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Pucca got off the bus, in front of the entrance to her old town, Sooga village. She smiled from her old childhood memories in that place. Although the village had changed from the Brocken down buildings to high up apartments. Suddenly she was crossed by a girl who looked around her age. She had long black hair with black eyes. Her cheeks lightly blushed. Pucca recognized her instantly when she spotted a white chicken on top of her head.


Pucca asked smiling a bit. Ching stepped back a bit, speculating why a strange girl knew her name.

"Yes that's me but, how'd you know my name?"

Pucca was a little shocked that her best friend didn't even remember her. But she put that feeling aside of her and brought out the cheery, over excited one. She was now squeezing Ching to death in a bear hug. Ching still had no idea to who Pucca was. So she freed herself and jumped in the air drawing out her two swords.

"Whoever you are, you better state your business embracing me like that!"

Pucca didn't take her serious and just sighed

"So you really don't remember me huh?"

Still in the air Ching raised her eyebrows

"Remember you? We've met before? But who could you possibly--!!"

Ching came down and studied Pucca's now long 2 pony tails. Then she gazed at her red ruffled dress and black boots. Pucca giggled knowing Ching would soon realize it's her.

"Pucca...I know that laugh anywhere"

The two friends shared a long hug. A hug Pucca has wanted to give to her, a hug to sum up their lost time. When their hug broke off, Ching wiped away what looked like tears.

"Oh man Pucca, you don't know how much have changed since you've been gone"

Pucca looked up around and chuckled

"Yeah I can tell from all the new buildings"

Ching grabbed her bags and Pucca's hand

"Come on Pucca you gotta see everyone now"

Pucca didn't budge

"I've got to visit my uncles in their noodle shop"

"Wait Pucca"

Ching gave Pucca a concerned look

"Is there something I should know Ching?"

Ching wouldn't look at her. Pucca then noticed Ring Ring and Abyo show up together, arm in arm. Pucca thought to herself, what exactly is going on here? Why is Abyo with Ring Ring!?

"Oh hey there Ching. Who is that girl you're talking to about that old noodle shop? Don't you know how to hang out with pretty girls".

"Um hi Ring Ring and...Abyo. This is Pucca remember"

Abyo Spit out the rice ball he had been eating and his black shirt suddenly ripped off. He was now only wearing his black cargo pants.

" Pu-Pu-Pucca!"

Ring Ring growled at him knocking Abyo and Ching out the way, now standing directly in Pucca's face.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't my old arch rival. Still wearing 2 pigtails I see"

Ring Ring's blue hair was now crinkled up. She had bangs to cover eyes and the rest of her hair in a ponytail, reaching her back. Pucca felt the intensity build up between them as she clenched her fists.

" Hello again Ring Ring. Where'd you get that fattening rice ball?"

Ring Ring shot a laugh

"Don't you know that the rice ball shop is the hottest spot in Sooga village? Everyone eats these."

Pucca unbawled her fists and she had a worried face. She could see Ching had on the same face expression as well.

"What happened to...the noodle shop?"

Ring Ring put one hand on her hip taking a bite out of her rice ball, smirking evilly.

"Well...Let's just say, that place has taken its toll"

With that Ring Ring and Abyo turned to leave. Abyo quickly waved bye to Pucca.

"Oh and one more thing Ching, we're going to be at the pool, so try not to come today".

Pucca was devastated after hearing about the noodle shop. Even more knowing her best friend have probably been hurting all these years. So she left her bags running down to the noodle shop as fast as she could. She haven't used any of her real power since the last time she been here. Once Pucca was at the door at the shop, she slowly opened it. Her eyes lit up with what she saw...

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