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"So long, ninja warrior. We use to be good friends but…you just had to end our friendship for a girl. Unfortunately, YOU'RE DEAD ha, ha ,ha, ha!"…

All of them were either hurt really bad or imprisoned. Garu had disappeared in a wall of flames. Tobe stepped closer to the fire.

"What's this?"

A figure stood behind the flames. Tobe's eyelids shot up as he gasped.

"Garu? How'd you survive?"

The figure walked closer towards Tobe. They blew the fire away and Tobe nearly chocked; red dress, black boots, black fingerless gloves with 2 red scrunches' holding up the 2 pigtails. Her eyes were filled with hate and bitterness. It was none other than,


His words trembled as he said her name.

"In the flesh, Tobe"

She managed to utter out his name without blasting him where he stood.

"But I thought I-"

"No, you thought wrong"

Pucca glanced over to a hurt Ching surrounded by an electric fence. Abyo was injured badly and Jet was also trapped inside of a dome. Ring ring lay helplessly on the ground. Garu sat with his back against the wall staring at Pucca. He hasn't seen her in 4 years and was lost in words. Pucca scowled at Tobe.

"You're the manipulative low life who's been passing off as Garu huh?"

There was a long silence before Tobe could answer

"That is correct. I am also the one who'll destroy you once and for all"

Garu stood in a fighting stance

"Over my dead body"


Pucca held her hand back

"It's my turn now"

She swiftly ran an incredible speed and punched Tobe's jaw. The impact of her fist to his face caused Tobe to fly back into the wall. He grunted and smile.

"Looks like a certain someone is a little upset about what happened in bed"

Pucca growled and gritted her teeth. Her mind played the words 'stay calm' over and over.

"I believed you actually fell for me at some point"

Pucca knew he was only trying to anger her, and it was working. Still her mind said 'stay calm'.

"I used you Pucca and t felt good, I know you enjoyed it too"

She was trying her hardest to focus. 'Stay calm' her mind continually told herself.

"And you were just as easy as that whore I impregnated"


Pucca screamed at him as a dark red energy surrounded her. She sped towards him leaving a trial of red behind her. Tobe managed to step out of her path but just as fast she turned and plowed as many blows into his stomach. He landed onto a bunch of machines. His lab if possible just got even more damaged. Wires sparked out. Pucca still haven't calmed down yet. Garu watched horrified as Pucca smiled menacingly. He wondered 'was she in any control anymore?' The thought sent shivers down his spine. Tobe got himself up and frowned.

"Why you little bxtch"

He raised his hands and fire balls appeared in his hands. He threw them endlessly at Pucca. She grabbed a pipe and swung at them like baseballs. They each hurled towards Jet which caused him to become free from his dome. He ran over to Garu.

"It just came to me; I've never actually known you, if Tobe were you all along"

Garu nodded not taking his eyes off of Pucca.

"I'll back Pucca up if needed and you aid the others"

Jet gave a quick nod and ran off. Tobe threw the last fireball and sent a massive wave of fire at Pucca. She nearly twirled her arms creating a tornado which sucked the fire away. Tobe looked tremor.

"You show great skill. Perhaps it'd be better to rid Ring ring of hers and make you bare my child" Ring ring heard the words and quivered lightly,

"Don't you dare come near me!"

An arm wrapped around her and she met up with Jet's eyes. He pressed his forehead to hers.

"I won't let him"

Tobe opened his mouth and a lightning bolt shot out directly aimed at Pucca. She merely swerved left to right and once close enough disappeared. Tope stopped his attack turning his head in all directions. A finger tapped his should. He faced Pucca who bashed her head with his. He whipped a line of electricity at her as his hand clutched his forehead. There was an open gash and blood dripped down from his nose. Once he saw the blood on the floor he yelled and turned the whole room into ice. Everything except for the people turned to ice. Abyo was free of his prison and gathered his strength to slide over to Ching. His back was killing him. What hurt the most was seeing the knife wound in Ching's stomach.


He asked her. She squinted her eyes open and smiled. Her hand caressed his cheeks.

"It's-it's so cold"

"Oh no…please tell me you're not dead Ching, PLEASE!"

