The chatter of the students in the classroom suddenly began to diminish as their new math teacher strode briskly into the room. Brown hair spiked up from his head and a pair off glasses perched on the bridge of his nose.
He cleared his throat loudly. "Quiet, please."

The room was silent as the class averted their attention toward the front of the room.
A small group of girls had already started cultivating a fan club for the professor. The final bell rang and everyone scurried to a seat near their friends, before they ultimately were moved into a seating chart.
Textbooks had been opened as notes were scribbled hastily onto blank sheets when a boy sprinted through the door.
He was panting slightly as he doubled over in front of the room.
Black hair obscured the boy's vision as he stood tall and faced the instructor, "I'm sorry I'm late!"

Most of the class turned their attention to the late, black-haired boy, and some began whispering to one another.
The teacher finished organizing a few folders that had been lying on his desk before looking at the boy. "And you are..."

"Uhh... Ash Ketchum...?" He said it more like a question then a statement as he shifted uncomfortably at the front of the room.

The teacher slowly walked over to a vacant seat in the front row and tapped his finger on the desk. "Take a seat, Mr. Ketchum," he said. Ash's desk was right in front of a girl with bright orange hair and catty corner to a dark guy with spiky hair. "Oh, and after school detention," he added, walking back to his desk. "Being tardy will not be tolerated."

Ash's jaw dropped.

The first day. And he had already gotten a detention.

Seething, he glared daggers at the teacher.

The girl beside him whispered, "You'd better get your book out, or you'll be in even more trouble."

He turned to see her smiling brightly.

"Hi I'm Misty!"

"Uhh... Ash."

The dark kid sitting near Ash nodded at him, giving him a small smile.
"My name is Mr. Oak," the teacher spoke clearing while writing his name on the chalk board, "and I will be your algebra teacher this year. Now I want everyone to get their books out and turn to page 34..."
And class had begun.

Ash sighed while walking to the mess hall. Piles of textbooks overpowered his will as he slumped into the cafeteria.

He looked around until he spotted a familiar blob of red hair.

Shuffling to the table she sat at, Ash dropped his books and slouched into a seat next to Misty.

"Hey Ash!" she grinned as she picked up another French fry.

"Hey," He took out a half-squished sandwich he had bought earlier that day and started munching on it.

"Hey... Ash, right?" The dark kid from earlier asked though a mouthful of apple. "I'm Brock! Nice to meet-..." He stopped talking, his gaze following a group of rather pretty girls that passed by.

Misty giggled. Ash let out a laugh as well before taking another bite of his sandwich, "Hmm! What do you two have as your schedule?" Ash hurriedly flipped out his own to show them both.

"We obviously share the same algebra and other than that I think it's only English..." Misty trailed off.

"Hm? What?" Brock craned his neck, trying to get a 'good view' of the girls.

Misty slapped the back of his head and got out his schedule.

"Algebra and chemistry for the lady killer," Misty read off sarcastically.

Ash gulped down the rest of his sandwich and grinned, "At least I'll know someone in a few of my classes!"

"Oh yea and I'm sorry about the detention you got..."

Ash's anger boiled at the thought of his upcoming detention with 'Mr. Oak', "Don't remind me." He gritted through clenched teeth.

Once the girls were out of Brock's view, he turned his attention back to Ash and Misty. "Mr. Oak got your panties in a knot right off the bat, huh?"
...what about me?" Mr. Oak's stern voice sounded behind them.
Brock whipped around to see their algebra teacher. "I-... nothing, sir!"

"Speak of the devil..." Ash muttered while imagining pushing the cocky man down a flight of stairs.

Mr. Oak gave Ash a hard look before saying, "Make sure you come to my room after school." And with that, he stalked off to harass other unlucky students.
"...well what was that about...?" Brock mumbled, chomping on his apple once again.

"I don't know..." Misty finished her lunch and threw her trash in the nearest waste basket.

Ash had a peculiar urge to throw his fork at the retreating teacher.

"Ash, are you o...k...?" Misty asked, unsure. The bell rang before he could respond.

