said.

'' Your loss. You wanna go home, Kate ? '' Tony asked.

'' Sure. Ziva go home too, it's late, '' Kate said and turned to Ziva.

'' I'll finish this e-mail and then I'll be gone, '' Ziva said.

Tony and Kate stood up. Tony put his hand over Kate's shoulders as they walked to the elevator. The door opened and they found Gibbs and Jenny inside.

'' Going home ? '' Jenny asked them.

'' Yep, you ? '' Tony replied.

'' Mhmm. It's late. We got your Paris mess cleared and it's what I had to do today, '' Jenny said.

'' How was Tony as team leader ? '' Gibbs asked Kate.

'' He did good, '' Kate said looking at Tony.

The elevator stopped. Gibbs had his hand holding Jenny's and Tony's around Kate. They bumped into Ducky, who was also leaving.

'' How on the Earth did you two happen ? '' he asked Tony and Kate.

'' You know Ducky. I think it's going undercover, '' Kate said.

'' Maybe I should try that too, '' Ducky said and all five of them

'' Yes, director. Anyone going undercover soonish ? '' Gibbs teased.

'' We all could use a good undercover case, '' Tony added.

'' You, with agent DiNozzo playing a gay couple if you don't shut up, '' Jenny said and the laughter took over, except Tony and Gibbs, who sent evil glares to Jenny.

Five people, 2 couples, one friend. They all had in common that they have worked undercover in France, Paris too. Four of them had fell love during their missions in different times. Their relationships have been on rocks and seemingly very different, but still they have one thing in common – it all started with a simple undercover mission, that went wrong in every possibly way and ended with a tragedy. But it started simply – they were just going undercover...


This is it. Thank you all, who have read this, reviewed and stayed with me during the story. This is finally the end. I am done with the story, but your review is really appreciated. You know it was really good to write the story and I never thought it would be so long, but here I am at the end. Actually the story was finished at the end of december, but I got online only today, and the end is posted now. But thanks once again and read my other stories, though I am not such a Tate writer anymore, I am more into Jibbs ( Jenny/Gibbs ) now. But those are good and I mention Kate, sometimes with Tony. Okay, I feel like I am rambling.. And just one last thing - Happy new year !