"No stupid, the floor is…ice"

"Come on get up"

She threw her arm over his shoulder and walked to the far end of the room. Tobe made huge blocks of ice. Pucca watched him disbelievingly. Then he dropped his arms and all the ice turned to water. They were all under water trying to swim up. But the water filled the room up entirely. Everybody was scattered trying to grab onto to something. Ching swam to Abyo and grabbed his hand. Ring ring grabbed hers while Jet took the other. Abyo had Garu's hand but before Garu could reach Pucca, Tobe sent an electric current through the water. They all were forced to yell thus breathing in water. Pucca saw her struggling friends and swam through the shock wave. She reached her hands out and started to strangle Tobe. His eyes bulged out. He then snapped his fingers and all the water drained out. Garu was sprawled out on the floor coughing and breathing hard. His bones felt weak. It still seemed as if he were being electrocuted. Tobe coughed also holding his neck. He chuckled between coughs.

"Tell me just what the hells' so god is damn funny"

Pucca spat out. He answered,

"Behind you"

Pucca slowly turned her body around. Her face expression was twisted and warped. Ching, Abyo, Ring ring and Jet were all on the ground lying lifelessly. Garu crept near them. He leaned over them too afraid to touch them. Pucca knelt beside him. Her hands shook violently and she laid her hand on Ching's. Then she put her hand where her heart was. Garu looked at Pucca's horrified face. He attempted to hug her but she stood up. She began to walk slowly heading Tobe's way. Pucca undid her ponytails so her hair came flowing down. Pieces of hair sprawled over her face. Her eyes held intense agony mixed with pain. She was blinded by rage and no longer in control. Her feet stomped into the floor, leaving a trail of cratered holes. Before she got close to him, the roof over their heads disappeared. Equipment and debris flew all around them. The wind speed started to pick up. They were underground so dirt flung everywhere and the sky could be seen. It was dark and cloudy. Thunder boomed loudly. Garu watched helplessly on the ground as he protected their unconscious friends from flying objects. He'd never saw Pucca this pissed off. Tobe grinned evilly to himself.

"Now this is what I'm talking about"

He threw a lightning bolt at Pucca. She slightly moved her head dodging it. Then she casted an even bigger lightning bolt from the clouds. Tobe couldn't escape it as the bolt electrocuted him. Once it was over he knelt on the ground heaving.

"Not bad Pucca, not bad. Guess I'll have to use my entire full strength on you. That last move was mere child's play"


Garu shouted at him from the far end of what use to be a room.

"WTF is the matter with you? You don't know what Pucca's capable of. She's reached her breaking point"

"Quiet! You're much too weak to comprehend this battle"

Tobe stood up. He let out every element he's mastered surround him; fire, water, earth, air, electricity, and metal. The ground shook and his body rose. A crooked smile formed on his face.

"Say good bye Pucca"

He shot everything of what circled him at Pucca traveling in invisible speed. Pucca's face remained detached. She raised both hands. Gusts of wind surrounded them. Just as the elements were exactly 2 feet away from her, she pointed her palms at them and they reflected back. Tobe gasped. Before he could react, his own attack struck him, he was sent up into the air. Garu didn't know what to say based on what just happened except,

"Holy shxt"

Pucca looked back at her still seemingly dead friends. Unexpectedly Tobe came falling back down and crashed into the ground. Pucca wasn't finished casting her revenge. She charged towards a badly injured Tobe. All of a sudden, jet gasps and awakens. He coughs out water and by his side, Ring ring shoots up. Then right on cue, Ching and Abyo awaken. They look around the place they were. Abyo stares at an astonished Garu.

"Dude…what happened to the lab we were just in. I can see the sky and everything. Weren't we like 10 feet underground too? I'm confused"

Garu shifted his head to Pucca.

"We lost her. She let her anger get the best of her"

Jet saw Pucca getting ready to finish Tobe.

"He's already down. She shouldn't continue to beat him like this. Somebody has to stop her"

Garu stood up offering a hand.

"Be my guest"

Jet makes his way to Pucca. He struggles to get close to her through all the wind. Just when he's about to touch her shoulder, she turns around and knocks the wind out of him. He flies back hitting the wall. Ring ring gasps.

"Jet! Oh-no"

Ching shakes her head.

"This isn't like Pucca. Can't she see we're okay now and that Tobe is done?"

Ring ring bends down to Jet.

"Get up"

He grunts and sits up.

"Something is definitely different. She's too strong for us"

Ring ring's eyebrows anger.

