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00. Sebastian Michaelis


She was seeing nothing else around her. Her mind was clouded with very vague memories, the recent events were far apart, in a thin bubble that was just waiting to burst. What had happened? She knew, but could hardly remember. She felt extremely light, without energy.

Where am I?

She was thinking.

The sun has already risen.

A voice. Whose?

Feeling better, miss?

Who? Who was talking to her? It was a so... warm voice..


Slowly opening her eyes, she realized she was resting comfortably in her bed and the darkness she was floating in, was nothing but her mind without dreams. The sunlight hit her face forcing her to cover her still sleepy eyes, from the violent rays. Her head ached terribly, she felt tense muscles, her throat was burning.

"Good morning."

She winced when she heard that sensual voice again. Slowly accustomed to the daylight, she was able to focus on a figure in black that was staring at her from the side of the bed. Looking better at his face, she tried to study every detail of his.

His black hair were falling softly on his thin and linear face, his lips were curved in an almost disquieting smile and his eyes were glowing red as blood. She felt an intense shiver down to her spine, she didn't know whether to fear or to the unexpected attraction she felt for that charming man, dressed in black like a perfect butler.

Since when sha had a butler? Maybe she was still asleep and started to dream.

"Good.. morning..?"

She replied insicure, looking quickly around.

"Are you feeling better?"

She remained silent for a moment contemplating herself. Better? She felt like a real rug.

"My head is exploding."

She said rubbing her forehead. What the hell happened? The events of the previous night were slowly beginning to take shape in her memory.

"You suffered severe stress. With a day of absolute rest, you certainly will be back in shape."

There were some things that didin't fit. Who was that butler? Why she was feeling as if she had punched on a wrestling ring? What was that awful feeling of nausea that she felt all of a sudden?

"I.. don't.."

"You don't remember, do you?"

What was there to remember?

"Understandable, you were quite shocked last night. However, you can be quiet now, I'm here. "


She frowned trying to remember. What did happen that night? She remember to have hanged out with a couple of friends to the usual pub.. and then?

She took a drink.. she had felt unwell.. she went out for a breath of fresh air.. what else?
She had lost consciousness and when she woke up ...

She opened wide her eyes and started to tremble like a leaf in memory of those men with indefinite faces that had tied her wrists and tried to violate her hald naked body. She had been kept under eyes in that pub, they must have slipped something into her glass. After losing consciousness, they took her somewhere in their housing. She remember to have shouted with all her might, hoping that someone could intervene and save her, she had taken as many kicks as possible and managed to free herself from the rope tied tightly around her hands . She had a fight for real, or at least she had tried.
And after that? What happened next?

"I never imagined it would be a young girl like you to call me. Usually are the worst men on earth to call the devil .. those blinded by lust for power and greed. Those who have nothing to lose and find themselves in debt up to their neck. "


Sure, Now she remembered everything.

The men who kidnapped her certantly belonged to some satanic cult. She remembered several books, it was too dark so she couldn't read the titles clearly, but all those books had something related to the occult world. Only God knew what those people were going to do do to her, that was something that she didn't dare to imagine in any way. Recently, disturbing news were circulating on papers. A group of unknown men took delight in cleverly kidnap girls aged between 18 and 25 and each of them was found dead in the worst conditions possible. The police was giving desperately to be done to find that sect, but unfortunately it wasn't able to take the right way.

These men were the wanted ones and she was chosen as the new sacrificial victim.

She remembered a symbol drawn on the wooden floor, a sort of circle with a stylized star inside. her mind was rather veiled, what happened next was anything but defined .. she only knew that, cultured from despair, she praid, asking for someone to help her.

She let go, drawing his attention.

She had raised the devil.

"So you are..."

She couldn't stop shaking. The man in black smiled more and nodded with a polite bow.

"I'm just one hell of a butler at your service , miss."

She must be mad.

"At my service?"

"You already forgot?"

She watched his left hand raising to his lips. His teeth grabbed the tip of the white glove before removing it completely. The first thing that catches her eyes, were his nails painted with black, then, a moment later, she observed that circular symbol tattooed on the back of his hand.
The same symbol drawn on that wooden floor.

"Last night we signed a contract. You evoked my presence and asked for my help. You have agreed to sell your soul to me in exchange for my protection, You didn't hesitate neither for a second. The symbol on my hand .. and on your chest, it the evident proof ."

His voice was incredibly warm and sweet, almost like music to her ears. However, his words were anything but reassuring. She immediately unbuttoned her shirt and discovered carefully her pounding chest, she instantly noticed the same dark purple symbol tattooed above her white skin.

Right. Recently she had received nothing but disappointment. She felt so alone and misunderstood and in those Satanists rapists' hands, she was certain that she would not ever come out alive. The fear of dying was so awful that she had invoked the devil, without knowing how, in order to save her life. But she had nothing to lose right now.

It was too late, the contract was signed. Her soul did not belong to her anymore.

Oh well.

She thought. After all nothing changed, she still hadn't much to lose.


"I'll stay by your side until the end. The contract we made speaks clearly: until your soul won't belong to me forever, I'll have to stay by your side, protecting you from danger, making sure that your life will remain unharmed. I will be your personal butler, ask me anything and it will be given , my Lady."

The demon knelt on the carpet, placing his right hand over his heart, if he had never owned one. She was not sure.

He bowed his head and closed his ruby eyes, his satisfied and.. almost malignant smile still present on his lips was something really scary.

Yet he was beautiful. She'd never have imagined a demon could have those magnificent features.

"I see."

She replied without added nothing more. The butler stood up before sitting elegantly on the mattress beside her. She felt her heart beating wildly, his presence so close to her was sending her off her head.

"I'm really honored to make your acquaintance. So may I know my mistress' sweet name? "

She hesitated. For just a moment she found it difficult to remember even her name.

"I am.. Gwen. Gwen.. Lewis."

She was conversing with a devil, if someone had been told her something like that, she would never have believed it. Yet it was all real. That night she had called him, they had made the contract and then...
And then?

Oh sure. She asked him to save her, to deal with those evil beings that had deprived her of almost all the clothing. She remembered a terrible smell of blood, his warm voice that was becoming incredibly distant, his eyes glowing in a ruby color. She must have lost her consciousness again and then be transported to her bed.

"What a wonderful name."

His eyes brightened and his long fingers intertwined with the strands of her hair. She felt flushed.

"B-but tell me."

She whispered.

"Do you have a name..?"

The butler smiled.

"I can have every name you wish, my Lady."

So it was up to her to decide a name for him? She felt almost as if she were dealing with a new pet. As if her cat and dog were not enough.

"So you need a name uh..."

She'd never been particularly adept in inventing names and damn, he was a demon! She leaned her back against the pillows and left her hurting head hanging a little, She must swallow a pill as soon as possible or her temples would have burst out.

With her blank look lost somewhere, she started thinking. How could ever call her damned butler? She thought for a while, then decided.

"How about... Sebastian..?"


"Sebastian.. Michaelis. Is it ok?"

Yes, it sounded good and it really suited him.

"From now on I'll be Sebastin Michaelis. To your orders, my Lady."

He sweetly grabbed her hand and gently placed a quick kiss on her delicate skin.