Wrenching himself from the table, Ash stormed out of the cafeteria.

Ash didn't even bother to drop off his books in his dorm before heading to his detention, he assumed he would have nothing better to do than work on his English essay anyway.

Ash glowered at Mr. Oak as he walked pass him to his designated seat and dropping his bag with an audible 'thud'.

Mr. Oak raised his eyebrow slightly, yet nevertheless continued to scribble on math worksheets, marking some with A's and B's, many with F's. "Get your book out and turn to page 69," the algebra teacher instructed, still not looking up at Ash.

Ash slammed the textbook onto his desk and opened the pages one by one, pounding on the table with every movement.

Ash looked down at the page dumbstruck.
"Are you some kind of pervert?!" her accused.

Now at this, Mr. Oak glanced up at Ash. "...and what would make you think that I am?" he asked, raising his eyebrow further as he got up and slowly walked over to the younger boy.

Ash waved his hands crazily in front of the opened book, "Do you even realize what you told me to turn to?! It's the damn page!!"

Mr. Oak leaned over to him, almost nose to nose with the black-haired boy. "...I think the one thinking pervertedly is you~"

Ash blushed and leaned back slightly from the intimidating professor.
He didn't like that look in his eyes. Almost like he was a hungry animal about to jump its prey.
"I-I'm not the one that called out the number!" Ash stuttered helplessly.

"What makes you think that I'm the pervert...?" Mr. Oak repeated, leaning back and straightening up so he was towering above Ash.

Ash titled his head back to see the teacher's dangerous expression, "B-Because you're acting like a creeper!" Ash blurted out unintentionally.

"Would you like another detention after school tomorrow, too, Mr. Ketchum?" Mr. Oak questioned.

Ash's anger flared full force once more as he threw caution to the wind and let rage take hold of his actions.
"Well why the hell not?! Give me a hundred if you want, just try it Mis-ter Oa-k." he spat out.

Mr. Oak smirked in triumph. "You'll have detention every day after school for one month, then, Mr. Ketchum," he said calmly, striding back over to his desk. "Now do problems 1-40 on page 69."

Ash was shaking from his overflowing furry. Grabbing an eraser beside him, he chucked it at Mr. Oak while he had his back to him.

The eraser bounced off the back of Mr. Oak's head and, after a minute or two, the teacher turned back to face his student. "Make that for the rest of the year," he snapped, sitting down at his desk.

Ash banged his head against his desk, shaking the abused structure as he mumbled about a 'Stupid bastard teacher chocking to death on a porcupine' before finally starting the assignment.

"Fine, you can go home now," Mr. Oak told Ash after nearly two hours. "Remember to be here at the same time after school tomorrow."

"Humph..." Ash grumbled as he walked out the door and up to his dorm.
He was tired. Mr. Oak had made him complete several assignments that he hadn't even been taught how to do, gave him a lecture on respecting his elders, and yelled at him when he had fallen asleep.
Slow and lazily, Ash unlocked his dorm and immediately dropped on his bed, groaning when he realized that he had yet to do his English essay due tomorrow.
Grabbing a pencil and notebook, Ash started the 3 page paper.

Ash was roughly woken from his slumber by the blaring of his alarm. He sat up groggily to turn off the racket when he saw the time.
School had started 20 minutes ago.
"Shit!" he yelled out as he hastily stuffed his books in his bag and ran down to first period, algebra.

Ash slammed to door open in the middle of Mr. Oak's explanation of linear equations.
Ash ignored the various stares he got due to the large bags under his eyes and run-down appearance as he slumped into his seat.

Mr. Oak stopped abruptly in the middle of his lecture, giving Ash one of his familiar stern glares. "What's your excuse for being late today, Mr. Ketchum?"
Brock gave Ash a sympathetic look when he spotted the dark bags under the boy's eyes; he must have been up all night doing homework.

He leered down at his desk, too tired to argue, "I don't have one."

Mr. Oak sighed a little. "... Try to be on time from now on," he told Ash bluntly, and with that, he continued with the lesson.