"I can take her"

Ring ring transforms and runs over to Pucca. Pucca created an earthquake. The whole place was rumbling. Ring ring screamed as she fell in a crack. Swiftly, Garu grabbed her hand and helped her out. She was breathing hard and rapidly, choked up on words.

"Let's get the hell out of here"

Together they fled out and were in the middle of the bamboo forest. Garu hollered out to her,

"You're hurting your friends! You're going to kill us!"

Pucca realized her mistake. This triggered her to scream out,


Cracks formed on the ground as it shook furiously. Lava shot out from the cracks. The sky turned from dark gray to red. Red lightning streaks appeared in her hair. Fire covered rocks were shooting from the sky. Pucca stood in the center of a now super tornado (AN: yeah tornadoes go up to F6 so hers is like F20). The wind blew at least 160mph. Pucca left out of the forest in a different direction. Abyo sighed.

"Glad she left us alone. I do not want to get in her way"

Garu faced everybody.

"This is bad. She's headed towards Sooga village. She'll kill dozens"

Ching whimpered

"That's not our only problem. Tobe isn't down there anymore"

She pointed down the hole in the spot where he once laid.

Ring ring sucked her teeth,

"This is absolutely ridiculous. If I can't take Pucca or Tobe down then…we mind as well give up"

"No way"

Jet added in.

"If we give up then we're giving up on the whole town."

Ching's eyes stared to water up,

"What do we do? She's already supposed to leave off to America"

Garu froze forgetting what Ching informed him earlier after his release; about Pucca coming back one last time and then heading off for good. Suddenly he snapped out of it. They all were facing Garu as if he knew all the answers. He started to think.

"Maybe…possibly, her uncles could help us"

Ring ring jumped up.

"That's right my aunts are pretty strong too!"

Abyo grabbed Ching's hand.

"Let's go, I bet they're going at it right now"

Jet pulled Ring ring onto his back as Garu led the group into town. Meanwhile Pucca entered Sooga village in her destructive state. Once people saw her they immediately began to panic. Pucca was confused with herself. Her mind was arguing with itself; like as if she were two different people 'This is my entire fault' she told herself. 'Everybody is terrified of me'.

'No they hate you. They want you gone'

'That can't be true. My friends love me'

'But, I almost killed them'

'That was an accident'

'What am I doing now?'


'I said what am I doing now!'

Anger waved over once more. She set houses on fire. Trees were uprooted from the ground and turned into missiles. Her uncles emerged from outside of their shop. Each of them gasped and yelled,


She didn't respond to them. Chef Ho shouted to her,

"Pucca, please you must stop this madness!"

Chef Linguini placed his hand on his shoulder.

"She cannot hear us. Once the inner power is awakened it cannot be reasoned with…"

Chef Dumpling finished his sentence.

"…nor can it be stopped"

Chef Ho cleared his throat

"We'll have to battle her. Even though, she is our niece."

Ring ring's aunts ran out of the shop. Aunt Honika flung onto Chef Ho.

"We'll help you."

Chef Ho set her aside.

"That is not going to happen. You could get hurt"

"Yes but we just can't stand by and watch you fight alone"

"They're right"

Their heads turned to Garu and the gang standing behind them. He continued what he was saying.

"It'll take all you to get her to her senses."

Abyo stepped in

"If anyone can get to Pucca it has to be you guys. Ring ring's aunts helping might help a lot too"

The chefs stood arms crossed thinking. Finally Chef Linguini spoke up,

"We don't want to hurt Pucca"

"And you're not"

Garu said convincing them.

"You see how she is, endangering innocent people. You guys are out last hope"

The chefs huddled up. 5 seconds they came and Chef Ho yelled,

"Let's get our Pucca back!"

Pucca created huge craters in the ground which she filled with people. Then she placed a boulder over top of it. Santa clause was trying to fit inside of a hole on the side of a building. Pucca lifted her arms high in the air and a volcano formed. The lava flowed down towards where Santa clause was attempting to hide. He struggled to get free then realized he was stuck. Seconds after the building caught fire; Chef Ho swooped down and pulled him out. Then he dragged him on top of a hill that was untouched by Pucca's fury. Chef Ho was the cook who used his fire powers to heat the noodles. He used his powers to clear up the lava that was flowing into the town. Pucca looked down at her uncle. She lowered her eyes and sent flaming molten rock at him. He jumped into the air, punching through every rock. Chef Linguini had long ropes of dough in his hands. He used them like whips and whipped them at Pucca. The tornado that surrounded her sucked them up. He gasped.

