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Introducing: Anything But Simple

Chapter one: Helping a family member

It was another day at the Horitsuba academy. It was early spring as students were walking down the hallways to their destination; whether it be the cafeteria, outside or any empty classrooms,

Recently, the school got a new teacher on board. He was introduced as a new cooking teacher for home economics. How this person was introduced was one for the books. As a game, Yuuko, the chairman/principal of the academy made Kurogane Suwa, a gym teacher and Fai D. Fluorite, a chemistry teacher participate in. With the help of some of the students, Kurogane managed to win the game. As it turned out, the surprise was Fai's younger twin who came from Europe to teach here.

Brought and accepted, he began his new beginning at the school.

His name is Yuui and this is his life at the Horitsuba Academy.

Yuui, the cooking teacher, was finishing his latest dessert; a strawberry shortcake. It was lunch hour and his morning class just ended. Wanting to bake something, Yuui thought of the cake right off the bat. He always liked the simple things in cooking; makes him feel relaxed in some ways. As he was icing the last part of the cake, he can hear the window silently open with soft chuckles occupying it.

Sighing, Yuui stop what he was doing and stood up. "I never thought that my own brother would travel by window; makes me wonder of his mental state." He smiled as he looked over at the window. "Good afternoon, brother."

Over at the window, there was Fai; Yuui's older twin brother. He's one of those people who are very eccentric for an adult. However as stated by Kurogane, he can a bit immature sometimes.

Makes you wonder who the older twin in that situation is.

"Hyuu~! You caught me, Yuui~!" Fai then jumped over the window and landed inside the cooking room. "I just wanted to see what my brother is doing at the academy~!"

Yuui smiled fondly at his brother. "Well, I appreciate your concern for me." He then continued where he left off. "I getting used to the everyday things that happens in this school and I feel very welcomed by the students and the staff." He then took a step back and viewed his work. "There; finally done."

Fai clapped at Yuui's accomplishment. "Yay~! Yuui's the best cook around~!"

The younger twin blushed at the compliment. "Come now brother, I know you make good desserts too."

"But not as good as you~!" Fai argued playfully. "Now if only I can convince him to try this." Suddenly, Fai frowned as his cheerful demeanor faded a bit. "Heh. That would be nice."

Yuui frowned but didn't say anything. Then he got an idea. "Say brother, would you like to stay for a bit and have some cake with me?"

Fai's cheerful self came back a bit as he smiled gleefully at his brother. "Hyuu~! I would like to have cake with you~! Can I make some tea for you as a thank you~?"

"You don't have to thank me for the cake but yes that would be nice." Yuui said as he went to one of the cabinets to get a couple of plates and utensils.

Fai mock saluted him. "Yes sir!" And proceeded to get the tea pot. "Oh by the way; how did Watanuki do today?"

As Yuui turned around, he had a smirk on his face. "It would seem that I have a prized student. I do hope he grows up to be a chef someday; the young man has potential." He nodded to himself to amuse Fai.

Fai giggled. "I thought he was better suited to be a house wife (1)~!"

"….housewife?" He didn't got used to Fai's jokes as of yet.

As the tea and cake had been served, Yuui thought that now would be the time to talk to Fai. "So brother I was wondering," He took his cup and took a sip. "Is there anything that has been bothering you lately?"

Fai stopped chewing as he blinked at Yuui before swallowing. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that when you said him just a few moments ago, you seemed less of your cheerful self." When Fai didn't answer, Yuui looked at him with concern. "You know you can tell me anything. I'm sure that I can help you no matter what the problem entails. I bet it's better than keeping it inside, right?"

Fai sighed as he smiled sadly. "Yes, you're right."

"So what's the problem?" Yuui then took another piece of cake and started to put it in his mouth…..

"Well, it's about Kuro-rin-sensei~!" Fai cheered out gleefully.

And Yuui then almost chocked on the cake. 'Oh boy, didn't see that coming.' He then swallowed and sighed. "Okay, brother; what did you do this time?" He assumed that Fai was the culprit whenever Kurogane was involved. When he first started teaching at the school, it didn't take a genius to see that the two were together.

That and he got a big fat clue one time at a festival when Fai was wearing a kimono and proceeded to kiss Kurogane…with tongue. No one knew whose face get redder first. Yuui didn't mind about them…as long as they keep their….intimate moments until after-hours.

Fai chuckled as Yuui's question. "Silly Yuui, why would you think that~?" When Yuui raised an eyebrow, Fai coughed a couple of times. "I guess that statement spoke for itself huh?"