Ash stared blankly at his mashed potatoes while stabbing them with his fork.
"You ok Ash?" Misty showed nothing but concern on her face.
He snapped out of his trans-like state and gave her a smile and a nod, "Yep I'm fine!" He didn't like lying.

Brock sighed, watching a girl sitting at a faraway table with a huge group of her friends. "Sabrina... she's so popular and amazing..."

Misty turned her head rapidly between the two.
"The both of you are being too sad, it's not natural!"
Neither of them replied and the table stayed silent until the bell rang and all three simultaneously picked up their belongings and headed to class.

Ash walked into the math room and sat down. Without making a sound he got out his textbook and notes, just wanting his detention to be over with.

Mr. Oak was grading the homework that students had turned in that day and, like yesterday, he didn't look at Ash right away. "Page 169 today," he told the boy.

Ash glanced up at Mr. Oak for a second, wondering why he had some obsession with sex positions and opened his book.

"Let's see..." The teacher tapped his red pen on his desk. "Do problems 23-75, Mr. Ketchum. And try not to fall asleep this time."

Looking down at the page Ash sighed, "Mr. Oak I don't know how to do these yet."

Mr. Oak glanced at Ash, setting down his pen. "Then do you have questions for me?"

"Yeah, how do you do these?" Ash asked obnoxiously.

Mr. Oak raised an eyebrow. "Well, read the directions, of course," the teacher said just as obnoxiously, going back to grading papers. 'Damn brat...' he thought to himself.

"Oohh! Better question; why can't you give me work over stuff I already know, or, heaven forbid, today's assignment??" the boy demanded, energy he had been lacking all day finally coming back to him.

"Just do as you're told, Mr. Ketchum," the algebra teacher said irritably. "And talk to me when you have more respectable questions."

"Oh I got one! How come you made me stay two hours last night? Isn't detention only supposed to last one tops?"

"You fell asleep and continuously disrespect me. I think I have the right to keep you for as long as I want," Mr. Oak told him simply, writing a big F on the paper he was currently grading.

"You would to if you had to reason with a jerky teacher that has a pole stuck up his ass!" Ash shot back still sitting seemingly calmly in his seat.

Mr. Oak glared daggers at Ash. "Just. Do. Your. Work."

"But I don't know how to do it!!" Ash cried out, "This math is closer to sophomore level than freshman!"

Mr. Oak set down his pen and stood up, striding over to Ash. "Fine. Page 269, problems 6-69."

Ash slapped his forehead, got out a pencil and started working.
"Perverted old man..."

The algebra teacher lingered near Ash, hovering over him while he made sure he was working.

Ash finished in record time under the careful watch of his superior, "I'm done, can I leave now? I have a science packet to finish.

"No, no, not yet," Mr. Oak said, smiling ever so slightly. "How about you do the next page, too."

"Urgh! But Professor Surge doesn't accept late work! Can't you punish me by making sure all my homework for other teachers gets done??"

At the word 'punish', Mr. Oak's face broke into a wide grin. "...rather I punish you some other way, Mr. Ketchum?"

Ash eyed the teacher nervously, "Um....yes...?" he suddenly felt very weary of the man in front of him.

Mr. Oak chuckled and leaned forward so that his lips brushed against Ash's. "You sure?"

"I-I-I...!" Ash stumbled on words as he blushed profusely and sat back as far as he could manage in his metal seat.

Mr. Oak smirked and pulled away from him, raising his eyebrows at the blushing boy.

Ash got hold of his senses.
"What was that?!" He demanded, flustered.

Mr. Oak chuckled. "Want more?"

"N-No I do not want more!" Ash stood abruptly, banging his fists on the desk as blood once more colored his cheeks.

Mr. Oak just chuckled more, shaking his head as he walked back to his desk. "You're such a child, Ash. Now do your assignment..."

"What?! You can't just do that to someone without giving an explanation!" Ash was furious. He wasn't sure what it was about Mr. Oak but, it pissed him off.

Mr. Oak waved his hand dismissively, then began grading papers once again. The sly smile never left his face.