"This is gunna be harder than I thought"

Chef Ho punched through another rock and landed next to him.

"Tell me about it. Hey where'd Dumpling go?"

"Don't worry"

He jumped and turned to around to see Aunt Diana's face.

"We're going to do an all-out attack. Give everything you got"

The two chefs nodded. Aunt Honika used her laser beaming eyes to knock Pucca off her tornado. Pucca dove into the center of the tornado and sent out mini tornados. Aunt Latoya was on the other side. Her finger nails grew sharp as clawed through each tornado. Pucca faced her way and shot out hail the size of a truck at her. Latoya got hit by one. She pushed it off of herself. Chef Linguini rushed over and lifted her up. She gazed at him.

"Thanks. Maybe it's time we stop going light on her. We fight her to the finish"

Aunt Diana sped up to her.

"Way ahead of you."

She threw ninja stars at Pucca. Pucca deflected them sending each on back. Aunt Honika found her chance to eye beam her. Pucca swiftly dodged it and shot lightning bolts down from the sky at her. Pucca then yelled and the ground shook again. Chef Dumpling faced Garu and the gang.

"Run children! Go to where it's safe"

They were about to leave but the ground shifted up and down. They were separated from each other. Sooga village now looked like a canyon. Chef Linguini shook his head disbelievingly,

"I can't believe our Pucca would do something like this"

Huge boulders hurled from out of the tornado. Chef linguini used his cooking knives to slice through them.

"Our Pucca or not we must do what we can to stop this"

Bolts of lightning continuingly struck from the dark red clouds. Aunt Latoya was out of breath.

"I need a nail filer or something. I don't think I can keep up with this"

Pucca stretched her arms apart and an enormous gust of wind swept over the area. Everyone dug their hands into the ground. Abyo made sure Ching couldn't get hit by any flying wreckage. Jet was doing the same for Ring ring. Garu looked at Pucca's uncles trying all they could to defeat her. Ring ring's aunts were starting to tire out. The town Sooga village was destroyed. Only a few structures of buildings, houses and temples were still up. Everything else was crumbled. People were screaming and running for their lives. Garu saw them use their powers at full strength on Pucca. Garu turned to Abyo.

"They just keep attacking and attacking"

Abyo nodded.

"But she's just too strong. We're going to need the army here or something"

Garu shook his head.

"That'll just make her madder."

Ring ring rolled her eyes.

"I'd be mad too if all these people were shooting lasers at me and stuff"

Jet glared at her.

"Are you encouraging her behavior?"

"No. But if no one isn't going to try to talk to me like a human being, then I'm firing away"

Garu looked at the fighting being held.

"That…actually makes sense"

Jet and the others turned to him with raised eyebrows.

"Say what?"

Even Ring ring looked surprised.

"You agree with me?"

"All this fighting is getting us nowhere"

His face turned to the rest of them.

"Someone's gotta talk some sense into her."

Abyo's face expression turned pale white as his jaw dropped. Ching tapped his cheek.

"What's wrong?"

He grabbed her face and turned her to the direction he was facing. Garu turned too and his eyes flew wide open with his mouth in a perfect o shape. The chefs were beaten and bruised lying on the ground. Ring ring's aunts were tired, out of breath and breathing in and out hard. Pucca hovered over top of her tornado. Her eyes shimmered a bright red. Her hands were bawled up into fists, raising her arms over her head. Further down the outskirts of Sooga, there could be seen a ginormous (AN: honestly, I didn't think ginormous was a real word…don't judge me!) tsunami wave. It had to been 1400 ft high. Ching held Abyo tightly, tears spewing from her eyes. Her hand covered over her stab wound she gotten from Tobe.

"I'm of no use to help…everybody is"

Abyo remembered the huge gash he had on his back. His memory came back from him getting a huge icicle dropped on him. For some reason he felt more as weak as before.

"Why am I feeling so vulnerable?"

Ring ring clutched her stomach as pains kicked in.

"I don't know. Maybe because… WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!"

She started crying into Jet's shirt. Jet looked at Garu fighting back tears of his own. Garu had to think.

"If violence isn't the answer then…"

Suddenly he stood up and began walking towards Pucca's direction. Abyo grabbed his pants leg.