Yuui rolled his eyes. "Yes, it did. But did you had anything to with this problem?"

As those words left Yuui's lips, Fai frowned deeply. "Well, for once it's not me that caused this problem but…..Kuro-tan-sensei did."

"Kurogane-sensei? Really?" Yuui was in disbelief. How could Kurogane of all people be the cause of Fai's dilemma; usually it's the complete opposite.

Fai nodded. "Yeah." He then looked at Yuui with sad eyes. "I just don't know what to do anymore. I have done what I can and it still didn't work."

"Whoa there, brother." Yuui calmly interrupted Fai. "How about we start from the beginning?"

Nodding, Fai took a deep breath. "Well it started just a while ago….."


Fai was swaying back and forth on a chair in Kurogane's office. He was bored and wanted to see his favorite teacher (despite being a teacher himself) to keep himself occupied.

Kurogane was anything but bored. He was filling out a massive amount of paperwork left by the chairman, Yuuko Ichihara. Oh how he loathe the woman. It didn't help matters as the annoying blonde teacher was moving and swaying a few feet from him. He didn't want him here but there was nothing he can do.

If the chairman got wind of it, it would mean more paperwork. Oh what Joy.

Fai sighed for the hundredth time; making Kurogane's eyebrow twitch. "Kuro-chan-sensei; I'm bored~!"

"You know damn well that's not my name." Kurogane growled out. "And if you're that freaking bored, why don't you waste your time somewhere else?"

"But I want to spend time with you, Kuro-muu-sensei~!" Fai playfully argued. "You're always on a desk doing paperwork! That's too dull for a gym teacher~!" He then stood up and twirled around the room. "A gym teacher should be outside playing with the students; having fun~!"

"Heh! 'Like you do your own work. You're having too much fun when you should be concentrating on educating the brats. How about teaching them something for once?" It may have sounded a bit harsh but Kurogane was at wit's end. He sighed as he placed the pen down and rubbed his forehead. "God I can't take this."

Fai at that point as worried about the gym teacher. He walked towards Kurogane's desk and placed a hand on the man's forehead. "Kuro-sama-sensei; are you okay?"

Kurogane brushed the hand off. "Of course I am." He then started working on the papers again. "Look I have a lot of crap to deal with and I'm in no mood to play games with you."

At those words, Fai started to frown. "But that's what you said every night too. You never even go to bed with me anymore. You're doing paperwork there too and I'm always alone." He nudged Kurogane annoyingly as he tried to get the man off of his work; making the person in question angrier and angrier by the second. "Kuro-puu-sensei, just hear me out; can't you please just stop working for a sec and spend some time with me?"

It was the last straw. Kurogane suddenly slammed his hand on the desk and glared up at the blonde. "NO I FUCKING CAN'T! I HAVE THIS CRAP TO FINISH AND I'M NOT EVEN HALF-WAY THERE AND YOU FUCKING COMPLAINING EVERY DAMN SECOND IS NOT HELPING ME! SO NO I CAN'T SPEND TIME WITH YOU BECAUSE AS YOU CAN FUCKING SEE; I'M BUSY!" Kurogane then slowly started to calm down from his rant. He sighed before looking up at Fai. What he saw shocked him.

Fai was just standing there; looking afraid of him. His whole body was trembling as tears started to form. He then clasped his hands together as he took a few steps back.

"Oh crap…" Kurogane muttered out. "Look, I didn't mean—"

The sound of bell interrupted Kurogane's apology.

Taking advantage of the bell, Fai then plastered on a fake smile. "Well that must be the bell~!" He then started walking out the room. "I'll see you soon Kuro-sama-sensei~!" He didn't wait for Kurogane's reply as he got out and shut the door behind him. Once out of the gym teacher's sight, Fai started to rub his eyes; trying to wipe the tears away.

[Back to the present]

"…And that's what happened." As Fai told Yuui the incident, his voice got quieter and quieter so when he finished he was almost inaudible to hear.

Yuui listened intently on the situation he just heard. He then placed a hand on Fai's shoulder, as a sign of comfort. "I see. Did you see Kurogane-sensei as some point after that?"

Fai shook his head. "No; not really. Lately I'm avoiding eye-contact and I think he's not looking at me either. At home, he's sleep on the couch or doing his paperwork and I would in bed alone. I don't think I can take it anymore." He rubbed his eyes as he felt tears starting to form. "I guess I'm not that important enough for him anymore; it's all paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. I don't even know why I'm trying. I just…"

Yuui rubbed Fai's shoulder with a small smile. "Hey brother, I think I know the answer to your problem."

