I thought I knew what I was doing...

I knew that we had to take down DomDaniel, so I planned an attack.

God, i'm stupid.

I thought I knew what I was doing.

But I didn't.

And someone got hurt.


Jenna looked at me as we sat by the fire, not talking at all.

"You think i'm stupid, don't you" It wasn't a question. Just a blunt statement.

She nodded.

"I'm sorry"

I got up from my spot and walked away, perching in a tree to keep watch.

We had just tried to attack DomDaniel's lair to get the seeing stone.

Jenna, Nicko and I tried to take him down.

It failed.

And now, we were deep in the forest, Nicko sulking somewhere, and Jenna alone at the campsite.

Well, not all alone.

I was keeping an eye on her.

Jenna was the most amazing, beautiful girl in the world, and I would do anything for her.

But right now, she thought I was stupid.

And I was.

Then, a scream shattered the air.


I flew out of the tree, grabbing my sword, then burst in on the campsite.

Soldiers were there, holding Jenna with a sharp knife to her throat.


"Freeze" The one holding her said.

"Or the girl dies"


Too many people had been injured or killed already.

"What do you want?"

They were silent for a second, then Simon stepped out of their midst.

"That was a pretty dumb trick, Septimus. Thinking you could outrun us"

I groaned inwardly. Of course it was Simon.

Then, on a brighter note, Simon wouldn't hurt Jenna.

One of the soldier tightened his grip, and a small cut appeared on Jenna's neck, the crimson blood starting to pool on the knife.

"Stop! You are not to hurt the girl" Simon said, the worry evident on his face.

"We take orders from DomDaniel, not you, Wizard scum"

Then the soldier hit Jenna over the head with his sword, cauing her to crumple to the ground.

By this time, Nicko had come back from his hiding place, hearing the commotion.

"Simon! How could you do that!? She's your little sister!"

Simon looked sadly at Jenna's still form.

"It was not my decision" Then his face hardened again.

Two soldiers came and grabbed Septimus and Nicko, binding their hands.

"Leave the girl" one said.

"She'll die out here soon enough.

"No!" I screamed, thrashing against my restraints.


Jenna was slowly standing up, her brown hair covering her face.

"Take me instead, my blood is worth more"

'No Jenna, don't play that card', I thought.

"What use would I have for you" Simon said, playing his part.

He knew who Jenna really was, but he knew better than to let DomDaniel have her.

"I am the Queen's daughter, elligible for ransom"

Simon sighed.

"Very well, DomDaniel will enjoy you"

Nicko and I were untied, then Jenna bound.

"Jen, please don't do this" I pleaded.

She shoock her head, then leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"I'll be fine Sep, don't you worry"

Then they were gone.

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