"I hope you know what you're doing"

Garu gulped.

"Me too".

He jumped onto a pile of rubble which used to be a very high building. His hands cupped around his mouth and shouted,


Her body didn't turn around but the side of her face does. Her hands are still raised up summoning the monster wave.

"I'm not going to fight or hurt you. I just want to talk to you"

She remained unresponsive.

"I know you're angry. But what are you angry about? Tell me who you're angry at?"

Her mind started to come to her.

'I'm angry at…I don't know who exactly'

"You're angry at Tobe. He did horrible things to you. I know. He kept me hostage for 4 years"

'Why is he telling me all this?'

"He made Ring ring pregnant, am I not correct? He's manipulated everyone and hurt us too"

'I know! Why won't he just shut up?'

Pucca turned her back to him and raised the tsunami wave higher.

"Pucca I want you to look at me!"

She still didn't budge.

"This fighting isn't solving anything. You can wipe out this whole town but you can't wipe out your memories. It's okay that you're mad. Hell, I'm mad too. Control yourself Pucca. I know you're still there"

Pucca's thoughts cleared up again


"This isn't you Pucca. The real you are cheerful and happy and care about her friends. They care about you too. You're gunna loose us."

Pucca froze for moment, catching on to what he was saying.

"Look down at the destruction you've caused Pucca. See how the town's people are all scared of you"

Pucca's eyes shifted down to Sooga. Small fires were lit everywhere. Cracks and giant craters formed on the ground. People's homes were demolished. She saw children and old friends & neighbors hiding under knocked over remains. Fear flowed through their eyes.

"Now, look at yourself Pucca"

She looked down at the rapidly rotating tornado which she controlled. Her hands felt through her blowing hair and the lightening streaks in it. Her eyes made her entire vision see things in the color red.

"Tobe is a monster yes. But he gets stronger through rage. You're feeding him that rage. Snap out of it Pucca! Don't hurt the people you love and…I love you"

A single tear slid down her face and one word managed to escape from her lips,


Garu nodded and smiled,

"Love and happiness always overcome hate and wrath"

The wave Pucca was creating froze over, and then shattered into millions of tiny pieces. Her tornado disappeared in one blink of an eye. She rose up one hand and all of the buildings began to rise again. The cracks on the ground shook and sealed up. The sky started to revert back to its normal sky blue color. Garu noticed Tobe running by him.

"Oh-no you don't"

He grabbed his shirt. Tobe took Garu's arm.

"Lay off ninja boy, I have some unfinished business"

He spun him around, threw him up, and then kicked him into the side of a building. Pucca just finished turning herself back to normal when she spotted Tobe charging her way. He started throwing punches at her in all directions. Pucca dodged them all. She grabbed both his hands. He took the chance to kick her as she flew back and raised higher in the air. Tobe growled some more, fire coming out his mouth. She saw how angry he was. She just kept avoiding his attacks. He got even angrier and his face turned red.

"Why won't you fight back?"

He demanded.

"Why aren't you getting mad!"

Pucca took hold of his arms and grinned.

"Because Love is stronger than hate…duh"

She pushed him back with great force, giggling along the way.

"You think this if funny? I'll give you something to laugh about"

Tobe's right arm was surrounded with ice. His left was covered in fire. The right leg had electricity, and the left had water. His head was shielded with a rock like a helmet. He raced towards Pucca. She closed her eyes and thought of love; love made her think of Garu. She smiled and a bright glowing yellow light surrounded her. It extended out almost blindingly like sun rays. Tobe was getting closer and stopped in midair. He couldn't see. All his powers vanish and a bright white light burst through his body.


Another bright light emerge from him until his whole body is just one bright light. Suddenly, there's a pop sound and he disappears. What's left of him was sparkled glitter, which rained over Sooga. Everyone who was hiding came out in their newly constructed town. The glitter sparkled and healed everyone's wounds. Ching placed a hand over her side, and felt her stab wound gone.

"It's a miracle"

She cheered.

"I feel great. And look Abyo, your back scar is cleared"

Abyo got up and stretched.

"Really, I don't feel any better"

Ring ring slapped his back.

"Yeah you're all fine and dandy. Except for me with the whole knocked up thing"

Abyo shrugged his shoulders.

"It's called abortion."

Jet shoved him out the way.

"I told you Ring ring,"

He holds her tight.

