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July's wizards will be: Harry Potter, Tom Riddle, Kingsley Shacklebolt. That'll be interesting...
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Five Sexy Things You Didn't Know About Teddy Lupin

1- At twelve years old, George Weasley gave him his first Playwizard.

2- To get the magazine, George dared him to ask Harry how many times had he wank before graduating Hogwarts.

3- Teddy Lupin confessed he enjoys experiencing with different appearances during sex. He likes to call it "role play to the next level"

4- Lupin is known to have tried morphing into a woman during sex. Now the question, ladies, is: during that time, his partner was a man or a woman?

5- Favourite sex toy: magical vibrators

Five Sexy Things You Didn't Know About Lee Jordan

1- By his fourth year, Lee Jordan has been awarded among his Gryffindor friends as Master of Wanking. "Not my fault, my teenage hormones went all crazy that year; but I kinda like the title."

2- Jordan, host of a famous radio show, admitted that he had sexual relations while 'On Air'.

3- After some research, The Playwitch found last year's Christmas Special, where a very agitated Lee moans a very pleasurable "Merry Christmas!". Oh, you remember that show? Yes, ladies; we do too.

4- Lee confessed he sometimes uses his scars (and quite exaggerated stories) from the Final Battle to bring young witches to his bed.

5- "I'm sorry, but with my looks and abilities in that area, I don't need the help of any sex toy, thankyouverymuch."

Five Sexy Things You Didn't Know About Sirius Black

1- Sirius Black gain quite some popularity among women during his Hogwarts years. "Women like to talk, y'know? Who am I to deny their curiosity?"

2- There's a rumour about Sirius that The Playwitch is still trying to confirm. Apparently, Black was part of an orgy a couple of times.

3- His bike was the scenery of many sexual encounters. "Chicks love heavy machinery," he added with a wink.

4- It is now well known that Sirius is an animagi. However, not everyone knows he likes to use his abilities during sex. Black has confessed he has some weird "dog/other animal fetish".

5- Still surprised about the last fact? We expect you'll be less surprised when we tell you that Sirius' favourite sex toys are whips and collars. So, to our most kinky readers: we found your man!

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Check out when is your favourite wizard's turn:

August: Percy Weasley, Severus Snape, Albus Potter

September: Fred Weasley, Cormac McLaggen, Cedric Diggory

October: George Weasley, Rabastan Lestrange, Roger Davies

November: Bill Weasley, Oliver Wood, Remus Lupin

December: Charlie Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, Dean Thomas

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