The chemistry teacher lit up slight at those words. "Really?"

"Yes really." Yuui then crossed his arms; looking at Fai sternly. "But I need to ask one question; did anything else happen between you two such as other problems with him or something?"

"Well no." Fai seemed a bit surprised when he answered that. "But Kuro-love-sensei just doesn't seem to love me as before."

"Well brother, I think the reason for his unusual anger and avoiding being with you is just that he's busy. That's all." Yuui smiled as Fai's expression went from slight confusion to disbelief. "I mean that it is the new semester after all. More kids are enrolling, there are schedule changes for some and I think Yuuko-sensei is giving him a hard time too." He then placed his hand on his chin. "With those things and other things to worry about I have the impression that he's stress out and just wanted to get it done and done quickly."

Fai nodded as he slowly understood. "If that's true why did he scream at me and avoiding me?"

"Well as to why he was screaming is was because you didn't give him the support he needed. I think what you should is instead of complaining about him being busy, how about you try to lessen the workload for him like helping him with certain stuff. Besides; weren't you the one who was avoiding him in the first place? Maybe he thought that you were still scared of him and was trying to give you some time by yourself." Yuui looked at Fai who had a small smile on his face.

"So….Kuro-sensei doesn't hate me?" Fai shyly said although his smile got a bit wider.

"Of course not; if anything he loves you now more than ever. You just have to learn how to compromise with him. Now I know that I don't know a bit about being in love (much less know what is like to fall in love with a man) but I know that you two can overcome obstacles and still be together. Like I said, you have to learn how to compromise because that's life; making compromises. You may not like it but it's better than doing nothing right?"

Yuui stood up and gave Fai a hug. "That way he can get his stuff done and you two can spend time together like before." He smiled as Fai tightly hugged back.

"You're right! I should help Kuro-sensei as much as I can!" Fai then let go of his twin with a huge smile. "Thanks Yuui~! You're the best brother I ever had~!"

Yuui chuckled. "Fai, I'm the only brother you ever had."

Laughing, Fai stuck out his tongue out in a playful manner. "That's not the point~!"

Before Yuui can even argue about it, the bell rang; signaling the start of afternoon classes. Sighing, Yuui smirked. "Well I think a certain chemistry teacher needs to be his room before the students get worried."

Fai crossed his arms with a smile. "It was just one time; I didn't even know that students can be so worried about their own teacher~!" He pouted.

"Anyway if you're going to leave then please use the door; I don't want people thinking you're a robber or something." Yuui joked.

"If I would were to use the window, would a certain someone rat me out about it~?" Fai gleefully asked.

Smirking, Yuui looked away. "Well gee, I might have to say something to a certain gym teacher about the basis of window travel—" But he was cut off as Fai glomped him forcefully.

"NO~! Don't tell Kuro-kuro-sensei~!" Even though Fai was joking; he didn't want Kurogane to know about the window jumping anyway…or else he'll find another fun (weird) way to travel from room to room.

Ripping Fai off of him, Yuui grinned. "Fine, I won't tell but just use the door for now. I'll clean up here before my next class."

"Okay then." Fai ruffled Yuui's hair before going to the door and opening the door. "See you later~!" He waved as he left the room.

"See you." Yuui waved back. As Fai left the room, he looked at the counter and frowned. "Now what do with the rest of the cake?" Maybe he should've let Fai take some.

Goodness knows Fai loves sweet things…..so how he got with Kurogane was beyond him.

[Slight time skip]

"Another morning, another day of teaching potential cooks." Yuui was walking down the hallways one morning to the staff lounge to get some coffee to start the day. "I wonder if brother took my advice about his issue with Kurogane-sensei? Hopefully it wouldn't turn ugly." As soon as those words left his mouth, at around the corner leading to another hallway, he spotted Fai and Kurogane who were in front of a door.

He couldn't hear what they were talking about but soon smiled as Fai hugged Kurogane with a happy cheer. His smile widened as Kurogane blushed and hugged back. Not wanting to interrupt their moment; Yuui turned around and went to his room instead.

As he closed the door behind him; he couldn't help but sigh in content. "Well I guess their relationship just gotten better, I just glad I was of help." Smiling, he went to the window and crossed his arms as some birds flew around one the trees. "I guess it's going to be another day at the academy; I just hope I can keep with it."

And thus beginning the events of Horitsuba Academy.


(1)- this was mentioned in the second chapter of the manga (Horitsuba Gakuen -or academy in English) by Himawari to Watanuki and as usual; Watanuki reacted in the most hilarious way possible. XD

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