"You're not doing this alone"

Ching smiled sadly at their happiness. Abyo stepped in front of her.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing it's just..."

Suddenly her chicken Won came clucking happily towards Ching.


Ching squealed with excitement and placed Won back on top of her head. She pet her chicken softly.

"I love you Won"

Abyo grabbed both her hands.

"And I love you"

She blushed and laughed it off. Pucca walked through the town. People were cheering her name and looking happier; the way it used to be. She waved here and there. Outside the Go-Rhong stood the chefs.


They looked up to her and smiled.


She was squeezed tight in a group hug.

"I'm sorry guys i… I was off the chart and-"

"Explain no more"

Chef Ho reassured her.

"All is forgiven. After all, we love you dearly."

Chef Linguini patted her back.

"Good to have you back. We missed you"

Chef Dumpling raised his hands in the air.

"Good to have this town back. Now that you're back to normal, everybody's happy"

Pucca giggles.

"Thanks. Hey where are Ring ring's aunts"

"You mean your new aunties in law"

Chef Ho corrected her.

"We're getting married next month!"

"So we're going to be like, cousins!"

Pucca turned around to see her group of friends. Ring ring held out her hand.

"I say we call a truce, since we're gunna be practically family now."

Pucca threw on her casual smile and shook her hand.

"That sounds great. I was tired of all the bickering anyway"

"Besides, I'm too pretty to be angry"

She stepped aside and Ching took her place. They smiled at each other. Pucca got worried.

"Still best friends?"


They flung their arms around one another smiling.

"I've been such a jerk to you. How can you forgive me?"

"Hey, we all go through rough times. Our friendship is just too strong. It can withstand any kind of drama"

They broke their hug staring at each other.

"I'm happy for you Abyo. You've been in love with him since I can remember"

"I know. Sometimes I can hardly believe it"

Ring ring made barfing sound effects in the background. They glared at her.

"Oh I'm sorry, was this one of those moments? My bad. Honestly continue."

Pucca saw Jet standing on her side. She turned around facing him.

"Oh Jet, Jet, Jet. What can I say to you?"

"I take it you're upset?"

"Actually…no. But the time we had together was I guess fun. Yes it was fun. Hope we can just be friends"

He smirked and nodded.

"That'd be cool. Oh and question. Ring ring mentioned once that you were a real life saver. What she talking about?"

"I don't know what she- Oh! I remember. Ring ring took some sleeping pills and had candles lit everywhere. Her house caught fire and I pulled her out. She's been less bxtchy since then"

"You mean she was worse than this?"

"I heard that!"

Screamed Ring ring.

"I'm gunna go now and try to find someone"

Jet grabbed her shoulder.

"I think that someone found you"

He pointed out Garu walking through the crowd of cheerful civilians. Pucca smiled and walked slowly towards him. He also came her way. They stopped once inches from each other. Pucca tries to talk but Garu does to at the same time.
"Uh you go first Garu"

"Is Tobe really dead?"

"No. I kind of sent him to another dimension where he belongs. It's full of nasty treacherous things like him"

Garu laughed.

"I guess that's what he deserves"

"I also made up my mind on another thing"

"What's that?"

"I've decided to stay with you guys in Sooga village. I'm not going to America!"

Garu was full of excitement as he and the others shouted yes.

"You're stuck with us forever"

"I'd also like to thank you Garu"

Her cheeks felt hot and her face was flushed. Seeing her like this made Garu blush.

"You're the one who showed me love. You're my first and only love"

He was little taller than she was. She had to stand on her toes a little and lift her head up. Their lips brushed slightly until they finally met. Garu lifted her up a bit where his hands wrapped around her waist. Her hands swung over his neck. The crowd of people around then applauded and whistled. Their friends were chanting them on too. Pucca smiled through their kiss. They broke apart for a minute gasping for air and turned their heads slightly. Each of their friends were making out with their partner as well. Garu gazed into Pucca's eyes,

"I love you Pucca"

Her smile radiated and glowed.

"And I love you too Garu"

Their lips met once more, kissing more passionately, regardless to the surrounding onlookers. Chef Linguini smiled warmly.

"How I wish I were young again"

Chef Dumpling stood beside him.

"Luckily we have sweethearts of own"

Chef Ho sighed before they all returned back to their fiancés.

"This is some funny love for ya"

The end

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