Author's Note/Explanation: There's a community in livejournal called the_playwitch. It's like a Playboy but for girls and concerning the Wizarding World, of course. Each month there will be three gorgeous wizards for us to drool over. There will be art, fics and special features. This is a special feature I wrote. You know all these teen magazines that have these silly things. I thought it would be funny to say five hot things about these hot men. ;) Hope you like it and we'll see what comes next month (April Wizards: Viktor Krum, Lucius Malfoy, Hugo Weasley)

Five Sexy Things You Didn't Know About Arthur Weasley

1) Arthur melts at the sight of red underwear.

2) Wall!sex is his favourite position.

3) Mr. Weasley finds over-sized t-shirts incredibly arousing.

4) Four of his kids were conceived when his wife was wearing one. "After the twins, she threw the shirt away," he recalls with a booming laugh. "If only she knew I stored it in my shed!"

5) His shoe size is ten. You do the math, girls.

Five Sexy Things You Didn't Know About Draco Malfoy

1) His first time was at the age of sixteen.

2) Draco has a patch of freckles on the right cheek of his bum.

3) He was caught having sex with his wife in the parking lot of a muggle restaurant called McDonalds.

4) Mr. Malfoy is known to be very kinky in the bedroom. Whipped cream, furry handcuffs and hidden mirrors on the roof are some of the things The Playwitch can affirm are his favourite to use.

5) No shoe-size this time, girls. But it is known that Draco Malfoy has his gloves specially made. Reason? His big hands don't fit even in the biggest size of regular gloves. And you all know what they say about hands...

Five Sexy Things You Didn't Know About Seamus Finnigan

1) He had suffered form a muscle tear in his attempt to beat muggle singer Sting's record of eight hours having sex.

2) Seamus prefers women with long, blond hair. "So ya can grab it while at it, ya know?" he explained.

3) Favourite style: sex on a broom.

4) Mr. Finnigan can't go to bed without drinking a shot of Firewhiskey first.

5) Seamus Finnigan: 'Shoe? Hands? Don't give me that crap. Write this down, honey: Irish Man know how to satisfy their women because we have the equipment. How's that?'
Interviewer: 'Perfect, Mr. Finnigan.'